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The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Mon 19 Oct 2009
at 19:15
D&D Shadow of the Mountain
Here is a link to the new game I'm setting up.

link to another game
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Tue 15 Dec 2009
at 15:21
Weapon for Dirge
Check out the holy of holies
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Tue 15 Dec 2009
at 20:32
crafting stuff
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Wed 16 Dec 2009
at 16:16
This is the machine gun I am using
The GM
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Thu 17 Dec 2009
at 20:10
Starting List of All Acronyms in OoR Reports
Sierra Echo - S.E. - Solar Exalted
India Echo - I.E. - Infernal Exalted
Bravo Sierra Delta - B.S.D. - Black Spiral Dancer
Bravo Alpha - B.A. - Blood Ape
Theta Whiskey - T.W. - Thunder Wyrm
Whiskey Sierra - W.S. - Wyrm Spirit
Victor Sierra - V.S. - Vampire, Supernatural (aka Kindred)
Mike Sierra - M.S. - Mage, Supernatural
Golf Sierra - G.S. - Garou, Supernatural
Romeo Sierra - R.S. - Raksha, Supernatural
Mike Hotel - M.H. - Mortal Human
Alpha - Autochthon
Golf - Gorol (Thrice-Damned) - Deathlord of New York
Lima Echo - L.E. - Lunar Exalted
Lima - L. - Luna
Alpha Echo - A.E. - Abyssal Exalted

Feel free to fill in others as we need them, or PM me so I can edit them into this post.
Sun 20 Dec 2009
at 01:50
A Lovecraftian Take on Christmas Carols

Here's a thread all about Christmas Carols done by way of the H.P. Lovecraft Society.  They are as demented as you would expect.
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 Truth for All
 Then Justice
Sun 20 Dec 2009
at 02:26
A Glorious Dawn
The GM
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Sun 20 Dec 2009
at 02:32
A good follow up to the Glorious Dawn - The Known Universe.  It is impressive.
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 Truth for All
 Then Justice
Tue 5 Jan 2010
at 15:16
Re: A good follow up to the Glorious Dawn
100 thing Mr. Lotus is no longer allowed to do while serving Creation
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Thu 4 Feb 2010
at 07:14
Time Loops
Naruto Time Loops

Ranma Time Loops

Evangelion Time Loops

Harry Potter Time Loops

Bleach Time Loops
The GM
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Thu 18 Feb 2010
at 01:53
White Wolf Freelancers Blog

Should be some good stuff here.
The GM
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Sun 27 Jun 2010
at 16:57
Game Update
I'm posting this partly to keep the game alive, partly just to make sure everyone's on the same page.

It's looking like things are on hold for a little while, at least until we can get everyone in person again (August or so?).  In the meantime, feel free to post stuff up on the Media Thread and character threads.  In fact, please do so if possible, to help keep the game functioning.  I'd rather avoid a slow death on the game if we can do so.
The GM
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Wed 13 Oct 2010
at 20:22
Game Update, Again

My schedule changed again.  Saturday evenings after 4:30 or 5 or so now look do-able.

Let's see if we can't get things rolling again.
The GM
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Mon 15 Nov 2010
at 04:02
Scroll of Errata
Keeping the game alive post:

Exalted 2nd Edition Scroll of Errata

Good stuff.
The GM
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Sun 2 Jan 2011
at 21:48
Resuming play
Just a head's up everyone.

Since everyone appears to have next Saturday off, we're going to resume in-person play at FTW Games (Woolridge and Midlothian, near Kabuto's Japanese Steakhouse).

There is a Mini Market from 11 am to 4 pm that day, and I'm planning on being there at 11.  The absolute latest we will start will be around 4 or so, though we might start playing earlier.

Ashika, reply on here or give me a call.  I really do want you to get back involved.

Hope things are doing well,

The GM
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Sat 5 Mar 2011
at 23:52
Martial Arts - A Visual Compilation
Here's a Martial Arts video thread from the WW boards.  The links are to things that people think are good representations of specific styles.
The GM
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Fri 22 Apr 2011
at 12:46
Immortalis: Broken Time
I've created an RPOL game for the Avatar / Time Travel game.

link to another game

The usual rules apply.  I'll need at least a character name in order to add you into the game.  I will have the usual general OOC thread, character threads and an Elsewhere thread for other things going on in the game universe(s).

Also, we should make a habit of still using this board some while that game is going on so it doesn't get deleted.
The GM
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Sun 26 Jun 2011
at 15:48
Re: Immortalis: Broken Time
Just a reminder: I would like some posting done in this game, despite it being on hold.  Media and character thread posts are still fair game, even with how the last session ended (cliffhanger dealing with the Orks).

I do not want this to die before we get back to it.

The GM
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Sat 20 Aug 2011
at 17:11
Just a post to keep the game alive.
Like the title says.
The GM
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Tue 20 Sep 2011
at 23:40
GM Can Has Internet
The GM can has internet.

The GM
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Fri 4 Nov 2011
at 22:17
Re: GM Can Has Internet
Just a post to keep things alive.
The GM
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Tue 13 Dec 2011
at 23:52
Re: GM Can Has Internet
Just a post to keep things alive.
The GM
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Sat 28 Jan 2012
at 14:31
Re: GM Can Has Internet
Just a post to keep things alive.
The GM
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Sat 7 Apr 2012
at 15:30
Re: GM Can Has Internet
A Post to Keep Things Alive.
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 Truth for All
 Then Justice
Sun 20 Jan 2019
at 01:22
Re: GM Can Has Internet
Rework of Dirges charm:
Dance to the Beat of your Heart
10m Simple Instant

Must be able to touch an individual under a curse, shaping effect, or unnatural mental influence. Roll the Exalt’s temporary Willpower with double 9s against that of the attacker, treating non-successes on both Will-power rolls as temporary Willpower spent by both parties.
The Solar also rolls an additional (Essence) dice, for no Willpower cost, with double 9s, adding successes to her total result. If she wins the contest, she casts off the effect off the target and gains a point of temporary Willpower. She also gains a point of Willpower if all dice on the Will-power roll turn up successes.  Succeeding at this charm immunizes the target from being struck by any unrolled effect for (Essence) days. The Charm makes her automatically aware of being under such effects.