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Character Thread: Dirge
Character thread for Dirge...
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Origin of Dirge

I see by yer face that yer new round these parts. Yev asked the folks why this place is safe, and they've all pointed ta me. Now in all honesty that ain't rightly true. Them governmental types seem to be doing alright nowadays.  I help them out, and they help out us. But that's not what yer here to hear.

Might as well start by introducing myself. The name's Dirge. Can't rightly say how I came by it. Can't rightly say what it means. That bastard probably could, but I don't talk about him.

I said I don't talk about him, weren't you listening.

Anyhows, awhile ago no one in these parts woulda guessed I'd amount to much, myself included. Never had no home or no family. I did odd jobs on the ranches and around town. That was my life.  The rest of the country was going to hell in a handbasket as we all discovered things really did go bump in the night. It hadn't really reached us yet, but it was about to.

I'd just pulled in a load of hay at the McKillan homestead and if you'd told me I'd have more work to do that night I mighta punched you out on the spot. I was on my way to the bar when I heard someone calling my name.

Now we don't get much in the way of strangers round these parts, so one would think he'd stick out. Truth is I can't tell ya nothing about him, what he looked like, where he was from, nothing. Everything about him just sorta blurs.

Anyways I went over to the Stranger and he handed me a parcel, told me I'd need it soon. And let me tell you, that parcel was heavy. I opened it up and low and behold there were a pair of knives. And I ain't talking your standard kitchen cutlery neither. These were fighting knives shaped liked a bird's wing, a smooth blade along the bone and serrated along the feathers. Not only that, they were solid gold and heavy as all get out.

I looked up and he was gone.

Now I ain't the smartest guy around, but first thing I did was head over to Sheriff Tupper's to make sure these weren't no stolen property that guy was trying to dump on me. And let me tell you, Ol' Tupper's eyes near popped outta his skull when he saw what I brought in. But he told me there was no report of anything like them being stolen.

I guess I coulda hocked them knives for a good years worth of food and housing, but I didn't. The Stranger said I'd need them. Didn't realize how soon he'd meant.

After leaving Tupper, I went over to the bar and told everyone about what had happened. They stared in awe at the knives and needled me about not being able to remember the Stranger's face. That's when the howling started.

Now most folks would think it were just some coyotes howling in the distance. But folks from these  here parts know what a Kay-ote  sounds like and that weren't it. We grabbed our shotguns and pistols, hid away the little ones, and those who owned farms went out to secure the livestock. Something bad was acoming.

It was another hour before they hit us. Four wheelers being driven by the palest bastards you ever saw came streaming across the desert, along with pack of beasts that looked like they's risen from hell itself.

Ol' Tommy had some of them night-vision binoculars he'd gotten from an army surplus place in Phoenix some years back. We took turns looking through them and what we saw scared us deep.

Some of them were twisted. Bones poppin outta skin, features messed up so youse couldn't tell if they were proper human or dog. That's right, there were twisted in both sets.

Well let me tell you, that was all the incentive we needed to open fire. Between Mick Redger's rifle and Billy Cross's moltav launcher (that boy had way too much spare time) we shoulda knocked out the bulk of them before they even got close. But while the moltavs did seem to hurt them a bit, they shrugged off those bullets like they were nothing.

They stormed the town, man and beast leaping at the people with hunger burning in their eyes. The human like things, I might as well tell you straight out, the vampires were latching onta people, trying to drink them dry. The beasts, werewolves, were just ripping them apart for fun. Hell had come to town, sure enough.

Now what was I doing during all this, you ask? Damn near soiling myself. It took only a couple minutes from when we first spotted them to the attack. Our guns were next to useless and we were being picked off. One of them vampires dropped down in fronta of me and I damn near screamed. He wasn't facing me though, prolly didn't know I was there. He was going after Billy, after all that Moltav launcher was the biggest threat they'ed faced.

Now I coulda run away and hoped none of them would see me. No one ever paid much attention to me. But I saw young Billy about to get offed and I couldn't stand for that. Guns weren't much good, so I grabbed one of them heavy knives and aimed for the bloodsucker's neck. And in that instant, everything changed.

That knife, which I could barely lift a second ago, became light as a feather. The vampire screamed as the blade hit him then dissolved into dust. Billy just stared at me, mouth open. It was funny, but there was no time to appreciate it. I grabbed the other knife and left.

I knew things. Wasn't sure how I knew them, but I did. I knew the knives were called the Wings of the Nightingale and that a long time ago they had been made specifically for me. I knew I had been glowing when I killed my first vampire, and that I was suppressing that glow so I wouldn't be seen. I knew how to move in the shadows and not be spotted. I knew these monsters had to die and I knew how to kill. Oh did I know how to kill.

Didn't take them monsters long to realize they'd lost a whole buncha boys in a couple a minutes. They were starting to get panicky so the boss (Honestly not sure if he was a vamp or a wolf) started roaring, calling out whatever human though he could take them.

Not one to miss such an invite, I jumped down from the roof where I had been gutting a wolf and landed right behind ol' Big Bad. I whistled jauntily at the varmint, smug grin on my face and tipped my hat. All the other monsters stopped what the was doing, so did the townsfolk. This was gonna be important. Ol' Ugly's face scrunched up like he smelled something foul. I dunno what he was expecting, but apparently I fell below the standard. With a snort of disgust, he went right for the killing blow.  His claws were sharp enough to take my head off and he moved faster than the human eye could see. Ten minutes ago that woulda been the end of me.

But I was different now, faster than human. Faster than even the monsters.

He breezed right past me as I dodged, my knife leaving a trail of his blood 'cross his side. When he turned and faced me I stopped suppressing my anima (that's the glowy thing I was supposed to be doing).

Now I can't see myself very well, leastwise not without a mirror. But the townsfolk said I was glowing whites and purples that took the form of a canyon on a desert night. The Wings were glowing as though they had the morning sun itself trapped in them. I looked as though I was the spirit of the desert itself come to pass judgment on the monsters that invaded it .

And let me tell you, Big, Tall, and Ugly was starting to look a mite scared. He had expected a town fulla easy prey for him and his. He wasn't expecting a fight and he sure as hell wasn't expecting whatever I was. He started to do...something. Not sure what it was, but he managed to turn himself into even more of a monster.

It didn't help. As fast as he was, I was still faster. He charged at me and I just waited for it. When he got close enough, I stuck one knife into his collarbone then used the momentum to swing myself up on his back. Before he even knew I was there I had used my other knife to lop his ugly mug clean off.

It went real quiet then.

The monsters couldn't quite believe what they had seen (neither did the townsfolk for that matter). A human wasn't supposed to be able to do what I was doing. A bloodthirsty roar went up from the humans as they turned on the invaders.

Now the monsters were smart enough that if there was one human that could take them, maybe there was another. The meant to clear out of there right quick. We didn't give them the chance. Billy's machine did a number on their vehicles and it didn't take long for up to round up what was remaining. The wolves we killed flat out. The vampires we held till sunrise.

Sure it was bad. We lost some good folks, but it coulda been a hell of a lot worse. It took me a few days to straighten out my head and sort through alla what I had learned.

I'm a Solar. That means I was chosen to do a job. Sure I'd been given a lot of power, but it came with a duty. I had to protect people, to stop things like what happened on the East coast.

Name's Dirge. This is my town. And it may very well be the safest place in these Untied States. Because around here, we don't put up with anything less.


OOC: The big boss was a Gangrel with a lot of points in protean, which is why Dirge couldn't tell if he was a vampire or a werewolf

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Dirge's Territory
Dirge's Territory:

Dirge's territory consists of 2 towns and a reservation. They're all in the same general area near what was once the New Mexico/ Arizona border (the map has been slightly redrawn).

Dirge sees himself as the protector of this area and while he makes suggestions, he doesn't seem to realize that his word is law. When the government was still trying to rebuild after the disaster on the East Coast, there wasn't much it could do to help out when the rouge elements of the World of Darkness attacked small towns. Dirge showed up like a knight in shining armor, driving back the darkness and making sure it stayed gone. As a result, the people who  lived there developed an almost fanatical loyalty to Dirge.

The US government is aware that Dirge is basically the ruler of this area and that he is completely oblivious to that fact. In a politically brilliant move, they moved to act in support of Dirge, lending support to the area, but never trying to take total control. Thus the government gained a powerful ally and the support of the people in one of the most stable areas of the country. The prosperity of the area acts as a symbol to the rest of America that the government still cares and is doing what it can to protect us.

Pop: 450
 Dirge's hometown and main base of operations. This town has almost doubled in size in the past year as a result of it's reputation for safety and stability. About half the population are farmers and ranchers. The other half are survivalists and militia who protect the town, with some tradesmen mixed in. Magdelena is the closest town to the BPRD main headquarters and as a result gets first access to all sorts of fun goodies when the government deems them available to the public.

Wagon Mound:
Pop: 239

Wagon Mound is a small mining town. With both a working gold and silver mine, it was once a very large town. At least until a rampaging Lunar and his pack of werewolf followers (mostly Red Talons) nearly destroyed  it. A Lunar was a lot tougher than  any opponent he had faced before, and the battle was a lot closer than he would have liked. To this day Dirge won't talk about how he won. It took a lot of resources from Magdelena as well as work from Dirge to get the once thriving community back to being functional, but in return he gained another group of devote followers. Now Wagon's Mound supplies most or the raw gold and silver used to make Moonsilver and Oricalcum to the BPRD.

Ouray Reservation:
Pop: 311
Named after the chieftain who tried to regain peace after battle between his tribe and the settlers broke out, Ouray is a reservation of the mountain tribe of the Ute (yewt) Indians. It's a offshoot of the main reservation in Utah (which is named after the Ute – fun fact). Of all Dirge's territory Ouray needs the most protection as it's attacked more often than his other towns. Most of the reason for this is the Anasasi ruins contained in the reservation, which seem to contain something of interest to various mage groups. (The BRPD is currently working with the Ute's permission to examine the ruins). Many of the Ute here are Uktena kinfolk, and it's through his protection of this area that Dirge met Speaks with Trees.
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The Liberation of Wagon Mound
A pleasure to meet you. I'm sure you're happy to have an actual report instead of the idiots recollections of a drink of some foul-smelling alcohol.

We haven't met. The idiot's done his best to make sure of that. My name is Golden Shadow Dancer and I am the person who would unfortunately become Dirge.

Confusing? Yes, past lives aren't supposed to work this way. As best I can explain it, when an Exalted dies, his soul is not wiped clean of memories like a mortal, but rather polished: the debris cleaned off and only the important things remaining. Unfortunately it appears something had gone wrong with the process, since when Dirge inherited my power, he got all my memories as well. As a result, if he digs into my memories to deep or too often, well, I get to come out to play.

How am I manifested now? Well that last mission you sent him on, the one to take care of that necromantic Abyssal wannabe, wasn't as simple as initially thought. The bastard left a lot of clever traps in his house, including an interesting device called a Nightingale floor. The idiot had never seen one before and tried to remember if I had.

The answer. by the way, is yes. I got past the floor and took care of the problem. Which is actually a good thing for you. Dirge is decent enough about killing his enemies, but he can't understand the simple concept of sending a message. Rest assured any of the fellows compatriots would rather die before troubling you again.

You want to learn more? I understand this is a fascinating phenomena and you would of course wish to study it. I'm afraid I don't have much more time before the idiot regains control, so I'll tell you about the first time I manifested.

It was about three month's after Dirge's Exaltation during the attack on Magdelena. A rather injured man crawled into town. Perhaps if Dirge had known some of the healing charms available to our kind, his life might have been saved. Alas, neither the Idiot, nor myself were much for the healing arts. Before he passed away, the man pleaded for us to help his hometown, which was under attack.

Of course, with the Idiot's foolish optimism and characteristic need to act like a hero, he jumped on his horse and headed off to Wagon' Mound.

By the time he arrived, about three quarters of the town was destroyed. Much of what remained didn't seem like it would last much longer. The town was swarming with werewolves, which the idiot set about dispatching in his usual manner. At least until their leader emerged.

You must understand that up until this point, all the Idiot had faced were werewolves, vampires, and mortal hedge wizards. These 'threats' were pathetic beings little better than mortals. Not fit to shine an Solar's boots.

A Lunar Exalted, that's another matter entirely.

If the Idiot had kept to stealth tactics and struck the Son of the Blazing Moon before he realized he was there, then it still could have ended simply. Instead the Idiot showoff revealed himself when invited and agreed to a duel.

What followed was a brief but brutal demonstration of why he was a Night caste, not Dawn. Any lesser being would have been completely torn asunder. As it was, Dirge suffered injuries the likes of which he had never suffered before, and in fact had no longer believed he could suffer since his exaltation.

It didn't take long for even he to realize he was in over his head. In a panic he scoured my memories for anything that could help him. His – our – mind went blurry, and then suddenly everything seemed in focus. It took an almost lethal moment for me to realize I was no longer just a collection of memories in the back of the Idiot's head. I was back all the way. For the first time in millennia, Golden Shadow Dancer walked upon Creation.

The world was strange to me. Even the body I inhabited was strange. (I am not a Lunar, the previous body I inhabited went unchanged during centuries of life). The only things that were at all familiar was the fact that I was in mortal peril and the weight of the two daggers in my hands.

I suppose I must be thankful that Sidereal waste of flesh returned them to me. I must remember to thank him properly, before I send his thrice damned souls screaming to the underworld.

Anyway, I was in charge of the fight now, and I knew far better than to fight fair. Using certain charms at my disposal, I instantly erased my presence.

The Lunar must have been young. Instead of trying to trace my essence, he started sniffing for me like an animal. If I had only had my garrote....but I suppose one can't have everything.

As it was, I crouched down until the Lunar's lumbering form towered over me. When he was directly overhead I used all my strength to plunge both my daggers into his gut, slice it open and tear out the Lunar's guts.

I had missed the feel of blood splashing across my skin, the shocked cries of enemies pain.

My foe made to strike me again, but I made proper use of defensive charms. I must give the Idiot credit for this, he managed to keep his body in far better shape then I had managed. I was now badly injured, but so was my foe. With the Idiot, the playing field would have been leveled. With me I had already won.

The young Lunar was foolish with rage and pain, and I have no compulsions against striking an already wounded area. I tore his guts out and shredded them so completely that no healing charm could have saved him. And like ourselves, healing did not seem to be his strong suit. All in all though, it took a satisfyingly long time for him to bleed out.

Any intelligent being would have fled while I was occupied fighting the Lunar. I don't hold a very high opinion of the semi-beastmen the Lunar had brought with him. After they watched me kill a Chosen of the Gods, they attacked me as if they could actually do something. As the last one fell to my blades my mind began to feel blurry and soon I was not but a memory once more.

I will say the incident had quite an effect on the Idiot. He strongly disapproves of the fact that I don't share he idiotic optimism, nor how I've adjusted to deal with the reality of the world. To him it was bad enough when he just had to remember my actions as his own. Now he lives with the knowledge and fear that I can in fat take over and that he's helpless to stop it.

Honestly, I hope it makes him grow up. The world has no place for overgrown children like him, Chosen of the Unconquered Sun or not.

Even now I can feel my mind beginging to blur as my hold begins to fade. I won't belong befo--

What? Who? How in tarnation did I get back here?

Oh Shit, that bastard Dancer got out again, didn't he?
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Trinty Hive
Ya know. I don't rightly see how come I's gotta type this here up instead of just telling ya what happened like always.

Anyways, Ya'll want to know about what happened at the Trinty hive place. Well, I went there and got that there anti-radiation gizmo y'all promised. Then everyone jus seemed to be standin' around, so's I decided ta go on ahead. Well, it turned out the ground around there wasn't too stable. and I fell right into the caverns.

Sgt. Fenlon and Vincent came after me. I think someone else did, but fer the life of me I can't remember.

Not long after that We ran into some of them there Spirals and set us up there an ambush. Fenlon made a right purdy distraction and them varmints was taken my surprise by the rest of us. Turns out it takes Spirals A right long time to be hung, even when the rope their hangin from is bouncin around like a yo-yo.

After we finished with that pack, we found another arguing over some weapon an who got ta use it. While they were arguin I snuck over to that weapon and used it against them. Y'ain't never seen such funny expressions as their clothes turn inta rock.

I'm calling it the Stonifier, No matter what Ecklstein says.

T'weren't long after that we found the heart of the place. And the Grandaddy of all thunder worms.

And you coulda knocked me out with a feather when I saw the place was already being attacked by some slick looking tentacle guy who was doing something to the Spirit o' the place.

Them Spirals were none too happy to see us, or the rest of the BPRD. Especially that new guy with the Skull head.

We tried to wade our way through to the center but the Spirals were makin it tough. But the time I got there Skull Guy was makin Tentacle-guy's life real tough. Thing was, I couldn't rightly land a blow on him neither, guy was slipperier than a greased polecat.

Anyhows the Tentacle-guy managed to do some nasty spin attack that knocked me out fer a second. Doc got me back on my feet. Skull-guy had gone after the tentacled one and I was left ta take care of the Spirt, which was now a hell of a lot buffer with tentacle of it's own.

By the time I was done with that, Skull guy managed ta get a few good blows in on Tentacle guy, though he seemed ta have lost his leg somewhere in the process. Doc was out cold and the Spirals and Worms were all down.

Don't rightly know Tentacle-guys story, but I bet it's a dozy. There's gonna be trouble down the line with this, ya mark my words. But we won the day and got a new toy in the process.

And If I kin make a suggestion - Next time let me bring the dynamite.

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Utopia and Wasteland
T'aint often the Bastard and I agree on something. And we agree on this. That Mardukis fella has ta die!

I had a bad feelin about this Mardukis feller from the get go. After that load of hogwash I got from his little speech, I figured he was about as low as a man could be, brother Solar or not.

I ain't had no idea how low this man was.

Ifin you though that there palace was all fancy like from the outside, you shoulda done seen it from the inside. Done up to the nines and filled with serving girls. And the ones that were wearin clother weren't wearing much. I had ta pretty much walk through there with my eyes closed. What scared me though was how happy they were to be doin it. Even after Mardukis pretty much said they were replaceable it Gear wanted ta 'break' one. Right in fronta them.

Tentacle-guy was there too.

I stayed in ma room that night, didn't want ta see what went on in that place at night.

Next mornin' I went to breakfast with everyone else. Apparently all that talk about sufferin and povery bein good only applied to the populace and not him. Breakfast was just as high-falutin as the building. Mardukis told us he didn't want anyone to leave the Palace grounds so we wouldn't be corrupting to locals.

I kin not tell ya what a relief it was when Gear had his vision and we got outta there. They even let me bring the dynamite.

We went ta the DC area where accordin ta Gear a whole lotta people were going ta die. We weren't there long when a group of refugees came from the north. I went ta check it out while Gear waited fer his motorcycle.

They were a sad lookin lot, like they had been through Hell and back, which they pretty much had. All except their leader who stood strong and proud. I introduced myself and offered up any help I could. The leader, Jennifer, said they were headin out of the Shadowlands and inta Florida. I quickly dissuaded her of that notion and called in a group of helicopters. Jennifer said she knew a place they could stay. It was past the place in Gear's vision so's I thought it would be alright.

About the time we passed ground Zero Gear appeared. And by appeared I mean a big ol' anima effect that had the mercenaries about to ambush us pissin' their pants. What follower was a right massacre, but them refugees didn't get a scratch on them.

Vampires and dynamite mix real nice.

Gear got their leader and pumped him fer info. That'll probably be in his report. We got the refugees ta safety and made a new friend in Jennifer. And it's good ta know that Auto-feller's willing ta really help out.

The only problem here is they say I have ta go back ta Florida. At least I still got ma dynamyte.
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Mission report.
Okay, regulatons is regulations. But cuttin me off from the good booze untill I got caught up on my reports is a low blow.

Okay. Where did I leave off. You guys sent me an Gear and Miss Jennifer up ta the tri-state area to stop some of them deadies from expandin out.

We made contact with the resistance, turns out Miss Jennifer had some ties with 'em. Can't say much about the leaderguy there. Guy was willin' to completely write off the Terrestrial's just cause he considered them weaker. Idiot.

When we got back from talkin' ta him, we found out Gear had set up a right purdy ambush. Didn't take long fer the deadies ta show up. An it weren't just shamblers neither. They had some robo-zombies, copying off Gear I reckon. Also some sorta suped up undead, 'elites' I think they were callin them.

I don't remember much of tha fight, it was a while back after all. There were Helicoptery things and some Abyssals. Ah took one, Gear took another. Miss Jennifer smashed things. She's right good at that.

We took care of that advance party, but the town was a right mess. We were helping ta clean it up when Gear got another vision of some else bein ambushed.

Seein' how well his last vision turn out, Miss Jennifer and I came along. When we got there the town was deserted. There was a lone stranger walkin up the stret in a buissness suit.

Ol' Gear musta seen somethin' I missed, caused he flung me and Miss Jennifer in opposite directions. Ah landed in a grocery store filled with Spiral who looked more than a mite surprised ta see me. They didn't last too long, specially the one with dynamite in it's mouth.

 Ah caught one for Gear ta question. Miss Jennifer musta had the same ideam since she brought one out too. Or she was usin' it's broken body as a weapon, not rightly sure.

The stranger called himself Ezekial. Ya'll know that since he came back with us.

Ah told ya what ya wanted. No w I'd best be gettin' ma liquer back.
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Thu 17 Dec 2009
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Not a Mission report.
Ah was not withholdin' information, I just didn't consider that any of your buisness.

Ah got a request fer help from Ouray. Went there and met up with Speaks with Trees. Turns out somethng right nasty had moved inta them ruins and took out one a the Yewt's scouting groups. Trees introduced me to a nice feller named Silver Wolf and we went inta the ruins. There were a bunch of traps and spiders. And a Giant Spider that laid a nice trap with a collaspin' floor.

Me and Silver Wolf got through these problems without much of a hitch,  though we spent most of my dynamite just getting through the webbing that cover most of the hallways.

When we got through to tha sacred chamber there were a bunch of were-spiders (didn't even know there were were-spiders!) and a mean looking SPider LUnar who had an old feller tied to an altar, carving weird symbols into him.

We tried ta make our way to the old man, but them Spider folk weren't to keen on lettin us through. While we were trying, someone from the ceiling shot the chains clean off the old man. An he wasn't she about turning them chains onto the lady that caught him.

Didn't take long after that fer me an Wolf ta finish up them spiders while the old man - who was now a coyote, introduced her to the rest of my dynmamite - I did put in that requisition fer more, right?

After that Luna herself came down and exalted the old man, apartently he's a well known figure in these here parts. Nice lady, that Luna. Good sense of humor.

Gear, who was the one shooting from the ceiling, took and interest in the altar and Trees and Wolf said he could have it. I expect his reports why yer asking me in the first place anyhow.
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Tue 5 Jan 2010
at 15:58
All Right, All right, ye win. Just you wait till I done figure out how ta build a still.

Well Gear took us in through tha Underworld. Ghosts there woulda broken yer heart. Hope those poor things can rest now. Anyway we exited inta the town and...

Ah don't wanna talk about this.



I spoke with Dancer. There, ya happy. I think them mages were doing some sorta 'trap yerself in yer own mind' bit. I had ta face him and...I won and that's all you need ta know. I used Integrity Protection Prana ta shied me from more spells, Gear didn't have that luxury though.

They were doin' some sort of sacrafice an we stopped them. They had a nasty shield, but we got through. Rinse and repeat for tha other chambers we found.

In tha last one the varmint managed to summon a demon and we slew it. End of story. Now pass the booze, I need a drink.
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Wed 6 Jan 2010
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An ta think, when I was a young'un I wanted ta go ta Florida.

Thanks fer listening ta me, Trees. Thems pretty sick o' hearing me complain 'bout Mardukis back home, but they keep senden me out there. Ah mean, didn't ah make it right clear enough? "Next ya send me there, it better be to kill the Bastard." Don't get much more clear than that.

Instead they send me out ta make nice with him. Ah know it was just a ploy, ta get us inta his factory, but it still rankled. I got ta see more o' Florida this time. It ain't a happy place. People walk tha streets in fear an I couldn't do nothing bout it.

We met up with them resistance folks and they helped set up a distraction so's we could sneak inta the factory. Gear and I split up. Ma job was ta sabatage the brain washin gizmo. It weren't too hard ta sneak in. Just fer extra insurance ah had coyote help me by changin how I looked.

Movin through tha facility weren't too hard. Ignoring tha slave labor was. At one point ah just couldn't take it no more. Ah faked an expolsion and shot the varmint in tha confusion. Didn't kill him but it made me feel better.

Anyhows when I got ta tha center of tha operation, there were a bunch o' mages and a diamond the size of yer fist. Raven told me he wanted me ta bring him back somthin' shiny, an ya don't get much better than that.

An tricked them inta closin' up thier operations and followed tha mage what took tha crystal. Ah snuck up behind him and scared the bejeezus outta the feller (Felt a little bad, he mighta just been brainwashed.) Gave my disguised self a new name to. 'Black Coyote'.

Ah got out and met up with Gear. Woulda been an alright night if it weren't fer tha fact that we had ta go back to that palace an' make nice with Mardukis some more. Now he might be comin' by ta visit and that scares me.

Sometimes ah wish ah were religeous like and an' could go ta a higher authority fer advice, but then ah wonder if ah might end up like that monster. Thanks fer listenin'. Sometimes ah just need ta talk ta someone ah kin trust.
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Tue 12 Jan 2010
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Mission Report
I would say the idiot got careless, but fortunately careless seems to be his standard state of being.

I suppose it in his own way he kept to his integrity. He didn't call upon my knowledge when it could have aided him. I'm not sure if I should applaud his will or insult his dismissal of a useful tool. Either way he finally delved too deeply into my mind once more.

I suppose I should start at the beginning. We were on our way to arrest a wayward mage (Why a group of Exalts were relegated to such a demeaning task is beyond me).  Autochthon apparently agreed with my assessment that our skill were not being put to their best uses, as he sent new orders to his servant.

Gear exited the airship and the Idiot and She-Hulk (a most fitting name for her I've heard bandied about) chose to join him. Parachutes are apparently beyond the understanding of those fools. The Idiot at least tried, but in failing chose to simply fly down.

Gear then transformed into his motorcycle state and took us to where he believed his vision meant for us to go. The local authorities seemed to take offense at our presence. Or our disregard for their traffic laws, as if we would be constrained by the laws of mortals.

A shortcut was taken through the underworld, and what we saw did not bode well. Unlike the throngs of the murdered from that cult town, these ghosts were diseased. Gear managed to convince one to lead us to where the dead had been experimented on. Before we arrived there, though, we were pulled out of the underworld. Our opponent was an essence user it seemed.

Sadly not an Exalted, and thus worthy prey. A hedge wizard. A thrice bedamned hedge wizard who had the unmitigated gall to attempt to recreate the Great Contagion! Honestly, if these idiot seek Oblivion so badly I don't see why they don't just throw themselves in the Void. Her mention of a timetable worried me though. I think we'd better focus more on whatever this “Green” is that's got everyone in such an uproar.

She managed to displace the idiot into a labyrinth. He aquitted himself well enough in escaping. I admit some fear when the second trial was one of knowledge and logic, but the Idiot managed to find a way to avoid the puzzle all together.

When he reached the end of that path, he found a room full of rats and a Lunar Exalt. While the Idiot still hasn't learned the finer points of stealth, a least he didn't try just attacking such a foe again. The fact that he managed to extract safe passage and possible future information was more dumb luck than skill, but we all must play to our strengths.

The Lunar's tattoos were black instead of silver. I think we must look into the idea the Deathlords may have found a way to corrupt Luna's chosen.

The Idiot met up with Gear and She-Hulk and proceeded to the inner sanctum of the insect who had caused all this. While She-Hulk distracted the insect's bodyguard, I, yes I, made my move. The little insect thought her dematerialization made her invulnerable. How she grinned when I told her how pathetic she was. And how that grin turned to shock and fear and an immaterial bullet passed through her immaterial skull.

Sadly it was not her true form, merely a body she had been inhabiting. Still, she apparently got the message that she was outclassed. She left her project and I believe I, or rather, the Idiot, should be receiving some interesting information from a certain rat soon.

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Sun 17 Jan 2010
at 22:05
Re: Mission Report
Welp, that's one  target down. We had Gear sneak us in, that weren't no trouble at all. What we saw when we got to tha site made me mad 'nuff ta spit nails.  They were keepin them people in cages all around that big Ol' gun.

What really steamed me though, was a big tough Dawn Caste tellin' them people that he'd let them out ifin someone would stand up ta him. Course he knew darn well that any o' them who did so was gonna die.

Ah was about ta do sumthin bout it when, er I think it was Sundance, told me there were a bunch o' snipers laying about. Ah was betwizled trying ta figure out how ta put that bastard in his place with out getting caught.

Before ah could figure out what ta do. Miss Jennifer shown up an' proceded ta beat the varmint like a drum. He beat back pretty good, but not as good as Miss Jennifer.

Anyhoos, while she was taking vare o' him and Gear was plantin them bombs, I got the townsfolk outta their cages. I got the ones around tha gun first, then the ones in town. Ah opened up a Moonbridge with tha' help o' Raven and had Sundance lead them ta Ouray.

Whiles them poeople were a movin' through, some Dragon-Blooded jumped me. Ah managed ta deflect all o' their shots, and decided ta put a bit o' fear o' the sun in em.

Ah flew up an tol' them exactly what I though o' them and hows they were a treatin' the normal folk. Thens ah vanished. Was plannin' on gettin an invisible drop on them, when I saw something that was a much bigger, and I mean bigger, threat.


Not all o' tha hostages were through, So's ah stood guard while tha last of 'em went. Miss Jennifer challanged tha leader.

Ah was a bit confused at first, she wasn't fightin' like she normally did. Turned out ta be a clever trap. She lured that warstrider inta tha explosion and did a number on it. Gear help'd ta blow up tha rest o' them. Me, ah was gettin the heck outta dodge once tha last civilian got safetly through.

One thing bugs me though. That Dawn Caste feller. Gues it don't make no nevermind now but - He knew Dancer. His name at least. Ah woulda liked ta know more o' what he knew.
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Sun 17 Jan 2010
at 22:17
A Letter of Apology
Miss Jennifer,

Ah kin not apologize enough. Ah don't like ta talk about it, hoped he would never break free again.

Ya remember hows some past life memories come with Exaltation. I'm sure ya got a few first or second age memories floatin around yer skull.

Ah -  Ah got a little bit more.

Ah got everything. All his memories, his whole life. And him himself.

His name, wells ah usually just call him tha Bastard, but his real name is Golden Shadow Dancer. He was an assassin. A derned nasty one too. He was heartless an cruel and it was hard livin' with tha knowledge that he was once me.

It was harder when I found out he could be again.

Ah don't know how it happens, and ah don't know why. Sometimes my head just seems ta go all swimmy an then ah can't control myself. It's like he's real and ah'm the memory.

What he said ta ya, that wasn't me. What he says is NEVER me. An ah'm sorry you had ta hear it.

Even more though, ah gotta warn ya about him. He's cruel. An he's ruthless. Ifin he  wants ta hurt ya, he'll find a way ta crush yer very soul. An ifin it ever gets bad enough where's ya gotta stop him, don't hesitate cause ah'm collateral. My Life ain't worth what might happen ifin he goes rogue.

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Fri 22 Jan 2010
at 06:07
Two Down
Welp our entrance weren't quite as smooth as last time. Them Abysslie workin' for the Realm had a sentry watchin' in tha underworld. we caught 'im and Gear took care o' him.

Once we got there, Gear went off ta do his thing. Ah decided ta use Coyote's ability ta disguise myself as that Dawn Caste feller. It was goin' pretty well till ah found out ah needed ta speak Chinese.

Ah almost bluffed it through, but tha Chairman's Daughter showed up an wrecked it. Ah might have been able ta bluff past her, but she was treatin' ta put me with tha hostages and that'd work even better.

Ah turned invisible an dropped my disguise. That caused a bit of a stir. One o' the guards went an got a Dragon-Blooded feller. When he found out ah'd 'escaped', he took out his rage at tha messenger, smashed tha guy's face with his daiclave.

Tha other guards didn't help him out, just watched as he took it. Feller didn't give no word o' complaint neither. Without asking fer help, he just made his way ta tha clinic. That, my friends, is a man.

Anyho, even though the guards were watchin me, ah managed ta unlock tha cages and tell tha prisoners ma plan. All ah needed was a distraction.

Gear and Major Decna made a right purdy distraction by makin' all the guards heads explode. Ah sent the prisoners ahead to tha camp and went ta get tha rest o' them from tha city. Weren't nothin' to it. All tha soldiers were hidin from our snipers, not that it helped them none.

After ah moonbridged them ta Ouray, ah went back to tha city. Ah had one last thing ta do.

Ah made ma way to tha clinic. No one really wanted ta stop me since they were stil afeared o' tha snipers. Once inside a few tried ta be heroes, but cuttin' a few o'their guns in half pretty much stopped that.

Eventually ah found tha guard, tha one who took a daiclaive to tha face, and asked him ta come with me. He was a strong man who didn't deserve the lack o' respect mortals get in tha Realm's army. He agreed.

After ah helped him leave, ah moonbridged tha rest o' us out. Gear caught the chairman's daughter. While they're interrogatin' her, ah'm lookn' after ma new friend. Ah'm tryin ta learn his language so's we can talk, but until then, ah'll call him Bob.
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Sun 24 Jan 2010
at 22:55
Everything started out okay. Our frontal force did it's job, Gear went in on his own. Ah took tha stealth team in through one o' them supply door. We snuck in under a truck. We made our way inta tha com room. Unfortunatly there was an enemy Solar there, an he looked a mite suspicious of us. Ah pretended like ah was there ta borrow a pen and left. Once ah was out of sight ah snuck back through a vent duct and an tossed a lit stick o' dynamite his way.

Weren't expectin his sword ta cut through tha vent and snip tha fuse.

Whelp, not one ta give up, ah just tied tha second stick ta one o' ma knives ta protect tha fuse. Worked like a charm. Major Descena opened fire through tha wall.

See, this guy seemed ta know where every attack was goin ta be, so tha only ta get past him was ta overload him. Tha Major kept shootin at him, ah threw ma daggers an used ma rope ta tie up his sword. Something else had his attention, don't remember what though.

By that time we finally got him down (Descena made tha killin shot) tha Dragon-blooded in tha room were startin ta wake up. We made a little show ta encourage them not ta mess with us an confiscated their weaponry. Tha when Gear came over tha radio an told us we had 'bout half an hour ta finish up an evacuate. Miss Jennifer also busted inta tha building an Gear asked her not tear everything up, that what he was doing was delicate.

As a sop, ah offered Miss Jennifer tha sword o' tha guy we had just taken down. Also ah overheard over their radio a plan ta trap her in tha dining room. AH let Miss Jennifer knw and we headed down ta meet her there.

We got there just as tha battle was startin. Jennifer gave it a good go, but this here guy was even better at parrying then the other one. Tha General thought we was on his side an we was gonna do a surprise attack when he hurt Miss. Jennifer. He hurt her bad.

Dunno what ah was thinking, prolly wasn't thinking anything. All ah saw was Miss Jennifer bein' hurt an next thing ah knew ah was hurtlin' at him an stabbin him with ma daggers. He managed ta block me, but that was all Miss. Jennifer needed. Warnin me ta get clear, she grabbed him an did this weird double flip, spearing him inta a pillar. Then she jumped him an beat his head inta a bloody pulp. All with his sword sticking outta her stomach.

Our objectives were complete, so's ah wanted ta call it and head home. Miss Jennifer was in a bad state. One o' tha others offered ta take her back so's we could help Gear.

We managed ta keep him and tha other's safe. (Gear managed ta conive a lead scientist an his followers ta join us. Nice ta see him carin' an tryin ta save folks.) When he was done tha scientists grabbed thier computers an files an stuff an headed on hometa base.

Tha send off was spectacular, but ah'm just glad Miss Jennifer's gonna be okay in a day or so. Ah saved tha General's sword so's she could keep it as a trophy.
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Tue 2 Feb 2010
at 00:44
Power to the People
The Operation in Florida went off with out a hitch. Lotus and I dropped down at the appointed spot and entered the facility same as last time. My initial plan was to blend in with the populace and create a 'distraction'. That was simple. I found a Dragon-Blooded officer bullying the people he was charged with watching and lit into him, stating such things as that any one of the people he was lording over could become his equal or instant at any moment.

I taunted and demeaned him, and yet said nothing that wasn't true. I managed to goad him into a fist fight to disprove his superiority. As a Solar it was a simple matter to upstage him, but since I was in the guise of a mortal it was crushing.

My actions were more successful than I ever could have dreamed. In the middle of the fight, one of the oppressed Exalted as a Zenith caste. He was the final lynchpin in allowing the slaves to revolt. I pretended to join in, making sure the mortals were kept safe.

I got to try out my new charm. It works.

I got a visitor from Neo-Stygia in the midst of all this. He handed me some valuable information in return for keeping an open mind in diplomatic relations. Unfortunately Lotus discovered our Raid was ill-timed and Mardukis himself was on their way.

Not willing to leave the rioters to their fate, I evacuated them to a cairn of my totem spirit, Coyote.

Between the rescued populace and the gift from Neo-Stygia, I think we're in a very favorable condition.

It was encouraged (probably by McIntyre) the Dirge give the report as the Black Coyote in case it gets leaked.
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Fri 12 Feb 2010
at 09:17
Re: Power to the People
Welp, the sky-manse thingamabobber went off without a hitch. We landed right smack dab in front o' their Ferbidden City. Guards were right confused at first whether ta open fire or let us in. Eventually they let us in.

Took a bit before we got back ta tha chairman. DOn't think they wanted ta let us in fer some reason. Anyho, when we finaly got ta him we had a chat about the way things were goin'. Gear didn't say much and neither did Zeke. Ah think tha chairman almost started listening when I mentioned that his actions were stirrin' up fear o' him and his insteada tha Yozi's and stuff, but that was the only time I'd even gotten close ta him listening.

He said he'd done give us an answer tomarrow, but it was already pretty obvious what that answer would be. Zeke, fer all that he didn't do any talking, managed to pick up that tha Golden Horn tha chairman had was capable of summoning a Yozi and that tha chairman was willing ta use it. Gear went ta make sure that didn't happen, knowin' him by destroyin' tha horn, while Zeke an Ah made sure our pods were good ta go. We met a scientist type who was examinin' tha pods. Seemed real friendly like.

After a bit alarms started goin' off and soldiers started rushin' in. I figure Gear had done whatever he was doin' and we said our fairwells, since now was obviously not a good time for diplomatic stuff. As we escaped I discover some grl had stowed away in m pod and was tryin ta kiss me! Said ah was her hero or sumthin. Ah don't get it.
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Tue 2 Mar 2010
at 23:30
Ah still don't know why ya'll want a report on this. It's all public ain't it?

'Kay. Got a phone call from Mardukis saying he'd be there round evenin'. Tha 'Bysallies said they'd be round midnight. The Egpytians were coming tamarra and tha Infernals just showed up. But they showed up with beer, so it was all good.

Crimson Sand basically wanted us ta not attack them in return fer not attackin' us. I threw in the addition that allies counted, so we didn't have ta sit back ifin they attacked our friends. Tha Crimson Sand guy took that well and asked if we could take it a step further and basically cover each others backs. Zeke was there ta make sure ah didn't agree ta somethin stupid an we shook on it.

As the other contingents arrived ah greated them and set 'em up, most of tha talking was ta be done tha next day. Afterwards ah got some sleep maself.

Ifin one a you could talk ta River about privacy, I'd be mighty appreciative.

By tha time ah woke up, that delegates were already havin' a party downstairs. Miss Jennifer was arm wrestlin' Crusher an bets were changin hands.

It were a good old time til tha Byssalies showed up. Don't get me wrong, two a them were right decent but tha third, 'Young King', went out of his way ta provoke Miss Jennifer inta a killin' rage. He was taken ta task by both me and his comrades. in all actuallity I don't think anyone there was gonna let him walk off scott free ifin they hadn't.

The Egyptians showed up and tha talks began. Them Egytians and Byssalies basically wanted ta be left alone, though tha Egytians were talking bout buildin a new United Nations. One that could actually do somthin.

A trade agreement was set up with Florida. Y'all already go tha details on that.

Then tha Vatican showed up, threaten my civilians and soundin like Dynatic Dragon-blooded. Ah offered ta let them in on tha conferance, but they wanted ta fight. So we fought. Crimson Sand went ahead with thier Mutual Defense promise an helped us out.

So we got a lot of peace and one war. But y'all already knew that, so we don't gotta bring it up no more. And in th future ah'd really like it ifin we left this stuff to actual politicans.
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Wed 3 Mar 2010
at 00:28
That place is a right mess. Let me say that flat out. We got at least one Siddie, one guy who knows Siddie Martial arts, and one Solar with Dragon blodded and at least one Lunar backin' him up. Least we captured him.

Also, ah think Miss Sholten expects perfection and tha police force is overworked.

Anyways our first encounter was with tha Sidereal ah'm callin 'Firebug'. He liked settin' fires, bigger an with a higher death toll each time. He had set up bombs in a big ol' stadium and we had ta find them and him.

He had managed ta bewitch at least one cop. Ah think he must have some connection to tha police, maybe a spy or resplendent destiny or somethin.

River met up with that Weasel feller and he he managed ta find our culprit. As we headed off ta apprehend him, Weasel sent a friend ta help McIntyre disarm tha bombs.

Tha Siddie tried ta foll us with a resplendent destiny, but his poker face sucks. Then he tried ta blow tha bombs, but River disarmed him. An knowin her, you know that means literally.

He escaped usin' an avoidance kata, but at least his plans were foiled.

Next varmint attacked tha police station. Not directly, but with poison. River managed ta save everyone at our location, but tha poison worked too fast fer us ta help at other locals.

Our poisoner had a lot of known criminal connections an we hit them up fer some info. They gave us tha info we needed. Unfortunately tha feller must have realized they were a liability cause he sent some guy with some sidereal wu-shu ta silence them. Only one who noticed that feller was River. But she wasn't able ta stop him. He was gone before the rest of us knew he was even there, our informants dead.

We went ta tha address they ave us an ran into an unwelcome reception in tha form of chilliken. Of course, impersonatin' Dancer was tha last mistake they made since it meant ah hit it with ma full strength.

Inside he had a bunch of lackeys ta slow us down. Ah sent River up ahead so tha guy couldn't escape.  In tha middle of ma duel word came over tha comm ta stop tha fight. Tha boss had surrendered and we took him inta custody.
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Tue 9 Mar 2010
at 14:52
An it had been goin so well to...

There were a lotta folks who weren't too happy bout me not wantin ta be president, but ah joined in tha debate, an it went well. Stuff got talked about, an ah called it like ah saw it.

Then someone lobbed somethin' at mah head an it all went ta hell. Whatever it was, it controlled people's minds, so ah did what ah could ta mitigate it. We tried ta destroy tha thing, but that didn't work. So Sundance ate it.

While were in tha process of getting everyone evacuated, somethin else dropped in ta say hi. Big ugly thing got bigger tha more we hit it.

Than this other guy comes in ta say hello. Fortunately he was on our side. He fought along side us for a bit, before telling us ta stop. Somehow that thing was feedin' off our desire ta hurt it. When we stopped to did it.

An heck, ifin ah thoaught that was scary, t'aint nothin on what happened next. River's Aunt stopped by.

Not so bad, ya say. Well tha Bastard thought otherwise. You got it he was scared of a Dragon-Blooded. Why, you ask? One word. Mnemnon (ah think ah spelled it right). It her, ah'm sure of it. Ah think ah made a good impression though.