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Grey Neoacadem Alliel of the Blackest Sands the First of the Broken Realm of Naggurtyi, High Goddess and Adequate Conjurer of Alchemy and the Dark Arts
*Lady of an Alien Land
*Mistress of the Invisible Force
*Lady of Change
*Lady of the Omnisprechtlin Augerstus
*Princess of the Abyss
*Friend to the Mad
*Lady of the Polymethodes
*Student of the Second Gambit Dojo
*Adversary to the Eater of Stars

People: 100
Conclave Stones: 100
Spare Degrees: 1
Progress to Next Degree: 00

(Antagonistic Creatures: 17,000
CENTER: The Black Desert
Antagonistic Creatures: 17,000
EAST: ????
NORTH: The Jungle-Kingdom of Nors
WEST: The City-Well
SOUTH: ????)

Demiurgic Master Anik the Lord Technologist the First of the Lesser Realm of Bounty, Returned God and Adequate Grand Magus of Knowledge and Craft
*Master Mythcrafter
*Heir to the Finest Tower
*Oathbound to the Callisti: High Lord to the Conclave and Grandmaster Scientific Militant
*Clever Little Bastard
*Witness to the Grey Wanderer
*Rather Energetic
*Rival to ?????
*Master of Infinity
*Lord of the Attained Map of First Words
*Friend to the Dark Piper

People: 1500
Conclave Stones: 21858
Spare Degrees: 0
Progress to Next Degree: %25

(CENTER: Bounty
EAST: ????
NORTH: The River of Vaars
WEST: ????
SOUTH: ????)

Mad God Hallowed Leord Crailek the Shadow Prince the Third of the Lesser Realm of the Shadowlands, Returned God and Mighty Conjurer of Shadows
*Heir to the Black Tower
*Lord of the Invisible Hand of Ruin
*Witness to the Black Callisti
*Addicted to Pain
*Husband of Foun
*Death to the Silver Shambler
*Kind of Pathetic Around Explosives
*Allergic to the Highest Toxins

People: 2500
Conclave Stones: 00
Spare Degrees: 1
Progress to Next Degree: %60

Mad God Anhydrous Realized Master Sura Al'Amun of the Oasis Lost the Second of the Barren Realm of Desolace, Returned God and Slight Grand Magus of the Desert
*Grim Lord of Curses
*General of Osiris-Ra, Lord of the Rod of a Thousand Crying Curses and of the Scepter
*Death to Capitalism
*Scorpion Lover
*Destroyer of Laktos
*Oath-Bound by the Callisti: Promise to Gourdus (Realm Savage Cult)
*Necromancer Extraordinaire]
*True Hero of Tushmuthut
*Polytheistic Prince
*Witness to the Grey Wanderer
*Initiate Geotonomancer

People: 1000
Conclave Stones: 00
Spare Degrees: 1
Progress to Next Degree: %25

(Center: Pyramid of Akhenaten
South: The Sacrifice
East: Tomb of Thunder
West: The Stirring Field
North: The Crypt of Tchal Habbis)

Silver Shifting Master Ruse the Liar Most Noblethe Second of the Legendary Valley of Mist, Zealous God and Adequate Grand Magus of Mist
*Lord of the Invisible Tendril, Sublime Lawmaster
*Bender of the Unbreakable: High Lord of the Conclave and Greater Secretary to Councilman Roid, Conclave-Lord of the Kingdom of Apath, Project Director of HIEROPHANT
*Master of the Far-reaching Monologue
*Unlucky Bastard
*Soul-Father to Vact the Death
*Healer of the Realm
*Bearer of the Ring of Cashmathar
*Servant-Friend to H. C. Roid, H. C. Wyrn and H. C. Lharazed
*A Little Pushy
*The Original Master
*This God Is Bitches
*Big Brother to the Little Low Lords
*Victim of Entropomagical Poisoning
*Voice of Reason

People: 2500
Conclave Stones: 26,900
Spare Degrees: 0
Progress to Next Degree: %50

WEST: The Smoothest Valley
EAST: Magdranashan
NORTH: Fort Smoothist
SOUTH: The Cave of Bardrov)

(SOUTH: The City of Astura Ogur
EAST: The Mountains of Old
WEST: Unexplored Jungle
CENTER: The Palace of the Forever Rising Hjadash
NORTH: Unexplored Jungle)

(Investment Portfolio

Grey Desafon the Merchant-King the First of the Balanced Island Chains of Perigo, Vicious God and Ferocious Dabbler of Piracy and Duelling
*Protected and Accepted Partner of the Apotheosis Circle, Merchant of the Finest Woods
*Wielder of the Efficient Blades
*Kultist Killah, Mad God Murderer
*Bounty Hunter, Hero for Hirer
*Prince of Ooze
*Not Inclined to Murder

People: 5000
Conclave Stones: 8142
Spare Degrees: 1
Progress to Next Degree: %50

1. Gumbra: Stage Two Province, protected; lumber)

Brown Hierophantasm Hirsu the Tide of Life the First of Elan, Zealous God and Adequate Thaumaturgist of Life
*Familiar Associate to the Conclave,
*Student of Msonus
*Gambler of Bones and Traveler to the Darkest Places, Seriously Bad Luck to the Gamblers Below and Speaker to the Dead
*Grandmaster-Prince Forgotten of the Nauii
*Initiate Mythcrafter (Father of Coatl)
*Friend to the Lord-Colonel Drake, Earthborn and Man of Action

People: 1500
Conclave Stones: 90
Spare Degrees: 3
Progress to Next Degree: %00

Blue Hallowed Leord Pitcarn the Prince Thrice-Black the Second of the Lesser Bilbligh, Vicious God and Mighty Ignorant of Food
*Child of the Thrice-Black Thing That Stands at Nowhere
*Oath-Bound to the Callisti (t): Low Lord to the Conclave and Low General of the Fifteenth Legion Therdanmanger
*Master of Abundence
*The Fat Friar
*Friend to Councilman Lictros
*Burn 'em All
*A Gentleman of Two Minds

People: 850
Conclave Stones: 20600
Spare Degrees: 1
Progress to Next Degree: %50

(CENTER: Safe Bilbligh
WEST: The Forests of the Starved
EAST: The Sacred Lands of the M'naar
SOUTH:  The River Gjoln
NORTH: The Ruined Farmlands of Bilbligh)

Rank: 15/Fifth Tier Mortal
Strength: 100%/200,000)

Grey Neoacadem Ghar'rokk the Barbarianthe First of the Lesser Ghar'akkaarn, Vicious God and Stark Inept of Brutality and Savagery
*Noble Savage
*Lord of the Realm

People: 2500
Conclave Stones: 100
Spare Degrees: 1
Progress to Next Degree: %85

Grey Purjopiarre Udiin the Wrathfulthe First of the Lesser Raspart, Vicious God and Adequate Dabbler of Wrath
*Emissary of the Invisible Fire

People: 2000
Conclave Stones: 100
Spare Degrees: 0
Progress to Next Degree: %60

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Re: Inactives and the Dead
(Inactives will return to the main post once they begin posting.)

Grey Hierophantasm Fran the Frankensurgeon the First of the Balanced Steinbach, Sane God and Fragile Thaumaturge of Surgery
*Angry Mob Attractor
*The Lonely Goddess

People: 1500
Conclave Stones: 100
Spare Degrees: 2
Progress to Next Degree: %10

Grey Hallowed Leord Msonus the Architect Sublime the First of the Lesser Realm of the Hills of Som, Returned God and Fragile Grand Magus of Mysticism and Dreams
*Heir to the Purple Tower, Grand Architect Reborn
*Sworn to Yggdrasil, The Hierophant's Hierophant
*Friend to Crowl, Verbalus Probatiator for the Tower of Babilu
*Famous Author, Culture Hero
*Doctor Whom
*Witness to the Aeon Eternal of Ra the Majestic

People: 3500
Conclave Stones: 100
Spare Degrees: 2
Progress to Next Degree: %95

(Center: Main Temples
West: The Lake of the Hierophant
North: The Palace-Temple of Jorm the Free Thinker and Master Agnostic
East: The Door
South: The Field of Statues)

Grey Hallowed Leord Armanthor the Hand of War the First of the Lesser Realm of Eulysia, Returned God and Adequate Dabbler of Battle and Terra

People: 1500
Conclave Stones: 100
Spare Degrees: 1
Progress to Next Degree: %35

Grey Purjopiarre Foun the Master of Terra Morte the Third of the Isles of Penta, Returned God and Slight Conjurer of Magiscience and Truth
*Heir to the Metaphysical Tower
*Traveler Beyond the Tree
*Teleportationist Extraordinaire
*Husband to Crailek
*Pattern Initiate
*Alchemist Minor
*Well Read
*Lord Raver

People: 1500
Conclave Stones: 76
Spare Degrees: 4
Progress to Next Degree: %75

Grey Purjopiarre Snjoflyksa the White the First of the Balanced Kraftaverk, Zealous Goddess and Slight Dabbler of Purity

People: 2500
Conclave Stones: 100
Spare Degrees: 1
Progress to Next Degree: %50


Mad God Syllogistic Master Chalybis the Finally Dead of the Magnificent Remnants Of Telluratus, Truly Mad God and Stark Ignorant of Industrialization, Unleashed CreatorEnemy to Sasocles, Murderer, Master Essayist, Bane of Niborkerese, The Mechanical Virus, One-Man Siege, Doesn't Mix Well With Explosives, Father of Lajortestus and Friend to Systemarchs Worldwide, Taken by Tentacles, General of Three Battles, Ballsy

Grey Nocuous Master Balast of the Black Council the Finally Dead, Stark Thaumaturgist of the Hungry Dark, Aspect God of Nowhere, Wielder of the Aspects (Sight 1/Willpower 1/Equationing 1/Purity 1/Ipsunamar 1/Voidcall 1), He Who Was Once Law, Scary Bastard, Ungracious Guest, Friend to Alkan, Honorary Brother to the Athanor, True Destruction Destruction Unleashed, Law Unleashed, Child of Silver Callisti and the Blackest Dhelvanian, Lachaiden, True Lord of the Abyss, Noughtonaught, Infernal Pedant

Blue Phantasmagorical Master Maxilita the Hero Called the Dead of the Lesser Temple of Xi, High God and Mighty Grand Magus of Fantasy and Adventure, Oathound to the Callisti: Low Lord of the Conclave and Attachment to Operation HIEROPHANT, Friend to the Dead Balverstus the Systemarch and Lord Xakuu the Systemarch, Hero Redeemed,
Not Very Good With Explosives, Christmas Spirit, Squire to the Mist, The Luckiest Traitor Alive (For Now), The Beggar Prince, Duke of Entropy, Lord of the Dance, Witness to the Logos, Polygendrous, Victim to the Urge, Victim of Entropomagical Poisoning, Invoker of the Last Taboo, Guest to the Final Secrarium

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Re: Records


Conclavic Operation

First Director of Council: Councilman Roid
Supporting Councilmen: Councilman Wyrn
Director of Operation: High Lord Ruse
Director of Projects: High Lord Ruse
Manager of Commerce: Jonathan Marse

Current Funds, Overall: 8,000 CS
Spent: 64,000 CS


Operatives: MARSE, Jonathan, Manager of Commerce (4k/10%all);
Total Cost: 4,000 CS.


Income: +10,000 CS.
Losses: -4,000 CS.

Investments and Sources of Income:

18,000 CS in Mining Operations (ex Abyssus), legal Conclave operation = +3,000
13,000 CS in Hyper-astronomy, legal Conclave via pseudo-House Dorius = +1,000
10,000 CS in Madness Research, legal Conclave via House Drachenorden, House Babilu and operations = -3,000
15,000 CS in Earthborn Fartech, legal Earthborn Territories (Yogrun Corporation) = +6,000
6,000 CS in Systemarch Applications, legal Conclave operation = +1,000


Current Base of Operations: --


Project #1: SUPPORT
Aim: To tally and negotiate political and financial support from the higher echelons of Conclave politics towards Operation HIEROPHANT.
Status: (2/10 Councilmen approached, 1/10 pledged, 0/2 Houses approached, 0/2 pledged, 0/??? other sources gained)

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