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Character Thread: The Dark Gear That Times Creation
Character thread for The Dark Gear...
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Tue 20 Oct 2009
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Re: Character Thread: The Dark Gear That Times Creation
My name was Jack Kennedy and my story is an odd one, even in this world that has gone to hell.

I remember when the invasion occurred. My partner and I were tracking down a young boy that had been kidnapped and I was beginning to fear the


Young Billy Weston had been abducted from his home two days ago and our suspect was a known pedophile.  We knew that if we ever wanted to see

this boy alive again we had to find him soon.  Luck was on our side today and we got a good tip on an abandoned factory were we believed the

suspect was holed up.

I went in a back door while my partner took the front.  It was at that moment that things went all to hell.  As I kicked the door in I was

taken aback as the sun's light became muted and a chill crept over me.  I could hear the sounds of panic in the street beginning, but I had a

job to do.

Making my way through the building I burst into a room and locked eyes with the suspect even as I was telling him to freeze he was pulling a

gun on me.  I was forced to shoot him first.  It was then that I realized that he had blood on him even before my shot had struck him.  I

madly dashed for the door that was behind the suspect fearing to find the worst.

Little Billy was an indescribable mess.  I try to render first aid, but realized that it was to late.  It was then I heard a sound behind me

and turned.  Instead of seeing my partner there, I instead saw an undead monstrosity.  It became engulfed in a strange light and I passed


I awoke in a darkened room.  All that I can see in my mind after this point is pain ans terror.  By the time this blurry point ends I was

fully inducted into His Dark Majesty Gorol's service.  I was now known as The Black Night Prince of Ebon Darkness at Midnight and I couldn't

imagine disobeying my master.

It wasn't long until I began to meet the others who were bound in service with me.  The most remarkable was the day I meet young Billy again.

 I had thought he passed away and still inwardly feelt bad about it even though I was now supposed to have put such feelings aside.

I reacted to overtly and found to my dismay that Billy was now one of us.  Known now as The Young King, he was hard and cruel and took great

delight in tormenting me for the compassion I still had.

One day this came to a head and he used the dark powers he had been granted to rip away the very same compassion he had mocked.  At this point

I made the critical mistake of raising a fuss and complaining quite loudly about this messing about with my central being.  Gorol was not

amused and punished me  for caring at all.  He raised his hand forward and suffused me in dark energy.  The skin peeled back and melted off

my face and my voice left me that day.  Gorol told me that I should be honored to be freed of the compassion that held me back and warned me

to not make such a fuss again.

This was the sign that stuck with me and made later defection easier to swallow.

During all this I was being groomed, I didn't realize it at first, but it was so.  A monstrous warstrider was being built and Gorol wanted

me to pilot it.  After the removal of my compassion he began to let me in on the plan.  The young king was livid, he wanted to pilot such an

engine of destruction and saw me as unworthy of the honor, but Gorol held his own council.  It was at this point that Young King did his best

to prove he was better  than me.  I think Gorol appreciated this.

Months later we were dealing with rebels in the area.  It was during one such fight that I meet defeat and won my freedom.  I awoke in the

strangest of places surrounded by odd machines and people.  I was later to be informed that I had been transported to Autothican himself.  At

first I tried to escape, people were constantly talking to me.  In short I was being re-educated, not that I realized it for a long while.

A few years later not only had I seen the light, I had become a priest of Autothican.  I now understood the sorry shape that creation was in

and that it needed to be repaired.  It was then that I was asked to undergo an operation.  There would be no akumazation for me.  Instead my

dark talents would be keept intact to be used against those who would hurt creation.  But the operation would tie me closer to Autothican.

It would allow me to use the same charms as the Alchemicals I now called brother.

It was a long period of tests for the new equipment but eventual the new system was ready and the first prototype armor was built.

I received a vision and loaded up the armor and headed out to begin doing his duty.
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Mon 7 Dec 2009
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Re: Character Thread: The Dark Gear That Times Creation
Report ID#8226724
Subject: Operation Viper Nest

Resistance was as expected.  Main troops were Bravo Sierra Deltas and Bravo Alphas.
Theta Whiskeys provided the muscle
In the heart there was the usual Whiskey Sierra.

There was also a India Echo there.  With the Alpha Charlie Charlie Sierra he was a managble threat.  Casualties

were accrued.

This mission was successful within parameters.

Report ID#8226737
Subject: Operation Singing Shroud

Alpha provided intel on a group of refuges in the Delta Charlie area.

Golf has placed a bounty on all refuges in his territory.

A Sierra Echo was leading the refuges to Mike's territory.

A mercenary ambush was in place and waiting for the refuges.

The ambush was lead by a Mike Sierra and contained Mike Hotels, Bravo Sierra Deltas and Victor Sierras.

The main force was scattered and their leadership questioned and terminated.

This mission was successful within parameters.
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Tue 8 Dec 2009
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Re: Character Thread: The Dark Gear That Times Creation
Report ID#8226823
Subject: Heart of Orichalcum

Primary resistance points were established and manned.

Contact was made with the resistance providing advanced intel and reserve troops.

Standard opposition troops were encountered lead by two Alpha Echos.

Cowboy One was able to terminate one of them.

The second one was rescued by direct interference by Golf, achieved through prayer to him be the Alpha Echo.
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Mon 14 Dec 2009
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Re: Character Thread: The Dark Gear That Times Creation
Report ID#8226912
Subject: Red Rail

The shipment was ambushed part of the way along by a group of Bravo Sierra Deltas led by a Lima Echo.  Resistance was minimal.

I then detached from the mission to aid Cowboy one in another operation.  I do not have all the details on this particular mission.

The mission's goal seems to have been the rescue of a Golf Sierra from an unknown foe.  This was successful and then the Golf Sierra was raised to a Lima Echo by Lima in an unexpected in person appearance.
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Wed 16 Dec 2009
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Re: Character Thread: The Dark Gear That Times Creation
Starmetal Mind Mendicant continued talking as she attached the last electros.  We should be able to use the essence flow from this manse to stimulate the memories of your exaltation.  Because of the tampering that has made it Abyssal we could not even attempt it with the flow from an ordinary manse.

As she walked back to the control console she had setup for this experiment Dark Gear once again found himself question whether it would be wise to even attempt to awaken skills attained in prior lives this way.  If things went wrong it could put him in the same boat Dirge is in.

Ok, we will begin now.  Remember you have a cut off switch in your hand in case you need it.  With that essence began flowing through the wires sending necrotic underworld essence into the very core of Dark Gear's exalted soul.  In an instant Life times of exaltation flowed through his mind in a confusing, dizzying array of chaos.  A part of him not of his conscious mind reached out and grabbed hold of a facet of all that experience.  Then consciousness fled.

Good your awake...  Are you still you?  Starmetal Mind Mendicant asked.  I am the Dark Gear That Times Creation still. Gear croaked out in a voice like the grave.  Starmetal Mind Mendicant was taken aback for a moment.  You can talk again a moment of thought and then half to herself she said But how?

Perhaps the essence coils were calibrated for the energy of creation instead of the energy of the underworld.  That would create an essence resonance cascade feedback loop.  With the forced reorientation of the energy flow that might account for a surge that would disrupt the damage that Gorol had done to me.

Starmetal Mind Mendicant stared at him.  That makes sense but when did you ever learn enough about magitech to be able to come to such a conclusion?

I think your machine worked, but you need to work out filters for the memories.  I don't think my mind could take that again.  With that Dark Gear floated back into unconsciousness as his mind endeavored to repair itself from the onslaught it had recieved.
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Wed 16 Dec 2009
at 20:22
Re: Character Thread: The Dark Gear That Times Creation
After his recover Dark Gear realized he had a great theorteical understanding of magitech but needed more study before he could produce anything.  Thus he began studying in earnest.

Working toward increasing my Lore and Occult skills
2 weeks for Occult 2
2 weeks for Lore 2
3 weeks for Occult 3
3 weeks for Lore 3
total 2 and a half months

The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Fri 18 Dec 2009
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Re: Character Thread: The Dark Gear That Times Creation
Report ID#8236967
Subject: Riding the Beast

The mission to take down the Mike Sierras and their cut was successful.

The Mike Sierras deployed mind warping magic which caused a slow down and unforeseen hazards.

This indicates the need for a more assured defense to be developed.

The Mike Sierras did succeed in summoning their Delta.

The Delta was then dispatched with a coordinated attack.
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Fri 18 Dec 2009
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Re: Character Thread: The Dark Gear That Times Creation
Starting on Bracers of Universal Crafting Book of Sorcery vol 1 pg 72

I will be rolling 2 dice for perception 5 dice for Craft 1 die for specialty magitech and receive 4 auto success from the second craft excellency +7 1st excellincy
+8 assitance + Echelstien's successes

I will need 3 exotic ingredients to be determined by GM

I will have a 5 difficulty
I need 60 success and a roll will be made every 3 weeks

please let me know when to roll

2nd edition craft rules on page 134

23 dice + 4 autos + Eck

11:42, Today: The Dark Gear That Times Creation rolled 8 successes using 23d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7. to craft bracers.

add 7 for Gear

12:41, Today: Dr. Philip G. Eckelstien rolled 17 successes using 26d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7. Assisting Dark Gear Crafting.

Add 23 for Eckelstien: current total: 30 out of 60 required.

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The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Fri 18 Dec 2009
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Re: Character Thread: The Dark Gear That Times Creation
Workshop +/- Dice
Rudimentary Workshop -4
Basic Workshop -2
Masterís Workshop 0
Flawless Workshop +2
Ideal Workshop +4
Assistants + successes
Mortal Aides +1 per 5
Artisan First Circle demons,
Dragon-Blooded, Terrestrial
gods, elementals, common
Fair Folk +1 per 2
Artisan Second Circle demons,
Celestial Exalted, Celestial gods,
Fair Folk nobles, Deathlords +4 each
Artisan Third Circle demon,
Incarna, powerful hekatonkhire +6
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Thu 31 Dec 2009
at 17:16
Re: Character Thread: The Dark Gear That Times Creation
Report ID#8237465
Subject: Soulsteel Unicycle

Extrication from the Den of evil went off without incident.

Resistance was contacted with a minimal amount of work.  They seemed to have prophetic foreknowledge of our arrival.  Thus they may have arranged to be easy to find that night.

A diversion was arranged and we infiltrated the premises.

Cowboy One went with the purpose of sabotage while I went in to retrieve the data.

I scaled the building and managed a linkup through a window.  I was never detected.

Upon later rendezvous I learned that Cowboy One was successful as well.

We made our way out of the territory and were then extricated.

Note Bene. The resistance seems to be lead by an Echo of some sort, further analysis will be needed.
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Thu 7 Jan 2010
at 20:14
Re: Character Thread: The Dark Gear That Times Creation
Report ID#82288234
Subject: Desktop Whimsy

Another vision from Alpha caused an abort from participation in operation Solid Furniture.

The nearby town was host to a November Mike intent on recreating the great contagion.

While the plot was defeated the November Mike escaped but has given up her plans at this time.
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Sun 24 Jan 2010
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Re: Character Thread: The Dark Gear That Times Creation
Report ID#8248956
Subject: Cold Morning

I was personaly involved in 3 missions in this operation.

The first mission was the initial assault on the first artillery emplacement.  Cowboy One was able to successfully evacuate the imprisoned civilians.  Hammer was able to cause the termination of some of the enemies Sierra Echo officers.  The artillery was successfully destroyed without casualties to our soldiers.

The second mission was against another such emplacement.  For this mission we could not count on the same element of complete surprise that made the last mission successful.  We instead used our three teams in another fashion.  I compromised the first team in charge of the demolition of the artillery emplacement.  Cowboy One lead the second team consisting of Fate Walker and Dragon Talon.  They were charged with the rescue of the civilian hostages.  The third team consisted of the rest of our forces and were held in reserve in case the stealth approach failed.  I entered the battlefield through the underworld and successful avoided the sentries the had posted as well as the Alpha Echo they had guarding the site.  upon finishing the planting of the charges I came upon a unique opportunity to fulfill the operation's secondary objective.  I was forced to leave Cowboy One in a seemingly tight spot, but was sure he had the capabilities to handle it.  I stalked target Discordant Lilly back to their command structure.  Fate Walker was there and I signaled him to my presence.  Waiting until the target was alone, I then pounced passing through the underworld and back to creation to bypass the buildings structure.  I tackled the target and brought her to the underworld where I subdued her and transported her back to our assault team.  I then proceeded to take a sniping position and with Dragon Talon's assistance lay covering fire for Cowboy One's evacuation of the civilians and strange capture of an enemy soldier.

The third mission was a direct assault on the enemy strong hold at point Alpha Oscar Uniform 12.  The teams were split into the now  usual configuration.  The assault team made a direct assault on the building as a ploy to pull attention from the interior of the structure.  Cowboy One's team, augmented by the addition of Hammer, was to cause chaos inside the building with the secondary objective of terminating the commanding officer.  My mission was to change the geomancy of the Manse to effectively remove the threat it's artillery provided.  I entered through the underworld and was unsurprised to find a Alpha Echo guard.  I was surprised by the presence of Monarch and Dead Man.  I managed to slip by but I suspect Monarch saw me.  I returned to creation in the hearthstone room and was hard pressed to hide myself before attracting the attention of all the upper brass that were present.  I was able to record some of the conversation and am forwarding it to intelligence for translation and assessment.  Shortly after a disturbance was heard from elsewhere and in the ensuing chaos all stealth was easier.  I studied the essence flows and formulated a plan of attack.  Reaching the system room I needed to make changes in I was discovered by one of their chief Sierra Echo scientists.  I was about to terminate him when in a stroke of luck I discovered he was a man of science that felt constrained by his current employers.  Promising access to a more conducive environment, as well as access to the wonders of the great maker himself, I was able to convince him to defect.  With the help of him and his subordinates we were able to quickly convert the manse into a rocket that would orbit the planet.  As Cowboy One rejoined me for extraction Monarch and Dead Man appeared.  They stated that they were on a mission similar to ours.  Neither group wished for a fight so we went our separate ways without conflict.  We secured a good deal of the lab at the location and extracted ourselves.
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Wed 27 Jan 2010
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Enter the Dingo
Report ID#8239999
Subject: Enter the Dingo

A team was formed consisting of Cowboy One, Fate Walker and I.

We used a small hard to track plane to do a drop near the city.  Upon landing we buried the jump harnesses at location Alpha Sierra 14, Omega Zebra 29, for later retrieval.

We made our way into the city undetected successfully and made our approach to the facility.

Splitting our team further I proceeded to go place the ball as Fate Walker and Cowboy One went to go incite a riot.

I proceeded to the drop off point and narrowly avoided being seen due to the efforts of the others in creating the riot.

I moved silently through the rioting throngs and quickly placed the ball.  I then evacuated with the rest of the team through Cowboy One's travel arrangements, along with all the slaves.
The Dark Gear That Times Creation
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Tue 9 Feb 2010
at 16:49
Represent the Lollipop Guild
Report ID#8243343
Subject: Represent the Lollipop Guild

Insertion was highly successful.  Negotiator managed to gain us an audience with Sinatra Romeo.

Talks broke down quickly and upon securing our quarters it was decided to enact a reprisal strike.

Negotiator and Cowboy One went to secure the escape route.  Fatewalker and I proceeded to go capture Little Boy Blue.

Sinatra Romeo was waiting in Little Boy Blue's vault.  Sinatra Romeo was neutralized in the following fight and Little Boy Blue was secured.

Escape was then flawlessly executed.

An in person report on the import of Little Boy Blue will conducted shortly.