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Tue 11 Jun 2013
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Part 1a - On the Lam
”Yer damn right it’s murder!” the proprietor of the Brass Door yells to Felix’s retreating back, but neither he nor any of the other Brass Door patrons move to bar Felix's escape.

Outside the Brass Door, Felix looks up and down the street.  Evening is coming on, and the air takes on a cold chill.  Laborers are passing in the streets, off work for the day, either heading home or, more likely, to a local watering hole for dinner and drinks.  After a moment, the gnome Mack joins Felix.  Thus far, no watchmen have presented themselves, but the Brass Door’s waitress has undoubtedly gone to fetch them.

A knot of men carrying shovels pass, looking curiously at Felix and Mack, but they continue without stopping.  A middle-aged woman walks past in the opposite direction, heading north, a sack of laundry on her back.  On the street corner, three children ranging in age from five to eight watch Felix and Mack, but the trio makes no move toward the hobgoblin and gnome.

OOC:  This thread is the exclusive thread of Felix, Mack, and any others who choose to join Felix as he tries to avoid the long arm of the law.

OK, guys, where to?  You haven’t seen any watchmen during your day in Northside, but you’ve seen plenty in the rest of Alimar, and there’s a chance that some braver watchmen are around the outskirts of Northside.
Assume that when they do arrive, they’ll be looking for a giant 6’ 5” hobgoblin and his equally giant morningstar.  They may or may not be looking for Mack as well.

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Tue 11 Jun 2013
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Re: Part 1a - On the Lam
Marvin suddenly comes darting out of the tavern and immediately stops when he sees Mack and Felix standing there. He pauses for a moment, looking at them, before meowing very loudly and insistently. As soon as one of them looks at him he begins trotting down the street, looking back to see if they will follow.
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Tue 11 Jun 2013
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Re: Part 1a - On the Lam
Mack notes Marvin's antics and, if Marvin seems to be going in a direction that isn't leaving Northside, nudges Felix to follow him (as in to follow Mack, who will be following Marvin unbeknownst to Felix).

If Marvin seems to be headed in a direction that would lead out of Northside, then Mack will make it clear to Marvin that he's seen him, but move in a direction more in keeping within Northside, nudging Felix to follow him.

As they move, Mack mentions to Felix (and Marvin) "We need to get away from this specific location, as the watchmen will undoubtedly be asking questions of the inn and shopkeepers in the area.  But we'll need a place to stay, so I think that's our first priority...find an inn of some sort that is generally away from here but within Northside.  Now that I think of it, if we find an abandoned building somewhere, that would also suffice, and might be preferable, so let's keep an eye out for that too."
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Tue 11 Jun 2013
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Re: Part 1a - On the Lam
Felix looked around for a moment. "I don't know where to go," he said.

He started heading towards the shadiest looking alley in hope of finding an abandoned building.