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Megaira Kattakara
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Tue 27 Jun 2017
at 06:35
Apokryphos Cafe and Coffeehouse - The Cafe
  A large building that went up in one of the less favorable sections of town, after a number of condemned and dangerous buildings were purchased, this place is a beautifully built building with some classical elements of architecture as well as all of the modern conveniences.  The Cafe occupies all of the ground floor, and the remaining 14 stories are apartments.  Access to the apartments is limited to residents and their guests, and almost all of the employees of the cafe live in the apartments.  The food is specialty dishes, and Greek and Chinese cuisine, with some interesting combinations of the two.

The Cafe area is decorated in a mix of Classical Greek and Ancient Chinese Imperial styles, and offers not only several private dining rooms, but also outside dining in good weather.  Each door has a large guardian gargoyle on the building, and inside the entrances are all painted with more guardians, although these are dragons.
Ozzy Gysbourne
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Tue 27 Jun 2017
at 13:53
Apokryphos Cafe and Coffeehouse - The Cafe
Ozzy was getting some food at the Apokryphos Cafe, which he tended to when he was in this part of town. He liked the idea of supporting his friend's business venture, even if she didn't necessarily need it, plus the food was good.

He was wearing a sleeveless grey tank top with Banksy's "Anarchist and Mother" printed on the front, showing off his tats like he liked to do. He'd paired it with some urban camo cargo pants, and his black work boots, as well as a pair of black 'cutter gloves' with red anarchy symbols on the backs of the hands. His sandy blond hair was a little longer than shoulder length, and was currently tied back into a short ponytail. He looked, for all intents and purposes, like an ordinary street tough, though those that knew him knew he was quite a nice guy, if a little rough around the edges.

At the moment, he was chowing down on a plate of General Tso's chicken.