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Thu 1 Mar 2012
at 01:31
5: Flying Under the Radar
For over a month now, you have been hiding from both CSA and Imperial justice on the fringe world of Farana.  Splynn required major medical assistance and has been in a hospital since you landed.  While he spent the first week in a coma, he has been conscious since, but unable to leave as he requires regular chelating treatments and bacta immersions to deal with the heavy-metal poisoning he got during the fire incident on the Tracker.  Roice has been to see him a couple of times, but for the most part you’ve avoided sticking your noses out in the open too much.

You’re all very wanted criminals right now.

Still, a guy’s got to eat.  And pay for ship repairs.

The freighters are being kept on the lot of the man who’s been repairing them, an older human who goes by “Doc”.  While he’s been fairly understanding about your lack of funds—running a tab and even repairing the Gamma so you have a useable ship—he’s reached the point where he can’t do any more work on any of the ships without some funds to order parts.

So, you’ve run a few low-paying cargo jobs, ferrying freight for local businesses.  Anything any of you can do to make a few credits has pretty much been your primary focus for the last few weeks.

You’ve taken to hanging out in a local cantina near Doc’s repair yard.  It serves decent (and cheap) drinks and has been a good place to pick up odd jobs.  That’s where you are now, all seated at a table in the noisy bar, listening to the jizz-wailer band and pondering what you’re going to do next…
Roice Delfinn
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Thu 1 Mar 2012
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Re: 5: Flying Under the Radar
Roice leans conspiratorially over the table and scans the bar for the dozenth time, then quietly continues his suggestion.

"So let's finish the inventory of the carbines and pistols* from the Gamma, and fill the lockers on the 720 and the Tracker.  The rest, this guy says he'll buy, without any fuss.  It's cut-rate, and he knows he's ripping us off, but it's a quick fix, and it'll even up Doc's tab for the work so far."

*Or whatever it is that was on the Gamma Class.
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Thu 1 Mar 2012
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Re: 5: Flying Under the Radar
Eating again, the small Aleena is starting to get a little pot belly from the amount of offerings of morsels of food he's purchased, begged, or scavenged over the last month. The entertainment is appreciated, and Bulyip even attempts to sing along when the catchy tune starts to have a chorus he picks up on.

Tapping his left fingers on the table to the beat, he tries to yell out to his companions so they can hear him over the music, "When are we going to get me a ship again?" The Aleena has seemingly forgotten the answer given previously, along with the fact his made claims of being unable to fly a ship on his own anyway.
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Thu 1 Mar 2012
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Re: 5: Flying Under the Radar
"So long as I don't have give up this little baby, I'm fine." Harry says, patting the blaster pistol he lifted off Bola, then sucking down a shot of the cheapest booze they had in this cantina.

"Also, I'd like to check over the gamma once more, make sure there isn't anything we can use on it before we start selling stuff off. Wouldn't want to pass up a set of trooper armor or maybe some grenades."