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Notable Names
Notable names worth knowing
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The Legacy
The Legacy were the first team of superheroes to go public and even years after their disbanding they are still seen as the standard that other heroes are held to. They saved both Weston and the world countless times in the years they were active.

Founding Members
Peregrine: A private eye with the powers of flight, superstrength, durability, and telepathy. Initial leader of the team. Level headed and strong in a crisis Peregrine was believed to be the 'glue' that held the team together and that her death spelled the beginning of the end for the team. Died in battle with a demon by the name of Ahriman.

Dragon Fist: Chosen by a mystical being to be the champion of Light Dragon Fist is a master martial artist who can summon a suit of armor that bestows him with the abilities of flight, durability and the ability to imbue his strikes with mystical energy. Opinionated with a strong sense of right and wrong he often didn't see eye to eye with Hunter. Romantically linked with first Peregrine and then Mirage. The only member still active.

Enigma: A powerful wizard possessing an ancient and powerful grimoire called the Tome of Oorthos and first casualty of The Legacy. Grandson of the Secret Defender known as Maester he informed the others of the threat of Brain, a rogue psychic with his eyes on world domination, and the first threat the team faced. After his death he was revealed to the public as Marcus Morris, owner of a local bookstore.

Hunter: A former Army Ranger who took to the streets with a bow and arrow because he was fed up with the state of his city. Though he was initially believed to be only a highly trained but otherwise normal human it was later revealed that his father was the product of a WW2 supersoldier project and Secret Defender known as Mr. Hurt. He retired from crimefighting to raise his children and go into Politics. As a senator Donald Derring has been the foremost champion of parahuman rights. He is married to Eleanora Van Diemien and has two children, Diantha age 9, and Donald Jr. age 7.

Mirage: A mysterious woman who first appeared defending women from sexual assaults. Had the ability to teleport and create illusions. Died defending her friends from an alleged time traveler who came back to kill the Legacy. The very definition of a femme fatale Mirage was playful and flirtatious, even in combat. Was romantically linked to Dragon Fist after the death of Peregrine.

Hotwire: A minor criminal with the power to control technology who encountered the other Legacy members while they were in battle with one of Brain's minions. Disliking authority he joined the others to stop the would be despot. The Sarcastic jokester and reckless one of the group. Now reformed Hotwire runs a school for parahumans to learn to control their abilities.

Valkyrie: A college student who grew to seven feet tall and incredibly muscular after her para gene was activated. Acted as a physical powerhouse. Valkyrie left the team very early for a normal life, and thus very little is known about her.

Later Additions.

Lady Psyche:Lt. Katy Hanson developed telepathy and telekinesis while on the police force. Suggested as a 'Police Liasion' by then Captain Richard Jordan in an effort to legitimize the team. Originally resented by the other Legacy members she eventually became a trusted member of the team. She is now in charge of Westons Special Cases unit, and has been promoted to Captain.

Knight Errant: A security guard at Weston Museum who found a mystical suit of armor during a heist. Eager to please and with a strong sense of right and wrong he acted as a sort of sidekick to Dragon Fist before he was killed fighting the supervillain known as SkullFace.

StormWalker:  A police officer who acquired para powers at some point, she encountered and joined the Legacy to make more of an impact against crime and give the authorities a better chance to arrest individuals who needed it when the Legacy were done defeating them.  She is now unpowered, but teaches forensics at the Weston University, giving students tips on ways to collect forensic information in parahuman cases.

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The Secret Defenders
The last Parahuman boom before the modern one occurred sometime in the mid 1930's. Due to both the technology of the time, and fear of persecution, parahumans mainly stayed in the shadows, and vigilantes were few.

By the time World War 2 began most governments had realized their existence, including Nazi Germany whose Occult Science Division was both a secret and important part of the Nazi War Machine. In Response the allies founded "The Secret Defenders" a highly classified strike force consisting of 'enhanced individuals'


Brigand: An Immortal born in the late 1500s who, among other things, acted as a pirate during "The Golden Age of Piracy". Unkillable and supernaturally talented in combat and espionage. Acts as the 'Keeper as shadows' a title given to him during his time in japan, meaning he deals with hidden threats such as secret societies, evil cults, and the like. Eventually goes on to found and serve in both incarnations of the DPA. Married to the reincarnation of his first love, who has drank the elixir of life, and is the daughter of his arch foe.

The MachineSmith: A mechanic from Brooklyn who found a strange device in a captured Nazi Caravan.  The device literally opened his mind, allowing him to use 90% of his brain capacity giving him enhanced intellect and reflexes. It also 'downloaded' blueprints from an ancient advanced society. He served with the Defenders all through the war and afterwards went on to found the Department of Paranormal Activities. While working on a top secret project to create a super-soldier after the U.S. government's most powerful asset went missing. The result while imbued with great power, it also drove the subject mad. Machinesmith was injured in the attack and sealed himself in a life preserving tube, spending the next several decades stuck in a tube hooked up to a supercomputer. He served as a sort of mentor to both the Legacy and the New Age Defenders. Eventually was healed by Erinyes of the New Age Defenders. Also served as a surrogate father figure to both Hotwire and Iris

Eagle Eye: A british sniper who had a strange chemical splashed in his eyes in a nazi lab. Enhanced vision. Wielded special weapons designed by Machinesmith. After the war went to America to join the DPA, volunteered for Project Paragon, a special program using Excel's blood. Was driven mad and became the villain known as Paragon.

Excel: An RAF pillot who was chosen as Earth's Guardian during WW2. Disappeared after the war, was later found a prisoner in his own mind by Brain. The Legacy found him and freed him to move on to the next life, and his power to a succesor.

Le Chat: A frenchman who found a magical cats-eye amulet that gave him enhanced senses, agility, and reflexes. Died fighting off a demon so his team could escape while explosives took down the building around him.

Brain: A telepath and telekinetic, after the war found an artifact called the PSionatrix. The device greatly expanded his power and drove him mad. His plans were spoiled by the Legacy and Brain died in their final battle.

Sergeant Sasquatch: A canadian commando with superhuman strength and durability. Died in battle against the nazi swordsman Blatt Meister.

The Golden Dragon: Dragon Fists Predecessor, Champion of Light. Disappeared after the war.

Appollonaut: 16 year old flight prodigy with experimental jetpack. Sacrificed himself so the electric powered nazi Blitz could not bring down his comrades' plane.

Freedom Fighter: Parahuman who awakened on the battle field. Could boost his strength speed or durability one at a time. Became an agent for the DPA after the war, died in battle with the Soviet Superbeing known as the Crimson Hammer.

The Hooded Bowman: African American Parahuman whose powers to endow objects with explosive energy while he was being beaten by fifth columnists. Was a vigilante before the war. Goes home and opens his own business, dies at age 72.

The Nightingale: Russian sorceress whose powers were more stealth based. Disappeared after the war.

Dr. Destiny: Medical Doctor with the ability to see the future, long term in dreams, and short term while awake, also possessed an astral form. Left a series of diaries for the Legacy to find to stop Brain. Died of leukemia in 82.o

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The New Age Defenders
About a year after the public debut of the Legacy a group of teen heroes banded together to form the New Age Defenders. The younger team had many adventures and saved the city more than once before it's members moved on to other places.

Painter(Ozzy Gysbourne): The leader of the team, Painter was a rebellious young wizard with a talent for graffiting and the ability to create a mystycal paint like substance which Ozzy could use for anything from creating weapons to sealing enemies in globs of paint. Is now a high ranking member of Masks Inc. From a long line of mages.

Excelsior(William Masters): The second in command of the team, Excelsior was chosen by the earth itself to protect it, or so he claims. What cannot be disputed is that he is one of the most powerful parahumans on the planet. Gifted with flight, super-speed, super strength, super durability, enhanced senses and a sonic scream. Is the perfect idea of a super-hero, regularaly getting involved with using his powers to help people directly as well as save them from disasters and fight supervillains. Regularly speaks to the press, and despite years of digging the most scandalous thing found out about him was his homosexual relationship with fellow Defender Fluid. A scandal that quickly blew over. Founding member and leader of the Guardians of the Globe.

Erinyes (Megaira Kattakara): The Daughter of an Incarnate (Human with a god's soul, able to tap into some of their power) and the immortal sorceress Lin. Gifted with the abilities to heal herself and others as well as control electricity and magnetism. A gentle and caring soul, served as "The Heart" of the group. She inherited a large fortune during her time wih the New Age Defenders and now is retired from herowork instead focusing her efforts on humanity.

Fluid(Darren Masters): Gained the ability to change into a liquid form and control water in a party prank gone awry, founding member of the Guardians of the Globe, Excelisor's husband. They have a little girl aged 1, created through advanced cloning technology by Meg.

Iris Gysbourne (Rainbow Girl): Speedster and girl genius. Endlessly Optimistic and energetic. Currently living under water in a secret lab doing occasional work for the government

Icepick: Teen that gained ice powers while being mugged. Pragmatist, logical voice of the group. Is currently wandering the world, helping where he can.

Fire: A former stewardess with fire based powers, currently wandering with her boyfriend Icepick.

Gargoyle(Andy BLack): A half demon who decided to reject his heritage and fight his own kind. Spent several years in hell (though it was only one night on earth) and was left scarred but more skilled, fell in love with a sorceress named Victoria. Both are now working for the Order of The Holy Shield an ancient order devoted to fighting demons and other mystical evils.

Rebound(Jack Pride): A teenage runaway who was captured by a mad scientist known as The Builder, held, tortured and experimented on for months, in captivity he met Penny, a blind psychic that shared his cell. They both escaped and eventually The Builder was killed by a sniper that was never found. Possesses a force field that absorbs and redirects kinetic energy. Was trained in the combat arts by Hunter, and the ways of espionage by Brigand. Since the New Age Defenders disbanded Rebound has served as a reserve member of the Global Guardians along with his wife as well as doing freelance work for several government agencies.

Seer(Penny Pride): Was sold as a child to the Builder by her drug addicted parents, was abused by him for years until she met Rebound. Mindwiped herself repeatedly in order to cope with the horrors inflicted upon her. She escaped his clutches forever with Jack, who gave her the name Penny, and eventually they were wed. The two served together in he New Age Defenders. Eventually Penny was taught martial arts and Chi Sight by the mysterious immortal known as Mist Dragon

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Various Villains
Brain (Deceased/Captured): A member of the Secret Defenders who found an ancient artifact that enhanced psychic abilities while on a post-war adventure with his best friend and fellow Defender Maester and Maester's grandson Marcus. The crown known as the psionatrix drove Brain mad with power and he killed Maester in front of Marcus who vowed revenge.
  Brain was the first threat defeated by the Legacy having gathered other metahumans to him in a bid for world domination. Brain was killed in the final conflict but managed to shift his conciousness to an ally of the Legacy known as Savant who could psychically absorb skills and knowledge.  Brain attempted revenge on the Legacy but was defeated again and captured, is now staying in a special cell in the Honeycomb.

Paragon(At Large): One of the few parahumans to equal Excelsior in terms of pure power Paragon was originally a defenders member codenamed Eagle Eye who was used in a top secret 'para enhancing' experiment using Excel's blood. Paragon worked with Brain for a time and was killed during a battle with the legacy, however as the forensic scientist who examined his body found out Paragon was able to shift his conciousness and powers into whatever body he chose. Is currently an african american female. It was later revealed that Paragon was not Eagle Eye at all but was actually a former guardian of earth that turned evil and tried to rule the planet rather than defend it.

Antonio Bertelli (Deceased): The head of the Bertelli crime family Antonio was able to take sole control of Weston's Underworld by aggressively hiring parahumans. Was killed by Hunter

Shade (Captured): Michael Bertelli, adopted son of Antonio, has the power to control darkness, shaping and solidifying shadows. After Antonio died Shade took over before being defeated by the New Age Defenders. Serving a life sentence in the Honeycomb

Shock(At Large): Once a mob hitman who gained his powers while a rival gang tried to execute him with a car battery. After spending years as 'super-muscle' Shock decided to go into business for himself and founded the Lavish Legion.

Builder (deceased): A mad scientist obsessed with how parahuman abilities work. Was sniped as he was being led to the police by the New Age Defenders, the shooter was never found.

The General(At large): The founder and leader of the Purity Millitia. No one knows who he is or what he looks like, though it is theorized he may have worked with Strike Team Alpha in the early days. He never appears in public even at the 'rallies' his millitia throws his speeches are always recorded ahead of time or he is broadcasting from a secure location

Musclemass & Armory: A pair of orphans that grew up in the same foster home and turned to crime to survive at a young age. Their powers developed in unknown circumstances and began working as enforcers for Antonio Bertelli. After Bertelli was killed they went freelance. Musclemass is a huge brute with four arms and super human strength and durability. Armory has a strange arm covered in some kind of unknown material and can change to some kind of laser cannon, a long blade, and a grapple gun.

**also in progress**

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Other Heroes
Heroes in places other than Weston.

The Leather Avenger and Druid.: A pair of heroes in New York City, best friends and roommates from college. Druid posseses an ancient magical staff with a mind of its own and nature based magic. The Leather Avenger was an aspiring actor who's powers activated during a beating after hitting on the wrong girl. The Leather Avenger dislikes code names and secret identities and prefers to be called John, but on his first night heroing he met a reporter who dubbed him THe Leather Avenger after his Leather jacket. And the name, unfortunately stuck. He possesses super human strength, durability and flight.

The Knighthood: A government funded team of Paras in the U.K.

The Gambler and Lady Luck: A mysterious pair of vigilantes operating out of Las Vegas.

The Maya: A group of Peruvian parahumans, who fight against their corrupt government just as much as they do the druglords.

Salty: A man who looks like what can best be described as a were-crocodile, premier hero of Australia.

White Tiger and Bronze Eagle: A para-couple currently operating out of India. Bronze Eagle is a Chi manipulator who can also summon a pair of talon shaped gauntlets and wings. White Tiger is another martial artist who can transform into a tiger a human, or hybrid.

Freedom Fighter: Col. Daniel Thomspson was a soldier in Afghanistan who joined shortly after 9/11. In 2005 His squad was ambushed and killed, and then Lt. Thompson was left paralyzed. He was recovered by the early forms of Dapartment X, the parahuman based millitary branch that handles strike team alpha and othe para projects. Daniel was kept in suspended animation for 10 years while the government finished the L.I.B.E.R.T.Y. system. An advanced nanotech system that attaches to Daniels spine, allowing him to walk and increasing his physical capabilities. It also extends into a set of high tech armor that surrounds Daniel. Col Thompson is now the leader of Strike Team Alpha, the governments parahuman strike force.

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