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Wed 24 Feb 2010
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Character Thread: Derek Cutshaw
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Sat 3 Apr 2010
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Call in in to Precinct
Hey Irma, it's me. Yeah the political rally's over. Oh, and remember how you said taking my armor with me was just paranoia. Uh-huh. Turn on thew news.

See it, yeah, ugly thing ain't it. Came out of the sky right at the end of the evacuation. Oh, someone lobbed a mind effecting device into the crowd. BRPD took care of it though.

Of course I couldn't keep my nose out of it when the big ugly reared his head. I did a scan of it, and it wasn't a demon, not a real one at any rate, but close enough.  I joined in the battle, but I think I did more harm than good a first. See, big ugly fed off aggression, and having it shrug off our most powerful charms didn't exactly make us want to give it a hug.

Of course the fact that it was growing bigger with each attack was a bit of a tip off. I broke off from the fighting to run a quick analysis. After studying the creature and observing the essence flows, I made the conclusion I stated above and informed the others of my findings.

Haha very funny Irma. No, the demons did not curse me to turn into a nerd at the drop of a hat.

So we all backed off and it began shrinking, then it exploded into a cloud of bug-thingys. No I don't think that was in it's initial design. I think one of the BPRD members did that.

I helped mark off the scene and took some samples. You know me Irma, someone creates a demon-like monstrosity, I want to know who.

Thing is, the BPRD people liked what they saw and offered me a job. To help, really help people all over the world

Irma, I think I'm going to take them up on it.

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Sat 3 Apr 2010
at 20:42
Incident Report 34v-2138t Part 1
This is some sort of new-guy hazing isn't it? First case on the job, and I get an episode of Cops?

At least the reporters weren't mortal, that's all I have to say.

The initial report was of a nephandi who was hiding out in the ruins of what was once our nation's capital. We were dispatch to take him out. (I feel weird writing this, more like a hitman than an officer of the law)

We reached our drop site via airplane at 8:00 in the morning. We made camp in a derelict building, which one of the reporters (who was a Son of Ether) got into working order. (Dear Lord I hate to see what he could do with resources!)

We later managed to intercept and capture some local slavers and their 'shipment'. Those poor souls we tended to to the best of our ability and kept safe at base. The Son of Ether reprogrammed the slave collars to be harmless. We extracted enough information from the slavers to get into the city without notice. We used the fake collars on the reporters and Ms. Lee. Bright River, Agent McIntyre, and myself posed as slavers with Major Descena providing us with cover from afar.

Our first hang up came when we entered the city. Our disguises held, but we were separated from Ms. Lee and the others. This caused some slight hesitation, but Ms. Lee was more than capable of handling anything they had to throw at us. And, as horrible as it is to say, slaves are too valuable to be mistreated.

Keeping up our disguise we went to see the head honcho. He recognized us for what we were. I let Agent McIntyre lead the proceedings and he came to an agreement with the individual.

We tracked down and captured a Nosferatu who had dealings with our target. Once we learned the target's location, we again debated whether to get Ms. Lee and the reporters. While this was the story they had been brought to cover, we had gained intell on multiple Abyssals working for the target and could not guarantee the civilian's safety.
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Tue 6 Apr 2010
at 05:02
Re: Incident Report 34v-2138t Part 2
We descended into the suspect's hideout, and I do mean descended. There are very few occasions where I had been quite so glad to have my wings. We met some opposition on the way down, most notably a Vozhd. Bright River and I dispatched the creature without too much fuss. As we reached the bottom we ran into a couple of Abyssals.

One was rather combat focused while the other used an almost continuous sonic attack. She also had an impressive regenerative ability. It took a fair amount of force to subdue her. Unfortunately her employer didn't like that and terminated her employment - permanently.

He attempted to use his magic on me, using a spell to shatter my femurs, tibias, patellas, and fibulas. It hurt.

Use of lethal force was deemed necessary.

The unnamed nephandi was declared dead at 06:00 pm. We evacuated the premises quickly as it literally crumbled around us. Afterword we retrieved the civilians and Ms. Lee and left the city, though some damage was done to their main source of trade.

All former slaver were picked up in the appointed BPRD helicopter and taken to base for treatment.
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Tue 6 Apr 2010
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Re: Incident Report 2349-f3y
I was originally called to consult on a series of homicides. The perp a\was in motion, his trail covering multiple cities and states, so the usual lack of communication occurred. There wasn't much to go on, but the perps MO seemed to target mortal officer who assisted on BPRD undertakings. He/She used some sort of claws or claw type weaponry to quickly bring down trained officers quickly and unobserved. Probably Supernatural and possible Exalt.

The next day I was awaken to a summons. The perp had struck again. He/She's getting closer. However a fresh crime scene was able to yield multiple clues.

The injuries had definitely come from a clawed weapon. I consulted Bright River about the injuries and she surmised, and I agreed, the the perp was using a combination of Tiger and Hungry Ghost style.

This in conjunction with the essence trail I was able to recover indicated the victim was Abyssal.

I did a thorough examination of the surrounding scene and recovered various hair and fiber samples, most of which probably belong to the victims. One blood sample was recovered which did belong to the perp. It was sent sent to lab lab for analysis, during which time it should reveal not only a DNA profile that we might possibly link to previous unknown cases and at the very least the perps gender.

A single bullet was also recovered. It was fired by one of the victims at the perp, indicating for once he was seen before his grisly task was done.

If it is any consolation to the families of the victims, while the attacks were brutal, they were also superhumanly swift, ensuring that the victims died before they could even register pain.
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Tue 6 Apr 2010
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Re: Incident Report 35732-Y8f
As I was working on my inital call in case 2349-f3y, and unsub attacked Bright River's school without provocation and leaving many of her top students injured. The offending party promised to return the next morning and I had planned to be there, for moral support if nothing else.

I arrived a little late, do to investigating the multiple homicide. I apparently missed a stellar match of Xiaobo's. I arrived in time to witness Ms. Jennifer pummel her opponent, though  I must admit I was somewhat distracted to properly the procedings.

The leader of the offending party was a demon.

Though he and his conceded defeat to Bright River and her students, I challenged him to a match. It did not go as I would have liked.

He underestimated me quite a bit at first. It wasn't until I got a rather good hit on him, severing him from his left clavicle to his right pelvis. It was then he decided to stop holding back.

Though he did me no real harm, he let it be certain that he could have killed me quite easily. It is a cold and slight comfort to know that doing so would have left him in quite a bit of pain.

I have to get stronger.
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Thu 8 Apr 2010
at 22:56
Re: Incident Report 1234246-4R0 and 2349-f3y Conclusion
A meeting was called to discuss a cthulian behemoth that had made landfall the previous day. For some reason the BPRD was not immediately contacted. While conventional weaponry could hurt it, it wasn't doing enough damage to stop it. Many cities had already been destroyed and the casualty count was unconfirmed, but rather high.

We were all dispatched to the nearest Metropolitan area to the creatures path to aid in the evacuation efforts. A small unit (Bright River, Major Descena, Excessively Foolhardy Warrior, Sgt. Fenlon and Myself were dispatched to try to slow it down. Descena and Bright River took sniping positions while the rest of it attacked us head on.

A great many faeries were dispatched to slow us down. While their ability was negilable there was enough of them to do some damage.

While we whittled their numbers, Major Descena and Bright River crippled the creature with strategic strikes to it's leg joints.

Eventually the leader of the raiding party, a lizard-like Fae, challenged Bright River and myself to a duel. it was his final mistake.

After that it should have been a mere clean up, however the perpetrator from Incident 2349-f3y decided to try and claim another victim in the confusion. I was able to intercept his initial attack and he became our new primary target.

During the conflict I was able to wrest from his mind that he was in the service of the the Deathlord who created the Null Manifesto and a website that could lead to said Deathlord.Information on said website is to be restricted to those with Class Omega Integrity Protections.

Suspect was terminated in combat.