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Players' totally awesome journal
Here is one place you can record clues, objectives, and leads as you play this adventure.  Anything you think is important to the plot can be recorded here.

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Mon 17 Dec 2012
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Re: Players' totally awesome journal
I make this entry into our communal clue book so we do not forget, and so I won't have to use up my time repeating every little detail while our little group continually chooses to run in random directions.

Our Mission giver is a woman known as the Sorceress in Silver
Our target is a man named Saragrave, he is described as follows:

-Unknown facial features, no known magical powers, master of disguise, approximately 5' 8", slim but muscular, missing a finger on his left hand.
Source: Sorceress in Silver

Reasonably well off financially, polite, "voice that could cut silk".
Source: Fortune Teller/Herbalist.

He is thought to have committed the following actions:

-Stole crown jewels of Caithness, impersonated King
-Robbed thieves’ guild vaults
-Stole Archbishop of Megalos’ rings, burned church
-Stole the keys to Saint Peter’s gate, impersonated Holy spirit
-Killed Maewen, the apprentice of sorceress in silver, stole staff known as "Mordag’s little finger"
- Bought healing potions at herbalist near Kepper and Falasha streets

This is all I know for now, I pray that most of you are literate enough to understand this.
Best wishes and blessings,
-Brother Dominick
The Sorceress in Silver
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Tue 18 Dec 2012
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Re: Players' totally awesome journal
I hope that this information might prove useful in tracking down the murderer of my dear apprentice, Maewen, and bringing him to the justice he so richly warrants.

It was Mordag’s little finger.  Mordag was a giant and a mage.  He terrorized these lands long ago, but was eventually slain.  The wizard who did it enchanted the finger bone and kept it as a staff.  I acquired I beneath the ruined city Wye a few years ago.  The other day I lent it to my apprentice Maewen, who was working late in our laboratory.  I had other things to do, but I kept a Wizard Eye on her – Maewen was skilled, but magic is tricky, and Enchantment most of all.  Then Saragrave entered.

How he got past the guards and locks and wards I don’t know, but he was like a masked shadow.  He introduced himself and thanked Maewen for being so considerate as to have the staff ready for him.  His voice was soft and deadly.  She called for me, started a spell, but he was swift as a demon cat.  He grabbed the staff – I watched him through the Eye as I ran downstairs – and killed Maewen with it.  Before I arrived he was out of the window and gone.

I do have a general idea of where he might be.  I have been casting divination spells to search him out. As of last night. he was somewhere in Northside, a rough part of the city.  My guess is that he has gone to ground and will wait until the search for him is over.  He has been there for a day, I know that much.  The last known position I had for him was East Falasha Street, so perhaps you could begin your search there.  You may be able to pick up his trail among the residents of that district.

I am prepared to offer you 750 silver dirhams [$15,000] for the successful return of the staff and Saragrave, or, if you prefer, enchanted items worth up to that amount.

The staff  possesses a powerful Concealment enchantment, which has made studying and locating the staff difficult.   We did discover that it has a command word required to activate it, which we had not been able to discern.  The finger also possesses a strong powerstone.  Only a mage could unlock its other abilities.  It also appears to be quite deadly when wielded.  The thief was able to kill Maewen with it in one blow.

No, it doesn't matter to me if he's alive or dead.  Either way, Maewen's murder will be avenged.   However, the Duke and the Merchants' Guild have jointly placed a bounty on his head for being  brought in alive.  I believe it's one hundred gold dinars [$10,000].  If you manage to capture him without killing him, you could certainly claim both.

What else is there to tell you?  Saragrave is not said to have any magical talent.  No one knows what he looks like, and when I saw him through the Eye, he was wearing a mask.  He was about 5' 8", slim but muscular, and he seemed to be missing a finger on his left hand.


Later, I related these additional facts to Mack and Marvin.

The staff is about five feet long, thin, made of ash.  The tip of it is a giant's finger bone, and at the end is a shard of black opal, which resembles a fingernail.  It's quite distinctive, but I suppose Saragrave could wrap the tip with cloth to disguise it.  I've owned it for several years, and it's no secret that I owned the staff, and in fact I've carried it openly in town, so any that know me would probably recognize the staff if they saw it.

Yes, the staff itself is not much use to a wizard without the command word.  I suppose it has value as a rarity, but the staff's true power lies in its magical properties.  There are a number of pawnbrokers and fences in town, perhaps in Northside, whom Saragrave might attempt to sell the staff to.  There are many people who would treasure such an artifact and who are less scrupulous - collectors, dealers.  Perhaps you could seek out one of these individuals?  Saragrave might have already tried to sell it.  I know of no one who would have commissioned him to steal it, someone that would hate me so, and wish Maewen dead!  It is unthinkable.  I have no enemies or bitter rivals who would stoop to murder, at least none that I know of.
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Sat 19 Jan 2013
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Re: Players' totally awesome journal
Tika believes that a demon named Ahriman is behind some recent disappearances in Northside.  She says it lives in a windy tower at the end of the road.  Her parents don't believe her, but they've been talking about missing people as well.  She describes him as "red all over, with horns and fangs and a long pointy tail.  He breathes fire and can fly with his big, scaly wings."

Varley hasn't seen a man missing a finger.

Megan suggested talking to Torch, a member of a group called the Wharf Dukes.  She acknowledged that yes, people have been disappearing, but this in itself is not uncommon in Northside.

Other patrons say that a woman named Rowenna is one of the missing.  One man says it's a serial killer.
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Tue 9 Apr 2013
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Re: Players' totally awesome journal
According to one Wharf Duke named Star, she saw a dark cloud or mist roll north up Kepper Street and turn east down Night Street on the night Saragrave killed Manwen and stole the staff.

A few days earlier, the Wharf Dukes spotted a large covered wagon being driven through the streets after dark.  Torch didn't see the driver, but the Dukes found it the next day in Lower Tower Road, abandoned and empty near the old Bell Tower.  Torch enjoyed burning it.

Torch hasn't ever seen Saragrave, but he seemed to surprised to hear that the thief only has four fingers on one hand.  He said that supposedly Saragrave sometimes recruits for jobs, and the party might try either the pawn broker, Shadowmane, or the Brass Knob, a bar where the upper echelon of Northside's thugs hang out.

Gamaliel asked about haunted towers, and Torch said that there are three in Northside:

  • The Bell Tower, west of Fishburgers, with gargoyles on top and wailing sometimes at night.  The Wharf Dukes found the abandoned wagon here.
  • The Windy tower, supposedly the former home of the Wizards' Guild of Ikaris, who might have summoned a demon there that either killed the Guild or chased them out of Northside years ago.
  • The Pale Tower, rumored to be haunted by a Necromancer who used to make her home there a long time ago.

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Tue 7 May 2013
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Re: Players' totally awesome journal
Old Bell Tower (Chapel of St. Martin of the Sword)

If the Bell Tower is haunted, no one saw any indication of it, other than a ghostly-sounding wind.

The party encountered an the old derelict in the belfry who said he was sleeping in Fountain Court last night when a fellow beggar, Blind Sal, was abducted by something or someone.  He saw a fog roll into the square and two red lights, as high as trees.  Sal was picked up and carried away in the air.


Shale, a swordswoman wearing leathers who Zazok, Brigt, and Felix talked to across the street from the old Bell Tower, confirmed that Rowenna was taken three days ago, the night Torch's gang saw the wagon roll through Northside.  Shale said most of the missing people have been beggars, and she suggested checking out Fountain Court.  She said she'd be at the Devil's Eye in the evening if they wanted to meet up with her then, and offered to help the PCs look for the missing people.
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Sun 7 Jul 2013
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Re: Players' totally awesome journal
People of Import:

Soceress in Silver:  Our Employer.  Had the Staff Mordag's Little Finger stolen
Maewen:              Our Employer's assistant.  Killed(?) in the robbery of the Staff.  (SIS)
Saragrave:           Supposed theif of the staff.  Sorceress simply knew it was him.  Has four fingers on one hand.  Master of disguise.
Torch:               Member of the Wharf Dukes.  Gave us information about the disappearances.
Varley:              Inn Owner.  We've sort of impromptu made his inn a base of opperations.
Megan:               Server at Varley's.
Tika:                Varley's Daughter.
Grim:                Local thug at the Brass Door.  Felix bashed his brains in.
Bran:                Proprietor of the Brass Door.
James:               Man in his 20's or so who offered to bring us help on Saragrave.  Doubt his trustworthiness.
Rooster:             James's little friend.
Shale:               Warrior who speaks in Hiku.  Wants to help on disappearnaces.
a' Hordag Loi:       Necromancer who killed Mordag, made the staff. (Bran)

Places of Import:

Northside:           Area of the city where Saragrave was last seen.  Several disappearances have occurred here over the past few days.  (SIS)
Brass Door:          Pub where Saragrave recruits.  (Torch)
Varley's:            Inn in Northside, has shown us hospitality.
The Bell Tower:      Haunted(?) Tower in Northside.  (Tika) We went there but found nothing of value.
Fountain Square:     Square in Northside where some of the disappearances have occurred.   (Beggar in Bell Tower, Beggars in FS)
Devil's Eye:         Establishment where we are meeting Shale, James, Rooster.
The Pale Tower:      Abandoned living place of the Necromancer a' Hordag Loi.  (Bran)
Mother Gird's        Inn where Shale is staying. (Shale)
Shadowmane?          The pawnbroker that Saragrave is known to use (Torch)

My suspiscions:

Something smells wrong, the facts don't add up.  Here are a list of possibilities that that will make the story fit better, though I can't speak to the truth of any of them yet.

The man who robbed the Sorceress, killed Maewen was not Saragrave.
Maewen helped Saragrave rob the sorceress.
Maewen is not dead.
The disappearances are connected with the staff.
The disappearances are connected with Saragrave.
The disappearances are connected with Maewen.
Saragrave is hiding in Northside.
Mordag is alive and posed as Saragrave to steal the staff

After going to the Pale Tower and fighting the man with the demon cat I have suspicions as to the veracity of the tale of the necromancer a' Hordag Loi.  Perhaps the most reasonable sequence of events would be something more like this.

a' Hordag Loi captured and defeated Mordag.
Desperate to evade the advances of the crown a' Hordag Loi captured the king's son sending her own servant the devil cat to attest that the giant had captured the boy.
Waiting until the last desperate moment, Mordag came back to the throne room with the boy and the giants finger, proving her defeat of the demon and ingratiating herself to the crown.
a' Hordag Loi built the pale tower, created the staff using the demon's finger, and created a secret room which she shielded with a pentagram, then summoned Mordag inside of it, trapping him there forever.
a' Hordag Loi was killed by the Dragon of Wye, losing the staff.
The Sorceress in Silver went to the lair of the Dragon and took the staff.
A descendant of the necromancer knew of the room and of the giant, used his magic to bring prey to the demon and made the thing strong again in a ploy to steal the staff back from the Sorceress.
The descendant stayed in the tower in an attempt to lay low until the sorceress had thought him gone.

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Sat 28 Sep 2013
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Re: Players' totally awesome journal
What Gamaliel's spell revealed in the fountain:

At the fountain, Brother Gamaliel quietly recites a passage from the prophet Joel.  Nothing happens for a moment, and the crat Marvin thinks to himself that the spell was a dud, when the water shimmers, turning black as midnight.  A fog begins to fill the entire surface of the fountain, beginning at the southeast corner until the whole surface of the pool is covered.  And then, two red shining globes appear, pinpricks, floating beneath the water as if far up in the sky, and they move right to left across the fountain's surface.  Half a minute later, they retrace their path, accompanied by a small bundle of rags that kicks and waves; an image of Blind Sal, the beggar, carried across the midnight sky back to the east.

And then the fog recedes, and the surface of the fountain clears, brightening back to late afternoon.

The story behind the staff, according to Bran, proprietor of the Devil's Eye:

"Ah, Mordag's Little Finger, eh?  Now that's an interestin' tale.  Do ya know who ol' Mordag was?"  He leans on his broom and looks at Raakkel.  "Mordag was a right ol' bastard, a giant an' a mage, an' he terrorized these lands nearly a hundred years ago, back when our Duke's great-grandfather ruled Alimar."

"The old Duke had several enemies back then.  One 'a the fiercest was the Necromancer a' Hordag Loi, an' the Blue Dragon a' Wye was around then, too.  But neither of 'em was as wicked as ol' Mordag.  A right terror he was, and feared all throughout Cardiel.  An' a right greedy sumbitch he were, too."

"Well, one night, the story he goes, he busted inta the Duke's castle and hauled off the Duke's young son.  The Duke an' his men searched high an' low for the boy, but they couldn' find one hair 'a him."

He drops his voice.  "Well, the next evenin', a monstrous messenger arrived, a demon cat the size of a tiger.  In its jaws was the Duke's son's severed left hand.  The cat spoke, sayin' that if the Duke didn' pay an enormous ransom and pledge fealty to Mordag by the dark of the moon, the other hand would follow."

"The old Duke was filled with grief, but his rage an' pride were greater.  In his youth he had been a great warrior.  He stormed the walls a' Hordag Loi an' drove the evil Necromancer from her lands, led a crusade against the Muslims, an' fought the bandit Starkand in a hand-ta-hand duel.   Now he was old an' grey, but he wasn' about ta go quietly.  On the alter of Saint Martin's Church, he swore a mighty oath that he'd never treat with the monster, an' instead, and he pledged land, titles, an' his everlastin' friendship to the person - noble, knight, or commoner - who slew the giant and returned his son safe an' sound."

"An' because of the Duke's great wealth an' power, many hunter for the giant an' the boy.  They turned over every rock an' searched every cave, but they found nothin', not one whisker.  So the night drew near, an' the old Duke an' his faithful retainers gathered, waitin' for the bastard cat.  They'd send it back to Hell at least, if the boy couldn' be found."

"Well, on the stroke a' midnight, the door to the Duke's throne room opened, but it wasn't the cat.  Instead, in glided the ageless Necromancer 'a Hordag Loi, a beautiful woman, they say, pale an' dressed all in black, demon's daughter, vampire, or witch, who the ol' Duke had run out of her lands years before.  But she had the duke's one-handed son with her, alive!  In her other hand she carried an enormous finger.  'Mordag is dead!' she proclaimed, laughing merrily.  'I would have brought his entire hand, but I couldn't carry it!'"

"The ol' Duke was true to his word, an' his former enemy became his court magician.  He gave her back her lands, and she built a pale tower in the city, still standin' here in Northside.  She seemed like she had reformed, but she never went to church, and folks whispered behind her back that her heart was still as wicked as ever before.  But it's said she served the Duke faithfully the rest of her years until she was slain, it's said, the Blue Dragon of Wye.  The Duke's son inherited the title when his father passed, an' was a mighty man of arms in his own right, though due to his missin' hand,  he could never wield a greatsword. He sired many a young 'un, an' it's his son's son who rules us now, wisely and well."
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Thu 25 Feb 2016
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Re: Players' totally awesome journal
The Pale Tower

The group investigated the Pale Tower, reportedly the former home of the Necromancer.  On the second floor in the tower's kitchen, they discovered a black cat, apparently a demon that could grow to a massive size, just as in the story about Mordag.  They fought the cat, and Zazok Yellowspell was slain in the fight.  With the arrival of Felix, the cat fled, and the group found two missing children being held captive, Godfrey Daniels and Blind Sal.  They said that Rowena, a woman who worked at Hen Wen's brothel, had also been held there, but she was no longer with them.  They had been held captive by a four-fingered man.

The group returned to the first floor of the tower and found four bodies drained of blood, two men and two women.  The most recent corpse was that of a young woman, once pretty.  All the bodies had horrific wounds on their necks.

The fifth floor of the tower had a pentagram painted on the floor which would protect against any summoned demons as long as someone stood within it.

On the fourth floor was apparently a bedroom of some kind.  Raakkel found a hidden lever, which when pulled revealed a hidden library.  Inside the library was a gigantic ceramic sarcophagus and three figures: the demon cat; a man of average height and build, holding a staff tipped in a giant bone finger; and a giant who announced that he was Mordag of the legend.

The group fought, and Gwaereniel was nearly killed by a blow from the man with the staff.  Felix wounded the cat, causing it to retreat, but Felix was unable to harm the giant.  The giant was similarly unable to harm any of the party.  Raakkel charged the giant with her shield and was unable to move him, but the giant felt real.

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Re: Players' totally awesome journal
The Sorceress in Silver was assaulted by four magically animated gargoyles.  The party surmised that Mordag was behind the attack and might in fact be a vampire.