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Adam Charms (Aki game, Primordial)
Here's all my Adam charms for the Aki game at the moment.  Feel free to look them over and criticize to your heart's content.  I will go ahead and say right now that Wings of Light is functionally Emerald Angel Unfurling from BWC, and Earthscorpian on RPG.NET and the White Wolf boards was responsible for the heart of Emergent Viridian Angel Shintai.

Edit: Updated charms a tiny bit and updated the Excellency.  Free will is a good thing, as long as the desires are aiming in the correct direction.

Edit again: 12/9 - Updated EVA Shintai

Here it all is:

Primordial Write-Up: Adam, the Unifier Through Light Unbound, the Red Tide, the Harmonious Integrator

Themes:  Light, Redirection of Free Will, the Hive Mind, Integration

1st Adam Excellency:

Adam is the primordial of light and unification.  To him, individuality is anathema.  Yet, despite this, Adam knows the benefits of free will.  Free will is to be harnessed.  Individual creativity may enhance the whole.  All must desire Unification.  Everything must drive towards integration.  Once integrated, all are of the one, and the one is all.  Individuals become points of focus for the whole.  Cohesion of purpose begets efficiency.  Adam is the ultimate hive mind.

He is also light, which can reveal, and destroy obstacles.  It purifies that which would become part of the whole, and decimates that which cannot.  His light fosters the show of force, and forces the truth to be revealed.   He is the Consensus, and through that, the will of all those included in the whole.

Adam also is the Red Tide, the universal solvent.  His very presence breaks down objects to their component parts so that they may be understood and integrated that much more efficiently.  Adam’s waters are not corrosive in the way that Kimbery’s are, yet everything they touch is eroded and meets the same fate, broken down into their components, and joining the greater whole.  The process is not fast, but once started, it does not stop, until the object in question has been subsumed.

Adam’s Excellency may always be used in any effort to add new things to one’s self.  This includes researching new knowledge, learning new skills, and even joining new social units.  Adam’s Excellency may also always be used in any effort to deal with hostile intrusions to himself or his identity.  This includes fighting off poisons, and mental influence, both natural and unnatural.

 Adam Mythos Exultant:

Adam’s methods of integration extend to all things, and his long-term, methodical approach carries over into his Mythos Exultant.  Adam may forgo the stunt reward when it happens to have it recur once per (DV refresh/turn) for the next two (DV refresh/turns).  So, a 1-die stunt would net no motes on the turn it succeeds, but for two turns thereafter, Adam would get 2 motes.  The same applies to 2 and 3 die stunts.

New Keywords:

Echo:  A Charm with the Echo Keyword repeats itself once per (DV refresh / turn) for up to the warlock’s Permanent Essence in turns.  In most cases, the Essence used is not committed.  The mote costs for Charms Comboed with an Echo Charm are committed for the duration of the effect.  The Charm user may stop any of their own ongoing Echo effects with a reflexive action.

Integration (x):  A Charm with an Integration effect has an effect on the warlock when certain conditions are met.  X denotes the condition, as a Keyword.  If a Charm has an Integration effect keyed off another Keyword, the Charm is considered to have that Keyword as well, and applicable defenses apply.

Sorcerous Initiation of Adam:  All spells that modify the caster or promote unity cost 5m, 1w less, to a minimum of 5 motes.  Adam eschews direct attacks, but is capable of them.  All direct attack spells cost an extra Willpower to cast.

Imperfection of the Harmonious Integrator:   Charms with this Imperfection fail when used against something that is or was part of the wielder.  For instance, being disarmed, and then attacked with your own daiklaive would count, but an Eclipse using Adam Charms would not.


Segmented Self Understanding
Adam 0, Essence 2
Instant, Supplemental
Prerequisites: None

As everyone knows, big things are made of smaller things.  Adam understands this on a level that few can.  Adam also knows that sometimes a little effort in the right place makes all the difference.  At its heart, this Charm enables the warlock to converse with and influence their component parts.  For 1 mote, the wielder can add her Permanent Essence to any roll in which internal control may help, as a supplemental Charm use.  Such things might include Resistance against Poison or Sickness by encouraging the proper organs, or Athletics or Larceny to perform truly subtle movements.

A second purchase at Essence 3+ allows the warlock to do this as a Reflexive, non-Charm action.  A third purchase at Essence 4+ allows the charm to affect mental actions.  A fourth purchase, also at Essence 4+ allows Segmented Self Understanding to be used as a defense against any unwanted change for the warlock, making the Charm reflexive, and adding the warlock’s Permanent Essence as either automatic successes on the warlock’s roll to resist, or to the attacker’s difficulty to attack.  Another purchase at Essence 5+ makes this Charm permanent, with the defensive version always in effect.  At this purchase, the charm’s other use cost drops to 0m and does not count as a Charm usage.

Send Forth the Hive
Adam 0, Essence 3
Indefinite, Reflexive
Prerequisites: Segmented Self Understanding

Sometimes the unified must split to accomplish goals for the greater good.  Adam understands this quite well.  And so, he can send forth bits of himself to scour, scout, and eventually even attack.

A warlock using this Charm can break off pieces of his own body as a Crippling effect, animated with the driving Essence of Adam.  A 1 mote commitment on the part of the warlock allows the body part to move of its own accord.  Each piece may move up to Essence yards per tick or Essence X Occult yards per turn (in 1st Edition).  The warlock must focus on each bit animated, at a -1 Internal Penalty.  Releasing the commitment does not regenerate the removed portion, only ceases the animation.   All pieces retain their individual abilities, such that a warlock may hear through an animated ear, or see through an animated eye.

Benediction of Individuality
Adam 0, Essence 3
---- (+4 motes)
Prerequisites: Send Forth the Hive

There are times when even the mightiest must delegate.  There are times when inferiors must maintain their own minds.  For a 4 mote surcharge on its prerequisite each time this is used, the animated body part has its own will, and a mission set forth when it is animated.  The warlock no longer needs to keep track of the animated part.  The stats of a body part animated with Benediction of Individuality are the same as a Mobile Sensory Drone, found in either Manual of Exalted Power: The Alchemicals or Exalted: The Autochthonians.  Upon death or the ceasing of the Essence commitment, the part is no longer animated, and the warlock gains whatever new information the animated part was exposed to.

Tide’s Reversal
Adam 0, Essence 1
Instant, Reflexive
1mote (2 motes in 1st Edition)
Combo-OK, Obvious
Prerequisites: None

The Red Tide flows around obstacles easily.  A user of this Charm does the same thing, flowing around an attack like water lapping around a rock.  This Charm removes all penalties to the warlock’s Dodge DV for one dodge.  In 1st Edition, this Charm gives the warlock a reflexive Dexterity + Dodge roll against an attack the warlock is aware of.

Water Dissolves All
Adam 0, Essence 3
Instant, Supplemental
5 motes, 1 willpower
Echo, Integration (Shaping), Reactor, Sorcerous, Obvious
Prerequisites:  Tide’s Reversal

The Red Tide breaks down anything it comes in contact with.  This Charm shows this inevitability.  The warlock makes an attack at their target.  The warlock’s attack Echoes for the warlock’s Permanent Essence in turns, as watery images of Essence rip at the target.  Each successive Echo is at one fewer success.  All Echoes follow their target no matter how the target moves.

Once water has broken down the object, it becomes a part of the tide.  As a Shaping effect, upon the death of the target, the warlock gains a number of motes equal to the Essence of the target.  Shaping protection does not stop the Echoes.  Countermagic centered on the victim will cease the Echoes immediately.

Sloshing Defiance Erosion
Adam 0, Essence 2
3 motes, 1willpower
Instant, Supplemental
Echo, Social, Emotion
Prerequisites: Tide’s Reversal

The murmurs of the Red Tide could convince even the most stolid individualist to become part of the greater whole.  This Charm supplements a social attack against a character, causing it to Echo.  Despite the recurring haranguing, no one else but the target hears them.  Anyone being affected by Sloshing Defiance Erosion is also at a -2 External Penalty to any Awareness checks based on hearing, due to the insistent voices.

Tidal Essence Lock
Adam 0, Essence 2
Instant, Reflexive
2 motes
Prerequisites: Tide’s Reversal

Adam must know, and one of the most important things to know is what exactly is happening with any particular unit.   By locking onto the flows of Essence as they happen, Adam may scrutinize their effects.

In some ways, this is like All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight, except it only works on a single effect at a time.  This can be activated in response to non-Obvious Essence usage.  Through this, Tidal Essence Lock may be used to remove the Unexpected tag from any surprise attack augmented by Essence.

A second purchase at Essence 3+ adds a 3 mote surcharge to the cost and increases the Duration to a Scene, as the Tidal Lock centers around the warlock, reflecting off all Essence in range, as the warlock forces the tidal flow of essence.  Using Tidal Essence Lock in this manner allows it to be detected by anyone who can channel Essence with a Perception + Awareness roll set at a difficulty of the warlock’s Permanent Essence.  This acts as AESS, out to a range of the warlock’s Permanent Esssence X 10 yards.  The effects of this charm tend to manifest as a strange synesthesia depending on the senses used to detect Essence effects. The original version may still be activated to defeat surprise attacks.

A third purchase at Essence 4+ extends the effects to whatever the warlock can perceive, and adds 1 more mote to the cost of the Charm.  The Duration is also increased to Indefinite.

The Purifying Light
Adam 0, Essence 1
Instant, Simple
2 motes
Obvious, Touch
Prerequisites:  None

Adam’s light cleanses the impure, preparing them for integration.  By using this Charm, unwanted impurities are bleached out of an object in a brilliant flash of light, up to a size of the warlock’s Permanent Essence cubic yards.  This forms a cross of brilliant blue light, always towering above the target.  Water becomes clean, dirt just slides right off.  The warlock can use this on themselves to always be clean.

At Essence 4+ this charm may be used on physical Mutations, inflicting 1 unsoakable lethal health level of damage per Mutation removed.  At Essence 5+, this may affect mental Mutations.

A number of purchases become available at Essence 3+, one for Poison, Sickness and Shaping.  For a 3 mote surcharge per Keyword affected, the warlock may purify themselves of the undesired effect.  As with Mutations, this inflicts 1 unsoakable lethal health level per effect broken as the impurity is burned away.

Resistance Begets Fire
Adam 0, Essence 2
---- (+3 motes)
Prerequisites: The Purifying Light

Those that resist Adam must be taught their place.  Sometimes, this means that they have eschewed their rightful place as part of the whole and must be destroyed.  Resistance Begets Fire upgrades its prerequisite.  The Purifying Light may now be used at a range of the warlock’s Permanent Essence X 10 yards as an attack.  The attack has an accuracy bonus of the warlock’s Permanent Essence, and it inflicts the warlock’s Permanent Essence in Lethal damage (plus successes) if it hits.

A second purchase at Essence 4+ gives the attack a blast radius of the warlock’s Permanent Essence yards for another 2 mote surcharge.  A third purchase at Essence 5+ makes this attack inflict Aggravated damage for another 1 mote surcharge as it tears through its target’s very soul.

The Integrated Must Be Pure
Adam 0, Essence 3
----- (+3 motes)
Touch, Combo-OK, Shaping
Prerequisites: The Purifying Light

Those that are to become part of Adam must be purified such that they enhance the whole.  Thus, undesirable properties of things to be integrated must be removed.  The Integrated Must Be Pure upgrades its prerequisite, allowing it to be used as a Shaping Touch effect on others.  An attack roll may be needed if the target does not wish to be purified.  This functions exactly like the Mutation removing effect of its prerequisite, with one difference.  For others, the cleansing light is not as efficient.  Mutations being removed cost a number of lethal health levels equal to the absolute value of the point cost of acquiring them.

Enhancements to The Purifying Light that cure Poison, Sickness, and Shaping effects may be used with The Integrated Must Be Pure at normal cost, and only cause a single lethal health level.  As with the Purifying Light, all health level damage is unsoakable.

Soul-Born Territory Shield
Adam 0, Essence 2
Instant, Reflexive
4 motes
Combo-OK, Obvious
Prerequisites:  The Purifying Light

Adam is well aware that there are things that should not be integrated.  Thus, he decides no disallow contact, completely.  This takes the form of interlocking geometric shapes of Essence.  This Charm functions as a perfect parry against an attack the warlock is aware of by creating a wall of Essence that completely excludes an effect from approaching the warlock of the Charm.  This Charm is subject to the Imperfection of the Harmonious Integrator.

Wings of Light
Adam 0, Essence 3
Scene, Simple
5 motes, 1willpower
Prerequisites:  The Purifying Light, Soul-Born Territory Shield

Adam has only to breathe to assert absolute authority over her existence. This Charm provides protection against all unwanted Shaping effects. It creates an invisible Essence shield with (Integrity) layers, which act as health levels; whenever the character is subject to a Shaping effect, she rolls her (Essence + Willpower) against a difficulty of her opponent’s Essence.  The Storyteller determines the difficulty to resist
Shaping not originating with another character, using the Wyld resistance chart on page 140 of The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. II—The Wyld as a guideline. If she fails, her shield loses a layer; if she botches, all layers are lost and the Charm terminates. In either case, the Shaping fails to take effect and the warlock has the option of reflexively reactivating Wings of Light by repaying the activation cost. This does not count as a Charm activation.
Whenever the Infernal experiences any Shaping effect while using this Charm, her anima briefly flares into a mandala of brilliant blue-white wings in number equal to her Integrity, making Wings of Light Unfurling momentarily Obvious to observers. If she succeeds on the (Essence + Willpower) roll, the mandala simply fades. If her shield loses a layer, one of the wings develops a crack and falls to pieces before the mandala fades; if she botches the roll, the entire mandala shatters like a pane of glass.
At Essence 4+, the warlock’s shield may not be tested by the pressures of Pure Chaos more than once per hour, and a break in her shield may not impose this roll anew on further activations of Wings of Light.
A second purchase at Essence 4+ allows the wings to be used a means of flight, activated with a surcharge of 2 motes, allowing the warlock to travel up to Essence X 20 miles per hour.  When the Charm is used in this manner, the Wings are always Obvious.
A third purchase, again at Essence 4+, increases the duration to Indefinite, and reduces the Cost of the Charm to 5 motes, 1wp.  The Willpower cost is now waived for reactivations of the Charm due to breakage of the Wings.

Emergent Viridian Angel Shintai
20 motes, 1 willpower
Essence 5
Simple, Scene
Obvious, Blasphemy, Form-Type, Shaping, Emotion, Integration (Willpower), Reactor
Prerequisites: Wings of Light x 3, The Purifying Light x 4

Adam’s glory unbound is a terrifying thing to behold.  The light that purifies exists within the heart of the Unifier through Light Unbound.   When this light is released, all of Creation trembles.  The warlock releases this light, into a horribly powerful form.

The Emergent Viridian Angel is between forty and eighty meters high, war-strider sized, a vast winged giant made of majesty. Its wings reach high above even it, sprouting forth from shoulders and waste and back and ankles, up hundreds of meters. It is almost inconceivable that such a thing came from within a human body, even an Exalted one, yet that is the truth. Creation burns at its presence, its own impurities unable to withstand the purifying lights of Adam.
• The character counts as a unit with Magnitude equal to the highest of his Charisma, Essence or Intelligence in Mass Combat. Enemies do not benefit from Magnitude, unless they are the same scale as the Angel.
• Creation burns from the majesty of the Angel, still too confined for others to be safe. All non-sapient wildlife and plant-life within visual range of the Angel, up to a limit of Essence miles, around it die in the terrible light, burning with a colorless, cold flame to fall to the ground as snow-like ash. All bodies of water in the area shift permanently, as a Shaping effect, to something that is no-longer water; viscous, red, and smelling faintly of blood.
• All characters must pass a Valor check after seeing the Angel for the first time, or lose a point of Willpower as an Emotion effect. This roll must be made again, every time the Angel injures the character.  This check is repeated every (10 – Permanent Essence) turns as the warlock’s Essence lashes out further.  As an Integration effect, the warlock may get 1 point of Willpower or 4 motes for every point of Willpower an enemy loses in this manner.  A character reduced to 0 Willpower is slain instantly as a Shaping effect, and is broken down into the same viscous, red water that smells of blood that non-sapient life is turned into.  As an Integration effect, the warlock gains motes equal to ½ the Essence of all characters slain in this manner.
• Torrential gales form, a vast hurricane centered on the character. All ranged weapons used within Essence x 100 meters of the Angel suffer an external penalty of the character's Essence.
• Wings of Light activates for free upon the activation of this Charm. Moreover, the number of wings increases to the highest of Essence or Integrity, and the character regenerates one wing each time their DV refreshes.  The character may fly with the Wings as normal.
• The activation of Soul-Born Territory Shield does not count as a Charm use for the character, although they may choose not to, cast of the color of the warlock's anima.

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Urge, Torment, Precipitous Fiat (ie, Act of Villainy)
The Unifying Urge (the Urge to Subsume)

The Unifier through Light Unbound is, at heart, a force for one thing, and one thing only – integration.  Adam exists for the sole purpose of making everything part of himself.  It galls Adam to no end that there are others that exist that are not part of his greater whole.  Yet, he embodies neither the whimsical laws of Cecelyne, nor the hierarchy of She Who Lives In Her Name.  There is only one law – his.  And there is only one hierarchy – his.  Lesser beings exist but to have their usefulness examined and integrated.  Free will is annoying, and sometimes, very occasionally, useful, but not anathematic.

A being with a Unifying Urge has, at heart, a simple drive – to make others, be they people or artifacts, knowledge and ideas, or even whole societies, part of the greater purpose of the Unifier.   High Compassion Unifying Princes seek to make others part of themselves for the greater good, and the betterment of all, whether they like it or not.   They might seek to rewrite a society’s laws to suit their own morality because it is obviously better than what already exists, and will improve the lives of all affected.  They are preachers, monks, statesmen and, at times, demagogues.

High Conviction Unifying Princes have a similar approach, though they rarely tend to care about the lives of the affected.  The greater purpose is all.  No more, no less.  The only life that matters is theirs, and so is the only purpose.  Whatever gets in the way must be neutralized, integrated, or destroyed.  These princes tend to be warlords, snake-tongued diplomats, assassins or rogues.  High Temperance Princes with a Unifying Urge tend to be the voice of reason, enacting subtle change that over time rocks the very core of their target, and promotes the necessary unity.  The changes must be done with the utmost care and efficiency.  These Princes are often bureaucrats, craftsmen, con-men, merchants, and authors.

High Valor Unifying Princes are the ones who see that the purpose is met, and the default means is force, whether social, mental or physical.  Warriors of vision, politicians, orators and even the occasional merchant are often suited to this approach.

Possible goals for a Prince with a Unifying Urge include:

• Unify the tribes of the North under your command
• Redirect the Immaculate Order to suit your goals
• Forge the Great Houses of the Empire to be your sword
• Corrupt the rulers of Lookshy so that the people will follow your lead.

The Torment of Adam

When a being that is under a Unifying Urge reaches 10 points of Limit, the Torment of Adam is foist upon them.  The Prince is compelled to consume whatever gets in his way.  The Prince kills and then eats every opponent.  The Torment overrides even normal impulses, such as in combat, though if survival is on the line, such that the Prince is consuming a target in the middle of a battle, they may spend a point of Willpower to exert partial control, just enough to move on to the next target.  This lasts for a scene.  Should the Prince not be in a position to attack their target, they must make every attempt to do so whenever possible while the Torment lasts.  Like all Torments, this spreads out in a contagious manner, affecting anyone nearby who’s Dodge MDV is less than the Prince’s (Essence + Highest Virtue).

Sometimes the Peon, Sometimes the King (Precipitous Fiat)

Adam knows that sometimes unity is hard to achieve, and sometimes one’s own goals must be set aside.  Through this knowledge, Adam was able to influence his brethren, all while trying to make them part of himself.
For every scene a character spends working towards someone else’s goal, roll Temperance.  Each success removes a point of temporary Limit from the character’s pool.
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Regeneration Charm
Rebuilding the Damaged Hive
Adam 0, Essence 3
4 motes
Simple, Scene (Dramatic Action)
Prerequisites:  Segmented Self Understanding

Every hive must have a means of dealing with damage to itself.  Adam is no different.  Pieces and pawns are shed to die, time and again, yet the core remains.  The self and all its components must remain strong.  Adam achieves this by flooding the damaged area with Essence, and the smaller components, be they lower souls, parts of the body or jouten or even just flows of Essence, produce copy upon copy that create enough mass to fill the hole before reconfiguring their very Essence to create a perfect copy of the injured part, as if nothing had ever happened.  Rebuilding the Damaged Hive serves to heal any Crippling Effect currently affecting the warlock at 4 motes and a dramatic action that takes one hour.

A second purchase at Essence 4+ decreases the time to One Action.  A third purchase at Essence 5+ decreases the time to Instant, and turns the Charm’s type to Reflexive.  A third purchase, again at Essence 5+ grants the Charm the Combo-OK and Stackable Keywords and allows it to be used to heal all Crippling effects at 4 motes per effect at one time.