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The Grey Guard
Here's a thread for all Grey Guard related Stuffs.

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Re: The Grey Guard


Perhaps the most visible of the Chosen of Truth, the Protection Caste are the Patrol Officers of the Grey Guard. Their focus is defending the innocent, whether protecting mortals from Exalted or the other way around. The Scarlet Shields often serve as the first warning to an Exalt who oversteps his/her boundaries. If the warning is ignored, the Protection Caste turn to their vast martial skills to forcibly correct the error.

Though tasked with overseeing Exalts, it's not uncommon for Protection Castes to turn their attention towards any injustice done in their vicinity, and many patrol their hometowns or whatever area they inhabit when not actively on assignment.

Their Caste Mark is the shape of a shield.

Anima Banner: The anima of the Protection Caste is a neutral gray with several different shades of red.

Anima Effects:  The character can spend 10 motes to prevent another from taking damage  from a single attack.

Caste Abilities: The Protection Caste is famed for it's martial prowess. They are known for their skills in: Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, Martial Arts, and Melee.

Associations:  The season of summer, the color of red, the eastern direction, the time of noon, the full moon, the element of fire, and the Maiden of Battles.

Sobriquets: The Scarlet Shields, The Swords of Truth, The Crimson Patrol, Defenders of the Innocent

"You were entrusted with the welfare of those less fortunate then yourself. You have betrayed that trust for your own amusements. The pain you have inflicted upon these people I return to you a hundred fold."


With the  possible exception of Sidereals, most Exalts are alone when their destiny comes to them. With nothing to go on but half remembered past lives, the Exalt struggles to find his place in the world with strange new powers, powers that are awfully tempting to misuse. Like the police officers who visit schools, the Beginning Castes job is to work with the young to stop problems before they begin.

The Emerald Tutors find these lost ones and teach them about the the world they never knew they lived in. Though they might only lead the new Exalt to a gathering of his own kind, Many take their charge on a journey lasting many years. There are those who take more than one student at once, often of different types of exaltations so that they may learn about each other and work more cohesively as a group. The Students of the Wanderers who use this method often stay circlemates, feeling a deep bond of brotherhood with each other. Either way, when the Guard leaves, his charge(s) should be well briefed on how to stay alive as well as the standards that's expected of an Exalt.

Their Caste Mark is the symbol for infinity, representing the infinite possibilities ahead of their charges.

Anima Banner: The Anima banner of the Beginnings Caste Guards consists of green and light grays

Anima Effects: For 5 motes of Essence a Viridian Wanderer can use his anima to attune to an artifact specified to another Exalt. He can also attune to an alternate Magical Metal for 3 more motes than the normal attunment cost.

Caste Abilites: The Tutors teach their charges about Endurance, Medicine, Resistance, Ride,and Survival.

Associations: The season of spring, the color green, the southern direction, the time of dawn, the half moon, the element of earth, the Maiden of Journeys

Sobriquets: The Emerald Tutors, Heaven's Guides, The Instructors of Truth, The Viridian Wanderers, The Iron Teachers

"The world is a far more vast place than you ever knew, little one. Let me guide you through it's caverns and plains, it's joys and sorrows. When our journey is done you will know Heaven, Creation, and your place in both."


All Grey Guards hold information in the highest regard. And none are better at obtaining information than the Knowledge Caste. The CSI's of the Guards, the Grandchildren of Secrets can divulge a surprising amount of information from the smallest of things. In addition to whatever job they're currently working on, many Knowledge Caste also make it their personal mission to reclaim the lost lore of the first age, and to expand on that research into the scientific and mystical arts. They are fastidious note takers, believing it's better for discoveries to fall into a rival's hands than be lost forever. The Librarians have founded some of Creations greatest libraries and research centers and generally allow them to be open to the public. Anyone caught stealing from one of these institutions must be ready to face a daunting penalty, especially if whatever is stolen is to be hoarded in a private collection. The Indigo Librarians take such affronts very personally, and their research always turns up new and forgotten ways  to make a person rue the day he was born.

Their Caste Mark is the Eye of Ra

Anima Banner: The Anima of the Knowledge Caste Guards is colored with soft grays and rich blues

Anima Effect: A Seeker of Truth can spend 10 motes to tell if something is authentic or a fake.

Caste Abilities:  The Knowledge Caste constant search for information leads them to favor the abilities Craft, Investigation, Linguistics, Lore, Occult

Associations: The season of autumn, the color blue, the western direction, the time of twilight, the crescent moon, the element of Wood, the Maiden of Secrets

Sobriquets: The Indigo Librarians, Grandchildren of Secrets, The Seekers of Truth, The Mad Scientists, The Cerulean Detectives

"There is no such thing as a master of knowledge. It is only those who accept that they are forever students that will gain the most. For Knowledge is the Master of us all."


There are times when the might of the Protections Caste is not enough. When the deals made by the Unity Caste are lost. There are times when no hope is left and the sniper squad is sent out.

These are the times of the Absolution Caste.

The Ebon Shadows are the final line of defense against corruption. They are almost never seen or heard and most don't realize they're there until they've already dealt with their mark and have gone. They prefer to used ranged weaponry, such and bows and throwing knives to further distance themselves.

The Caste Mark of Absolution is a silhouette of a sword.

Anima Banner: The colors found in the Anima of the Absolution Caste are dark grays bleeding into black with hints of gold.

Anima Effects: The work of the Absolution Caste is best done unseen. An Assassin can use her Anima to channel essence into her stealth skill. For 10 motes the Absolution Guard may add her essence in extra dice to a stealth role.

Caste Abilities: Members of the Absolution Caste strike unseen and usually from a distance. Their Caste Abilities are Archery, Dodge, Larceny, Stealth, Thrown.

Associations:  The season of winter, the color of black, the northern direction, the time of night, the new moon, the element of water, the maiden of Endings.

Sobriquets: The Assassins, The Ebon Dispatchers, The Shadow of Truth, The Silent Deaths, The Final Visions

"Your deeds have come full circle upon you. The shadows are long and your death has come so that you might stare it in it's face. You are looking upon that face. Pretty isn't it?"


The best won battles are those not fought. Though there are many noble aspects of battle, all the better if it never comes to blows, much less war. The Ivory Chain seeks to bind all people together in the realization that they are all brothers and should not wish each  other ill will. They are the Negotiators who diffuse tense situations to minimize damage.

Like the Protection Caste, Unity Caste Guards are often sent to warn the corrupted away from their path. They put their best into persuading their fellow Exalts into seeing the error of their ways, though sadly even their best isn't always enough.

Their Caste Mark is the symbol of Balance (yin/yang).

Anima Banner: The Anima of Unity Caste Guards is equal parts white and gray.

Anima Effects: By spending 10 motes, a Diplomat  can tell when someone is lying to him for the rest of the scene.

Caste Abilities: When they speak, others listen. Diplomats are masters of Bureaucracy, Performance, Presence, and Socialize. Because they often have to visit far off lands to broker deals, they are skilled at Sail.

Associations: The Calibration, the color white, the central direction, the time of the eclipse, the gibbonus moon, the element of air, the Maiden of Serenity

Sobriquets: The Diplomats,  The Ivory Chain, The Balances of Truth, The Gentle Fists, The Diamond Doves

"Exalt or Mortal, we are all human, all brothers and sisters. This need not come to war.  White I'm sure if we just look hard enough, we can find many thing that bind your peoples together."

Character Creation

Step 1: Choose Concept, Caste, and Nature. Note Caste Anima powers

Step 2: Select Attributes.  Prioritize between the three categories (8/6/4)

Step 3: Select Abilities.  Note Caste Abilities. In addition, each Caste gets a bonus ability (Dodge for Protection; Lore for Beginnings; Medicine for Knowledge; Awareness for Absolution; and Larceny for Unity) plus four Favored Abilities of the player's choice. (25 10 must be in a Favored or Caste ability. None can be higher than three without spending bonus points.)

Step 4: Select Advantages. Choose Backgrounds (7 none may be higher than 3 without spending bonus points); Charms (10 at least 5 from Favored or Caste abilities), Virtues (5 none may be higher than three without spending bonus points).

Step 5: Finishing touches. Record Essence (2); Willpower (add the two highest virtues, may not start at greater than 8 unless two virtues are at least four points); Personal Essence ( [Essence x 2] + Willpower); Peripheral Essence( [4 x Willpower] + Essence + the sum of your virtues); .and
Health levels (7 plus any granted by Charms).

Bonus points: 15

Bonus Point Costs: Experience Cost

Attribute  4 Attribute Current Rating x4
Ability      2 (1 if Favored/Caste ability) Favored/Caste Ability Current Rating x2-1
Background 1 (2 if being raised above 3) Ability Current Rating x 2
Specialty 1 (2 for 1 if Favored /Caste ability) Essence Current Rating x 8
Virtue 3 Virtue Current Rating x 3
Willpower 2 New Ability 3
Essence 10 New Specialty 3
Charms 7 (5 if Favored/Caste ability) New Charm 12 (10 if Favored /Caste)
New Spell 10                                                              (8 if Occult is Favored/Caste)

Essence powers: In addition to abilities granted by Caste, Grey Guards can spend one mote of Essence to
A) make their Caste mark visible
B) Make their Anima bright enough to read by for a scene
C) Detect any other Exalt in Essence x 10 yards (can detect type such as Solar or Lunar, but no further information)

Celestial Manse Guards have to watch over Sidereals too. As a result they can have the Celestial Manse background, however, the first dot costs 2 points.


Though Many One Truths had high hopes for the Grey Guard, he acknowledged that they were as prone to corruption as any Exalt or mortal for that matter. To that end, Truths composed a list of Laws for the Guard to follow. Purposefully breaking one of these laws results in a point of probation, as well as the Exalt  losing the ability to channel Essence for a number of days equal to offender's Essence score.  If at any time a Guard accrues ten points of probation, the shard shall be removed and sent on to a more worthy individual. Probation is only accrued for willing offenses. While a Guard may face censure among his peers if he accidentally attacks an innocent because he believes the man to be a murderer, he isn't willingly breaking a law and doesn't gain Probation.

The Laws

1)Thou shalt not try to rule the world. A country or two is fine, the world is not.
2)Honor thy fellow Exalts.  Basically, this means not abusing your station as overseers of the Exalted. Also, no starting cults to wipe out other Exalts, no matter how tempting is to declaring Wyld Hunts on Dragon Blooded. This Law applies to Guards, Solars, Lunar, Sidereals, Alchemicals,  and Dragon Blooded. It does not apply to Abyssals and Infernals.
3) Thou shalt not worship Malfeans or Yozis. We're trying to save Creation Folks.
4) Respect the Mortals. You were one once and you might be again, so treat them as fellow human beings, not dogs.
5) Thou shalt not try to bring forth the end of the world. Do I really have to explain this one.
6) Thou shalt not harm innocents.  Again, self-explanitory.
7) Thou shalt not look into the Abyss. Lytec help any of you I find trying to become Akuma.
8) Though shalt not give souls to the Fair Folk. Killing someone is bad enough, helping steal their soul is just plain wrong.
9) Thou shalt not believe in the Immaculate Cult.  Here's the truth, Kejak made the whole religion up off the top of his head the raise the Terrestrials into power. Now even the Sidereals are starting to fall for their own lies. I don't care what gods you believe in (exempting former Primordials due to the whole 'destroy Creation as we know it' thing). But this religion is 100% fake. Move along.
10) Thou shalt not look the other way.  The job I created you for isn't easy. Even the most evil of men are still human, as are you. Sometimes it might seem insignificant if you overlook a misdeed on a friends part. It isn't.
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Grey Guard Charm Ideas and Stuff
Excellencies: 1st (Ability) Excellency: 1m/die, Willpower dice maximum
              2nd (Ability) Excellency: 2m/success, Willpower dice maximum

Magic Material: Essence-treated Steel (bonuses to be posted later)

Socialize: Abiity to tell truth from lie, ability to deduct a person's plans from talking to them

Melee: Perfect Defense that functions only for others (& expansion that allows it to work for yourself), reflexive parry, scene-length parry.

Lore:  Charm for increasing opponents mote costs, decreasing trainee's learning time, Permanent Eidetic Memory charm (entry level), AT Field Charm (and expansions).

Stealth:  Essence Sight hiding charm, normal hiding charms

Investigation:  Charm for noticing clues, piercing crime-related deception