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Character Thread: Aki the White Demon
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The Unbeatable Foe

The Lord of Skyrmtor flinched. “Yes, Beloved.” Mari was beginning to show her age, laugh lines and worry lines starting to mar her face. She was still as beautiful as the day they were wed, though. And still as intimidating.

Mari shoved a leather cloak, his old one he hadn't worn since his exaltation, into his hands. “Don't go out wearing nothing but a pair of pants.”

Aki raised an eyebrow. “Mari...I don't get cold. Chosen of Luna and all that? I thought we were past all that.”

His wife glowered at him. “You might not get cold, but you also don't have to deal with little fluffy toddlers who go outside without their clothes because they want to be 'just like Daddy'. So whenever you leave this manse you will be wearing at least a cloak, am I clear?”

He could face a hoard of Raksha without flinching. This tiny mortal woman though...

Aki put on his cloak and left for the village.
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Aki's Family Tree, part 1
1. Toko (Mature)
The oldest of Aki's children. Toko was the firstborn child of Aki and Mari. He tends to take after his father and loves nothing more than a good fight. Toko is in charge of the local militia and leads and organizes most of the patrols except in times of crisis. He's rarely seem without his twin sister Riki.

2. Riki (Mature)
Despite missing out on all the perks of being firstborn by a grand total of five minutes, Riki hold no grudge against her brother. In fact the two are inseparable. She's often Toko's second in command on patrol. However in emergency situations she's often given a patrol until of her own and sent in the opposite direction of Toko so Aki's two most experienced fighters can cover both sides of the battle.

3. Corinth (Mature)
Corinth was Aki's first child not born by Mari. He is one of Aki's few children who has no interest in fighting whatsoever. A master carpenter, Corinth is the best there is at creating tables and such, though he prefers to do decorative carvings when he has time.

4. Mishika (mature)
Mishika is something of a prima donna. Somehow, despite being half tiger, she grew up gorgeous enough that even an imperial wouldn't be able to help looking twice at her. The unfortunate thing is she knows it. This had cause her to develop a very superior attitude. Aki has let it be known that he strongly disapproves, but is too soft hearted towards his children to take her to task for it. Mari has no such holdbacks and the relationship between the two is hostile. As a result, Mishika is the only one of Aki's children who doesn't view Mari as her mother.

5. Larcel (Mature)
Seeming to counter his older sister, Larcel is very shy and quiet. While he doesn't outright shun fighting like Corinth he doesn't excel at it either. Somehow despite this, he was the first of Aki's children to be married. He spends most of his time on his ranch with his wife. He would be shocked to learn it, but of all Aki's children, he's the most similar to his Father, or at least how his father was pre-Exaltation.

6. Ygro (Mature)
Ygro definitely got the cat's curiosity. When he was young he was always sticking his nose where it didn't belong. Now that he's older, he refined his curiosity – to gadgets. Ygro is an inventor. Half of what he makes make some people believe he was a first age technician in a past life. The other half have those same people ducking for cover when it explodes.

7. Nidar (Mature)
When people think of the roughest toughest man in town (next to Aki), Nidar is the one that comes to mind. Though good natured he'll take any excuse for a tussle and Lokrir has threatened to have him banned from his tavern if he causes one more bar fight. His deepest secret is his loves of needlepoint, which he's terrified of anyone finding out about.

8. Dekard (Mature)
Nidar's younger twin. Often found with his brother. Unlike Nidar, Dekard doesn't enjoy starting fights. Like his brother however, he definitely enjoys finishing them. He's the only one who knows about his brother's creative endevors.

9. Acia )(Mature)
The Acia was the second of Aki's children to get married, but the first to make him a grandparent. Last spring she gave birth to a son who seems mostly human, but still carries some tiger-like traits. Acia likes to paint landscapes, especially ones in spring with snow melting

10. Njred (Mature)
Given how Aki doesn't have much of an artistic streak, one must start to wonder about those tigers he's mating with. Njred's lies in building design. However since new structures aren't built too often, he spends most of his time studying his parents manse.

11. Mhanda (Mature) Sorcerer
Mhanda is far more interested is the magical tome Aki keeps lying around then in learning to fight Fae. His dream is to find a way to convincingly disguise himself as  a dragon-blooded and attend the Heptogram

12. Owyn (Mature)
Owyn isn't just part of the patrol groups, he thrives in it. Owyn loves the hierarchy of a good army and tries to apply it to the Skyrmtor Patrol group as much as he can. He's often referred to as the drill sergeant.

13. Aden (Mature)
Aden runs the best apiary in the region, along with three of his siblings. The honey it produces has been compared to Sweet Cordial in flavor. The only bees that can make this are from the bordermarches and somewhat wyld-touched, so most beekeepers can't handle them. Aden hopes to eventually build a a financial empire out of it, though his refusal to work with the Guild hampers this.

14. Lokrir (Mature)
There are few travelers who pass through Skyrmtor, especially given it's unique population. Those that do however, know that the only place to stay in town is Lokrir's Tavern. Lokrir's amiable personality makes him a great front man for the tavern, while his wife's cooking guarantees return visits. Their specialty is a warm Mead made by Hermot.

15. Brigidyne (Mature)
Brigidyne was aptly named. Like Mhanda she's interested in sorcery, mostly the tales of her journey across creation. One day she dreams of following in her footsteps.

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Meeting in the Snow
It wasn't often she could leave the Spire, her duties to it required no less. But there were rare times like this when she could walk about in a cloak of humanity she had woven from the dream of the mortals many years ago.

In their own way, the mortals were even more varied and chaotic than the Raksha and she loved them for it.

The village had no name, to those that lived there it was simply home. It was a small village, made mostly of farmers and herders on the northeastern bordermaches. Between the cold and the mutants, it seemed to have enough problems to contend with.

Not one person in that village knew they were actually protected. That the worst of the mutants were kept away, or that any would-be mauraders lasted only long enough to feed her and her people. They would probably be shocked to learn how close they were to, not one, but two raksha nests. But in many generations they had not learned, and it was just as likely none of them would.

They would never learn that they were the pets of Laughing in the Snow.

And she delighted in them. Delighted in watching them scratch out their existence and watching them adapt to their harsh terrain. And she especially loved when they made more of their kind. The dreams of little one were as wonderful to see as they were to consume. (Not that anyone ever would, these were her pet humans.)

A sudden almost braying noise behind the fae startled her. A young elk with a collar around her neck was running haphazardly towards her.

“Sleirin stop!” a young voice commanded almost petulantly. A small human child, a mere five winters, ran after the elk and miraculously caught up to it. A single small hand against it's flank calmed the beast instantly. “Bad Sleirin. I know those boys were being mean, but you shouldn't have run away.” He then turned to her and grinned apologetically. “I'm sorry, I hope she didn't scare you Lady.”

“Not at all, little one.” Snow answer, running a hand through his soft black hair. One look into those clear blue eyes and somehow she knew there was a destiny about him. This small boy had in him the potential to be ..something.

More footsteps approached and the boy waved frantically back towards them. “It's okay Mari, I got her!”

“You shouldn't have lost her in the first place.” the newcomer was a girl year older than the boy and about a few inched taller. “Sometimes I don't know what to do with you Aki.”

“I'm sorry Mari,” the boy bowed his head, the elk following suit.

As the girl lead the boy and elk back to the village Snow shook her head. It was almost a shame, were he born anywhere else she had no doubts the boy who have become someone great. A hero or perhaps even a villain (though she saw that as unlikely).  Epic tales would be sung about him for years.  But he had been born in her little village where he would grow up herding elk and in all probability marry that sharp tongued girl and produce young of his own. His greatness would never be realized, his potential never awakened in his quiet little village.

As Laughing in the Snow returned to the Spire, she had no idea in a few short year a rival raksha would subjugate her and seizing control of the Spire. That her pet village that she loved all these years would be torn asunder by the cruel whims of the Drinker of Tears until it's inhabitants finally fled for elsewhere. That the destiny she saw in the small boy would be birthed in a bloody battle against her own kind.

She knew none of these things as she quietly walked back home, leaving no footprints in the snow.

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The Coming of Chaos
As nine-year old Aki ran in the front door he shook off the snow covering his head and cloak like a shaggy dog. Hey Mama, Papa let me look after the Elk and Yeddim all by myself today. I did real good and none of the escaped at all!

His mother patted his head and gave him a warm bowl of stew. Now eat up and head straight to bed. You've done so well today, I'm sure you're father will let you watch the herd tomorrow as well.

The boy's eyes lit up at the gift or responsibility that proved he was as capable as the other children. Small for his age and of slender build, Aki was bullied by the other children of his age unless Mari was there to defend him. Of course he then got bullied for having a girl defend him as well.

Inhaling the bowl quickly, the boy rushed off to bed, though he and his mother knew he probably wouldn't fall asleep for some time.

It was several hours later when his father came home, far more sedated than son. Wordlessly he hung up his jacket. and accepted the bowl of stew his wife offered him.

Aki was pleased you let him handle the herd today. He's so proud that you trust him so much.

The man exhaled slowly. I wish it were a mere matter of trust. I'm glad it went well, though honestly I didn't think Aki would have been ready for it.

After a moment of silence his wife asked the question that had been on her mind all day. ...Did you find him?

The man's answer was tense. We found him by the ridge leading to the hollow.

Was he...dead?

He was alive, after a fashion.
Aki's father explained. He was just staring straight ahead with glassy eyes. He may have been alive, but his mind was...gone.

This time it was the mother's turn to shudder. Do you think it was-

What else could it be? We've avoided their gaze for so long.
he sighed. Tomorrow the hunters and I are going to see if we can find any trace of them. We'll bring our iron charms. Aki can watch the herd again tomorrow.

His wife embraced him. Don't forget that he's still just a boy. Promise me dear. Promise you'll come back to us.

Come on Svjorn! You have to drink the milk! Aki commanded. Svjorn was a baby elk whose mother had died during birth. He was had raised and fed by Aki and his father, but today the young cervidae was spooked by something Aki could neither see nor hear.

With a final twist, the elk jump free of Aki's arms and squeezed through the fence. Muttering a word he knew his mother would not approve of, Aki followed.

Having tracked down rogue herd members all his life, Aki had no problem finding the young elk. It was huddled in a small ball under a large pine.

Geeze, what's the matter with you? Aki lifted him into his arms.You're almost to big for me to carry. I'm not the strongest person in the village you know.

As he spoke a shadow flew overhead. It passed over the boy for just a moment, but in that moment his blood ran cold. Wh-what was that?

Curiosity overtaking him, Aki headed a bit farther out, into the direction the shadow had come from. He was almost over the hill when the smell of blood began to permeate the air. Forging onward, though he wasn't really sure he still wanted to see, Aki looked over the peak.

Strewn down the other side of the hill were men Aki had known all his life. His neighbors, the hunters, almost every healthy adult male in his village. Aki ran from body to body, trying to find one that was still alive. Insteadhe found the last thing any little boy would want to see.

His father, torn nearly in half by gigantic claws.

Screaming, the boy fled in the direction of home, still clutching the elk, not even noticing the large and inhuman footprints he was running over. As he saw the first building he felt hope, only to have it die in his heart.

Houses burned and children screamed. People were beginning to mill out in the streets from the various covers they had taken. The attack had been swift and brutal. Many lay dead in the street from the goblins attack, though some corpses lay still in their houses.

Like his mother.

He was vaguely aware that Mari was there and trying to comfort him, but he couldn't hear her. All he could do was watch his house and his happy childhood go up in flames.
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The Exodus
It had been nine years ago since he had been sobbing his eyes out at the death of his parents while Mari held onto him.

Now the situation was reversed. Mari's parents had taken care of him after that day, but now they too were gone. It had been nine long years of raids. Hobgoblins and Wyld Mutants alike attacked them on and off. Never enough to wipe out the town, but enough that the children younger than 13 didn't know what peace meant.

Aki turned his face towards where they lived. 'Village' no longer really applied. The houses had been replaced with ramshackle huts. The herds had been moved to the forest for their own protection and farming was no longer viable with the constant assault on the land.

As he lead the crying girl back to the hut they now solely inhabited, he knew the time had finally come to talk with her about something he hoped he would never have to bring up.


Leave?! Mari asked in shock. But this is our home!

Is it?
Aki asked. It was, but for nearly a decade, we've had nothing but pain and misery. There's no hope for things getting any better. It's not my idea, people have been talking about it for a while. But after last night...Mari, if we stay here we'll just end up dead too.

The only reason we haven't been wiped out yet is because they're enjoying themselves too much. And that won't last forever. We've got to be gone before they get bored!


It hadn't take long to get everyone else on board the plan. Everyone had lost loved ones an no one had anything left of sentimental value. Before dawn Aki had rounded all the elk and Yeddim, a far smaller herd than his father had had a decade ago, and led them to where the rest of the village was to gather, food and supplies on their back.

They couldn't stay and they couldn't fight back. Mari's hand slipped into his own as they took a long last look at the place where they grew up, knowing after today they'd be turning their backs on it forever.

Over the next hour the rest of the village arrived, every man woman and child. As the sun began to creep over the horizon they headed out, the hope a a bright future in front of them for the first time.