Bloodstone Lands: Party Fund Thread.   Posted by DM Kremti.Group: 0
DM Kremti
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Wed 31 Oct 2007
at 19:00
Bloodstone Lands Party Fund Thread
Keep track of party fund here!
Tarmes Werthor
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Mon 5 Nov 2007
at 06:05
Re: Bloodstone Lands Party Fund Thread
Since I said I would track this, I'm putting in the first post. I'm going to try and write this so we can keep track of what we add to or subtract from the party fund and of course what the current total is.

11/02/07 Initial Value: 0
11/03/07 Add 320.42 GP - Coins gathered at the burned down village and carried by Tarmes for WAY too long = New total: 320.42.