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Recap Pt 1
After hiring on w/ the merchant Dimros to guard his caravan the party was fired for dereliction of duty when somehow the coin allocated for purchases at the Spider Farm was stolen - while the party was on watch.

Owning naught by the arms and armor on their backs, and the few coins jingling in their purses the party walked the final leg into the Town of Melford.  Making their way to the King's Head Inn as the late afternoon sun began it's final descent, they found no comfort - there they were accosted by Dimros and his two remaining hirelings - the elf Riven Syrne and the human Rorc Kilburn.  Dimros protestations notwithstanding, the party were made welcome by the Innkeepers Lena and Gerritt Wyke, and found an unexpected ally in Maenae, High Priestess of Oracle.

They also found a new companion, Kaebrelle Yn'leaven - a free spirited half elf, quick witted and of some use on the lute.  That night they set to eating and weighed their options - for his part Dimros and his two lackeys retreated to leave them to their peace.

The next day saw a brief tour of the locale - a humble frontier village that prospered due mostly to the Spider Farm where large spider silk was harvested for great profit.  Given the specialty nature of the industry Melford did not go through the boom town growth of other areas - still it was a prosperous vale and attracted the attention of undesireables.

In the forested region to the north settled the Goat Skull Clan of Orcs, to the south settled a competing tribe called the Red Tusk.  Of great concern to the residents of the vale, especially the High Priestess, other, more stealthy foes crept into the vale to work their mischief.

As the group settled to after dinner cordials a man came running into the King's Head shouting for help.  Once calm he was able to relate that the Spider Farm had been attacked, with casualties.  With the militia spread through the vale someone needed to rise to the occasion - the party volunteered.

Stealthily approaching the Farm from two directions, the group made first contact on the outskirts.  A pitched battle with creatures that Irael identified as Shadow Goblins saw the beasts retreat - they were successful in grabbing a bit of loot, but unsuccessful in killing the propietor and his daughter...and the spiders were still contained in their great pen.  It was in here that the party affected the rescue of Ulayah's daughter Heri...and were thus rewarded greatly.

Sadly, however, the rescue was not without cost...the affable Kaebrel was swarmed by large spiders, and fell...
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Wed 4 Jul 2012
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Re: Recap Pt 1
The following weeks saw greater familiarization with the vale - this included a pitched melee with a couple of troglodytes on the banks of the River Mell, as well as ambush by Shadows in the darkness - this adventure led to the death of a priest of Erythnul and the destruction of his cellar based shrine...purfication by fire in the end.

Those days also saw the introduction of the group to the Shrine at Oracle.  Maenae, unlikely ally, used the party for her own purposes - over several weeks time, the party delved into the crypts below an ancient outpost.  Though the sunburst of Pelor was carved in relief in some of the stone, beneath the earth a fell menace grew.

In that dungeon the party destroyed zombies and skeletons, found the remains of a previous party who Maenae had commissioned to learn the cause of her unease...and were introduced to the lovely Elyssa, half elf beauty with some additional skills.  Sadly as well, Felix fell to the bite of a huge spider.

After several trips beneath the crypt, the party finally came face to face with 'dwellers', ape-like worshippers similar in appearance to men from the dawn of time.  Their deity was Velikul, an ethereal haunt who's voice was stolen by the blessings of Issroth.  In that dungeon was found ancient texts...also were there found a tribe of Jermlaine and after a pitched battle the little nuisances retreated from the party, freeing them to continue their explorations.

The delve was not all successful exploration - the party met for the first time some of the true subterranean terrors as both a Gelatinous Cube and Green Slime left Crockett scarred.

Upon return to the Shrine, the party settled in for a well earned rest, only to be attacked in the dead of night by orcs and worgs...they easily beat the attack off, while wearing little more than their small clothes.  Upon this site came an armored Maenae, surrounded by a retinue of powers - after offering her blessings she bade the group to find their peace back at the shrine, then took the field - the last sight that greeted the group was a column of fire in the night far across the plain of the vale.

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Fri 26 Apr 2013
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Re: Recap Pt 1
Comings and goings - the mighty magic of Maenae Raised Felix from the dead - his reward for service done.  Yet the price was future service, to wit the patrolling of lands now shared with a band of orcs.  Yet it was a time of brief peace fo the band as they trained and rested, and gained in power and strength.

At the end of the summer they began the push north after fond farewells to Maenae and the folk of both the Oracle, and the Vale.  The journey was, for the most part, an uneventful trek into the heights.  Some felt the pull of home calling - both Ragnar and Crockett hailed from the mountains.  Others found it a new adventure.

Travel through the mountains is rarely easy - autumn came swiftly and the nights grew cold.  Still, the passage was clearly marked and free of debris, and within a tenday the walls of the City of Ansbach appeared in a roundish vale.

Ansbach seemed a peaceful place - the Duke was Sir Garavel's brother...yet soon enough the party found itself embroiled in an investigation into the murder of several young acolytes of Pelor.  The bodies were brutally savaged - each victims heart was ripped free from their chest.  Urgently, Seelah, paladin of Pelor sought the party's help.

more to come...

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