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World Building Thread
A thread for setting-related information for this version of Creation.
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White Snow Ninja Clan
The White Snow ninja clan dates back to the First Age, when they were created by a particularly stealthy Night Caste.  They specialize in espionage, sabotage and assassination, especially in the cold climate of the North.  Until recently, they have been relatively quiet in their activities.  Within the last few years, they have stepped up their mercenary operations for many of the rulers in the area.  They are known to have a large number of essence channelers in their organization.
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The Winter Wolf Tribes
To the northwest of Aki's territory are ten large barbarian tribes, each ruled by the Godblooded son or daughter of Zen Wu, the Winter Wolf.  Zen Wu is the Wolf Goddess of the Far North, a terrible matriarch and warrior.  Her yearly tribute from each tribe is one of its strongest warriors, who becomes a permanent protector and slave (most willingly) at her home, the Palace of Ice and Bone.

Her tribes constantly skirmish with one another, and with surrounding villages, towns and caravans.  Survival of the fittest is the rule of the game.
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The Garda Prefecture
The Garda Prefecture is a satrap of the Realm, tied strongly to the Mnemon family.  It is a multipurpose enclave, ruled over by the Dynast Mnemon Xalcus.  The main town, Garda, is a veritable fortress, and the base of operations from which control is projected across the Prefecture.  Garda is known for its luxuries, even in the wintry climate of the Northeast.  There is also a strong Immaculate presence in the town.

The main Immaculate monastery, however, is not located in town at all.  The Temple of the Locked Heart is located five miles west of Garda, in the nearby hills.  The terrain, once gently sloping, has been, over the centuries since the temple's founding, turned into a maze of rock and ice, all but impassible without Charms or a guide.  The temple itself continues the theme, a treacherous mountain where there was once a small hill.  The temple serves two purposes.  One:  It trains Immaculate Monks.  Two:  The temple serves as a prison for enemies of the Realm.  Guarded by quite a few Dragonblooded monks and their postulates, the temple treats every prisoner as a learning opportunity, and has never had an escape in its years of existence.

Garda also protects and takes tribute from Golden River, a logging town a day's travel to the North.  Golden River is located by a river which they use to send their logs to Garda.  The town is heavily guarded, at least a Scale of troops at all times, due to it being so isolated.  The town is lorded over by Olaf Greenbriar, a genial fellow, and the son of one of the Tree Spirits nearby and a local, many years ago.  Aside from the guards, the town is usually focused on just surviving the harsh weather and the hazards.

The mining town of Silver Falls also pays tribute to Garda.  This town is located to the southwest, near the edge of a large cliff.  The town mines silver, mainly, from its extensive tunnel network.  Another Scale of soldiers is often deployed here as well, both to guard from external threats, and to sweep the tunnels regularly.  Lady Natsume, a patrician of the Mnemon family, rules over Silver Falls with a delicate touch.  She keeps good relations with the soldiers, and uses them as a police force when necessary.  Despite her skulduggery, she remains relatively popular with the peasantry.
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The Bear Tribe
To the Southwest of Aki's territory, less than a day's travel, is the Bear Tribe, ruled over by Jade Pillar.  Cordial relations are easily maintained between the two, thanks to Jade Pillar and Aki being friends (as well as mentor and student).  The Bear Tribe has many beastmen in its ranks, having been bred into the tribe over a few centuries.  Jade Pillar's main focus now is trying to increase the numbers of Essence channellers in the tribe, to make them more self-sufficient.

Jade Pillar has had quite a few run-ins with both the Winter Wolves and the Garda Prefecture over the years.  He looks down on the Wolves as savage and ignorant, and Garda ranks only slightly higher.  He does respect Mnemon Xalcus personally though, as they have met in battle at least five times over the last century.
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Sun 1 Nov 2009
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The Obsidian Marches
At at distance of nearly 500 miles Southeast of Aki's territory, the Obsidian Marches rarely make their presence felt.  Even considering that, rumors of activity out of the shadowland known as the Ebon Eye are always buzzing.

The Ebon Eye is a small shadowland, barely 5 miles across.  Yet, somehow, the ghostly presence within controls a large area.  With a small empire, the deathlord known as the Ebon Marchwarden of Midnight Shadows projects a substantial force outward, from his well-guarded Manse known as the Fortress of Sorrows.  The furthest reaches of the old ghost's empire are nearly 50 miles away, and all under the "protection" of the Marchwarden feel as though eyes are upon them all the time. There are also a good number of miniature shadowlands dots the empire's territory.

Every town under the deathlord's control is ruled by fear.  People do not react any more when neighbors just disappear.  Corpses of dissenters are often put on display so that they may publicly apologize for their behavior before they join the growing hordes of dead soldiers.

The Ebon Marchwarden has three known operatives.  They are the Glorious Slaughter of the Innocent, a deadly, ruthless warrior; the Subtle Knife, a quick, cold individual with a penchant for exploiting the chaos of a battle; and the Black Cardinal, who preaches the sins of the living and their path of redemption though Oblivion.

Just recently, the Ebon Marchwarden has acquired a new Abyssal servant, Flight From Death, a necromancer and sorcerer of unusual skill.

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