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Thu 18 May 2006
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The Moonsea - Active PCs
Post a description of your PC here.

The description should include physical characteristics that anyone observing your PC would see.  It should also include things like your PC's personality, habits, mannerisms, and so on.

Once posted, take 30 XPs for your effort.

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Thu 18 May 2006
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Re: The Moonsea - Active PCs
Kylie frequently wears a black cloack while traveling so that it's nearly impossible to see what she's wearing, carrying, or even what race she is.  Though her bright blue eyes and ready smile are almost always visible.  Those traveling with her eventually see her without her cloak on.  It is then easy to see she is an elf with long, silver-white hair, wearing extremely nice studded leather armor and carrying a longsword, a longbow, and several daggers.  She’s trying to learn to assert herself more as far as personality goes.  Her quirks include her speed at drawing weapons—thanks to two older brothers torments and her jumpiness when startled—again thanks to those brothers.  Her mannerisms are typical of what you would find with an elf.  She’s extremely graceful and dexterous, but not very hardy.
Korgan Nkopno
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Thu 18 May 2006
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Re: The Moonsea - Active PCs
Korgan is a tall muscular man with a slim waist and powerful legs. His blond short hair sit's on top of a rather plain face, but fire seems to be lurking in his eyes. His back is scarred by long whiplashes, and around his wrists are scars that look like they're made by iron. The wounds are long healed though, and he certainly looks very healthy and strong.

His approaches to other people tend to be a no-nonsense approach. Although not unpolite or unfriedly he has little patience and likes to get to the point fast.

He carries basic clothes, but wears a black studded leather where even the studs are very dark, on his torso and a backpack on his back. He likes to carry his large Falcion in his hands at all times, but when it's not possible it's strapped to his backpack. Over his right shoulder is a longbow and over the left a quiver packed with arrows. His body is covered with a large cloak that he tends to use to hide his face.
Quinlan Fairfellow
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Thu 23 Nov 2006
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Re: The Moonsea - Active PCs
Quinlan Fairfellow: Rogueish acrobat with Ranger penchant. Quinlans odd looks comes form the fact that he is a half-Drow. He was born in Scardale, but his mother and him were driven from their village at an early age. He does not talk about his wereabouts since, only that he has been travelling for the past six months and recently arrived in the Dales (and from there ventured into the Underdark).
Quinlan is an easy-going fellow, who enjoys a good laugh and to entertain his entourage with his acrobatic skills (both during combat and while visiting Inns and fairs). He carries a longbow and a rapier at his side, hidden in his left boot is a dagger (he doesn't make that a secret among friends). Those around him can't help noticing he does seem somewhat vain, fussing over his appearance, clothes, etc. He is currently wearing a green leather tunic with silver thread embroideries over a dark, silky shirt (shimmering in purple). Tight fitting black pants in a supple fabric are tucked into a pair of soft leather boots. His travelling cloak has a deep hood which he often use to cover his face when travelling in less open minded regions.
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Thu 23 Nov 2006
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Re: The Moonsea - Active PCs
Palanhilion Mytael is one of the Ar’Tel'Quessir - the sun elves - hailing until recently from Evermeet.  His skin is a blend of copper and gold, while his long hair has a more blonde shine through it's golden color.  His eyes, which thanks to his descent as a son of Evermeet sees right through darkness, are perfectly focused gold, though, not mixed in any way.  He wears a shirt of mithral chainmail, and has both a sword and a bow for weapons, though one would be mistaken thinking him to be a warrior - he is a mage, more specifically a warmage of the People, skilled in only the most destructive aspects of the Art.

Towards other elves, he is respectful, and very protective.  When dealing with those not of the People, though, Palanhilion is certainly friendly enough, and displays little of the common sun elven arrogance towards anything not elven.  Of course, he's not without some prejudice towards other races - particularly dwarves, though he's surprisingly open towards half-elves, much more than most of his kind who view them with pity (at best) - but he does manage to keep it civil most of the time.

While he has a tendency to always push for the most violent alternative when choosing paths, and rarely backing away from a fight that is for a just (and preferably, elven) cause, Palan is also skilled with words, and serves as an adept diplomat.  Perhaps one day, a stabilizing force will enter into his life, and turn the now quite aggressively minded sun elf into a more peaceful and calm man, but that day has yet to come, and so, he remains likely to advocate fighting over running, attacking over defending, and to strike first in any battle.

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Thu 23 Nov 2006
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Re: The Moonsea - Active PCs
Rayorr, a half-elf, has above average looks but is certainly not striking in any way. He is a cleric of Lathandar and wears the vestments and symbol of his diety proudly on his garb. Most often he is seen wearing bright tunics with the Morninglord's symbol emblazoned on it's front and back. The tunic is worn over his chainmail. The priest wields a longsword and a light crossbow. When push comes to shove his guantleted fist is a weapon he is not shy about using. The symbol of Lathandar is also proudly displayed on his shield. He has blonde hair and brown eyes.
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Thu 23 Nov 2006
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Re: The Moonsea - Active PCs
This powerful spirit can take many forms, most often those of horrendous monsters from your worst nightmares.  However, he is not limited to just monsters.  He is capable of any form, capable of looking like a normal person, like you or me.  In my opinion, that idea is far more terrifying.

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Fri 17 Aug 2007
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Re: The Moonsea - Active PCs
Garath Darkstar is a pleasant-seeming young man, clearly an arcanist of some sort, and doesn't give the impression of being much use in a brawl.  His demeanour is calm, almost reserved, not so much aloof as introspective.  He is a recent arrival from Cormyr, and speaks Chondathan with a cultured Suzail accent, with a hint of Wheloon.  His hair is pale blond, worn almost shoulder length; his eyes are the soft gray of overcast sky.  Garath's garb appears to be that of a scholar, with some alterations made for practicality and convenience of travelling.

Of an evening, if circumstances permit, Garath often delves into treatises and monographs on arcane theories and studies, seeking to expand his already considerable knowledge.  It is also not uncommon for his friends to find him practicing his brushwork - with austere, starkly elegant calligraphy perhaps, or a haunting landscape of mountains and mist.  A Shou teapot is frequently seen besides him during these intellectual and artistic pursuits, providing a delicate, refreshing brew to keep him alert and focused.