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DM Kickmurder
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Wed 30 Jun 2004
at 05:02
The North - OOC
The original DM for the North made some excellent points so I am going to leave them unchanged for the most part!


How I run my games and what you can expect.

Players don't make these checks themselves. (Unless I ask you to) :
- Spot
- Hide
- Move Silently
- Sense Motive
- Listen
- Sleight of Hand
- Search
- Appraise

Spot, Sense Motive and Listen: Always "on" and will be rolled by me on your behalf when appropriate. (Spot and Listen are usually tested in tandem)

Hide, Move Silently, Search, Sleight of Hand and Appraise: Just make it clear in your post that you are using the skill. (Move Silently and Hide will always be used in conjunction)

Roll damage when you roll to hit.  (Remember:  You do not know ALL the modifiers to any given roll, please never assume you have failed or succeeded) :)  So just roll away even if you roll a 3 against the orc wearing platemail.

Players will not be rolling initiatives. This is a play by post game so in the interests of speed I'll be doing that myself so we can launch into the action.

This is an example of how to write down combat rolls and skills check.

You have to copy/paste your roll (combat/damage) from the dice roller here in yellow.

Dm Kickmurder rolled 13 using 1d20 +2 (11)
Dm Kickmurder rolled 4 using 1d8 +2 (2)

Feel free to tack information onto the end of the pasted text in the interests of clarity if you feel it will help. (They give you so little space in the Dice Roller)

Drizzt Do'urden(tm) rolled 13 using 1d20 +2 (11), Attack vs orc #2 with my right hand scimitar, Twinkle.

The addition of the text doesn't change your roll but it just might make things more clear especially in the event of multiple targets etc etc.

If you have any questions about what to include in your post please feel free to PM me for clarification and I will do everything I can to help you out.


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DM Raistlin
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Fri 20 Feb 2004
at 18:50
Re: The North - OOC
Another Rule to keep in mind.... 

I am plagiarizing this from DM Raistlin's original post because it makes sense.


A rule to recognise treasure; from the DM manual:

'If a player can't take treasure from the dungeon it's not really treasure'

For this reason I want to discourage players having to take every scrap of equipment off a body and needing to sell it at the nearest blacksmith. I don't want you hauling about 20 rusty kobold shortswords just so you can make ends meet.

A caveat to this is if you plan on using those 20 rusty kobold shortswords to create a pit trap for the orc band that has been pursuing you since Mirabar. :)

Please use common sense and recognize that your encumbrance will be an issue, if you think you are carrying way too much stuff to effectively maintain your racial speed, you probably are.

Think like an adventurer!  Would unslinging your extremely overstuffed pack from your backpack make sense prior to fighting?  Yes, most likely it would.  I am going for a heroic, gritty and stylistic approach to the North.  It's a dangerous place where every advantage counts.

But don't worry if you forget you are carrying the 20 swords, I will remember :)

<imagines Unlucky and Forgetful Player 1 swimming while carrying the above swords>  <sploosh> <blub blub blub> <grin>


In all things use some common sense, in as much as you can in a world where dragons regularly attack castles and are beaten off by magic-wielding gnomes...

Any questions about the above policy please PM me and I will clarify.


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DM Kickmurder
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Tue 29 Jun 2004
at 22:04
Re: The North - OOC

Just an FYI!

I am not terribly anal about OOC chat within the context of the game thread, however if you can keep it to a minimum that would be great.

PMs, and the occasional "By Gwaeron Windstrom, why do you curse me with your devil dice, DM Kickmurder!" is perfectly acceptable.  But this OOC Forum is where you should vent most of your out-of-character fun.

Jokes, movie talk, dating advice, hangover cures and recipes should go here. :)

Any questions?  PM me and I can clarify.


DM Kickmurder
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Sat 3 Jul 2004
at 19:59
Re: The North - OOC

Posted up the sheets for those that have been already accepted.  They are set to player editable and I have pasted them into my personal spreadsheet for updating as you gain xp.

Let me know if there are any problems.


PS. Still waiting for a couple players then we will get into the adventures.  For now just relax in the taver and get a feel for the world around and my posting style.

Any comments (constructive :)) please PM me :)
Celuath Barkbreaker
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Sun 4 Jul 2004
at 21:07
Re: The North - OOC
Hey, boss.  We roll for 2nd lvl hit points, right?  Want us to roll them here or on the Taverns dice roller?
DM Kickmurder
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Sun 4 Jul 2004
at 21:47
Re: The North - OOC

Here is fine.

Celuath Barkbreaker
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Wed 18 Aug 2004
at 19:18
Re: The North - OOC
Hey guys.  Remember me?  I'm reading like a madman, and trying to catch back up.  just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone in the meantime.