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Magic in Ytarria

Magery exists in roughly 2% of the population.  Of these, only about one in ten will be able to develop their talent further.  Magery 4 is incredibly rare.

Wizards and witches regularly search for youths with Magery, training them to use their abilities.  All nations of Ytarria claim the right to oversee mages, and a trained magic-user is a valuable commodity to both lord and kingdom.

Mana Levels

Most regions of Ytarria have normal mana levels, with the exception of Caithness, the Great Desert, and smaller regions, including The Nomad Lands and Ring Islands.

Magery in Non-humans

Elves are one of the most magical races in Yrth, and nearly all elves know at least a few spells.  Dragons are also generally powerful wizards.

Dwarves and gnomes are known for their magical focus, often mastering an entire college of spells but knowing only a smattering of other colleges.  Both races frequently learn a spell to mastery before beginning a new spell, and they expect the same dedication from their students.

Goblins are more fascinated by magic than humans are, and are often more versatile than dwarves.  Even a few non-wizard goblins know a spell or two.

Few halflings bother to study magic, considering it too flashy.  However, notable halfling healers exist, and what halfling wizards exist are notable.  Few centaurs practice magic, but those that do are highly regarded.

More reptile men than humans exhibit magical prowess, and they generally focus on utilitarian spells.  Still, great lizard man wizards are terrifying, and many tribes have shamans of medium ability.

Orc mages are rare, and giant, hobgoblin, kobold, and ogre wizards are almost unheard of, but their perceived scarcity makes them more dangerous.  Minotaurs are naturally resistant to magic.
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Re: Magic in Ytarria
Banestorm Spells
Detect Banestorm
Seek Banestorm
Identify Newcomer

Available Spells

Gate spells are unreliable and rare, and Necromantic spells are outlawed in most areas, although those spells are little more than legend.

Many of the more powerful spells are either known by only a handful of wizards or are unknown in Ytarria.

The following Gate College spells have a -25 penalty when cast on Yrth:

Banish (when used on travelers from normal alternate worlds)
Create Gate (when used for anything besides long-distance travel)
Hide Object
Phase Other
Planar Visit
Plane Shift
Plane Shift Other
Scry Gate (if the gate leads to another time or plane).

Planar Summons, when used to bring something from Yrth, fails outright if the individual entity isn't specified, and even if it is, it has the -25 penalty to its casting.

Unknown spells

The following spells are unknown on Yrth and carry the same -25 penalty:

Accelerate Time
Rapid Journey (when used to travel through time)
Slow Time
Suspend Time
Time Out
Timeport Other
Timeslip Other
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Re: Magic in Ytarria

Some individuals are born with magic-like abilities, like Channeling, Magic Resistance, Medium, Oracle, or Spirit Empathy.  Although similar to Magery, these abilities are often unfocused and untrained.  Some say these powers come from God or Allah, while others say these mystics are cursed.

Some view mystics as deriving their powers from Magery, but unlike wizards, mystics are not dependent on mana for their abilities.

A very few possess True Faith, sometimes with Faith Healing.  Most mystics have a Pact limitation.

Notable schools include the An’Fo’Tama Buddhists, the Christian Friedrichites, and the Sufi order of Julnari dervishes.
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Re: Magic in Ytarria
Magic and Religion

The Ytarrian Christian Church and Sunni Islam both teach that white magic is allowed by God.  Shi'ite Islam, on the other hand, says such magic is sinful but may be forgiven.  Certain religious sects teach that magic is evil, but other sects teach that it is a blessing from God.

Priests who are also wizards are expected to teach others, and often know healing and Food College spells.  They frequently know Banish as well.