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Moonsea - Tavern - the One-Eyed Troll
The One-Eyed Troll is in one of Phlan's largest buildings.  (On the city map of Phlan it is the large building right to the north of The Wagon Wheel and east of Boot Hall and Pepperland.)

It was once a grain warehouse, but has since been re-built and rooms for overnight or weekly stays line a large landing over the inn's common room.

Thankfully the doors and walls for those rooms are thick, for the common room sometimes grows raucous and noisy.  A few fights break out, but serious bloodshed is seldom seen.

The owner of the inn is a fat and jolly priest of Tymora named Father Darias.

Father Darias: 

Games of chance are welcome, and whenever he can not oversee the gaming tables, his gnomish friend Winslow Paradilinjiller IV keeps the dice rolling and the coins flashing.   Some nights the inn makes more money on the gaming tables that it does on food and drink.

Winslow Paradilinjiller IV:

Two barmaids tend tables, the half-orc Red Layla and the human Tess.

Red Layla:


Bront Kalifron, a merchant, frequents the inn, and he keeps a well-stocked wagon outside and sells items at fair prices.  He has travelled far and wide and offers a wide selection of gear well-suited for the adventuring soul.  Father Darias allows Bront to buy, sell, and trade items either in the common room of the inn or outside the inn.

Bront's left ear has been cut off, and a jagged brown scared stub of flesh is left in its place.

Bront the Merchant: