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Other Rules, Cautions and Thanks
1. Okay, here we are. First of all, thanks to everyone who has made every other Theogenesis great. I won't be able to list them all here, but a special thanks to the GM's that put so much work into letting my game flourish and grow from a crazed seed of a thing to a magnificent garden of ideas. Special thanks to Creator, Overseer, Xeran, Foun, Oceanus, Crailek and Watcher.

2. This game will be hardcore. If you are an idiot you will burn through three lives faster than you can imagine. It is tailored specifically for those who love Theogenesis lore and don't mind a challenge. Don't bitch if something horrible happens and you die. Feel free to laugh at horrible stuff that happens at other people, though, that's all part of the fun. I want to depoliticize my style of GMing, so no favours and no second chances.

3. A joke's a joke, but treat each other with respect and kindness. I mean, we're all here to have fun.

4. If you do have a problem, PM me and we'll sort shit out.

5. Please don't continuously bitch for posts. You'll get them, I promise, and I have a methodical style of updating that makes sure everyone gets them. If you're on at the same time I am - no mean feat considering I'm Australian - then you get your bonus posts AFTER I've done with the others.

6. This is a mature game. I'm fine with swearing, but please keep the themes fairly toned down. I kid you not, I once GMed a guy whose whole realm was in constant orgy - and his people had spikes for penises. For those of you playing at home, that guy was Ajanin. While I don't want to have to tone down the game, I do want it at least semi-clean. Sex isn't a major theme here.

7. No powergaming or using out of character knowledge in character. I mean, yeah, you'll do it once or twice because it's hard to seperate yourself and your character. That's understandable. Just don't make a habit of abusing it.

8. Respect RPOL's rules and respect each other. Don't discriminate - not against blacks, jews, whites, gays, or anyone. It's disgusting and I won't tolerate for it.

9. The GM knows what he's doing. If he tells you to do something, assume he knows what you're doing and do it.

10. Oh! Also! I should post this somewhere else but it's a treat for those who have shaped Theogenesis in the past and who have read the rules.. those players who own the characters Msonus/Metatron/Anik/Xeran/Xellos/Nrictus/Isuban/Foun/Crailek/(and one other god I can't remember) - those Gods who became leaders of a Tower in the latest Theogenesis I ran - if you play those Gods as Returned Gods (and on the condition that your character has amnesia about his/her Tower) you will have access to your Tower within the Valley of Ten Towers (nee Valley Divine) for exploring, seizing ancient artifacts, etc.

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Re: Other Rules, Cautions and Thanks
11. Okay, after much frustration with rpol's naming system - names can only be 60 characters or less now - I've toned down the naming system. Your name will now show your Divine Power, Deaths, God Template and Domain. The rest will appear on the Records Sheet, or in your bios, which I've commandeered.

12. Theogenesis: Dust is once again accepting new players.

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Re: Other Rules, Cautions and Thanks

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2 - Estranged Operations
3 - Familiar Operations
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6 - The Council of Ten