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Sat 28 Sep 2019
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Back Issues
To record events of the game and world that already happened in greater detail.
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Thu 3 Oct 2019
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Back Issues: Birth of the Legacy Pt 1
Modern Parahuman Age: The Beginning.

While leaving a corporate Lab a parahuman known only as Flamethrower was confronted by the police. He unleashed his powers upon them, streams of fire bursting from his extended hands as the confused policeman darted towards cover, many of them not making it. He laughed as he continued to set fire to both police and the surrounding area. "Look at the little ants run! Burn ants! It's all you're good for!"

As Fate would have it Flamethrower was not the only extraordinary individual in the vicinity. Private Detective Friday Winters was only two blocks away, chasing down a lead when she heard the explosion of one of the police cars. Ducking into a nearby alley she pulled her scarf over her face and takes off into the night sky.

A few doors down a college student was leaving nearby bar, still grappling with the changes that had come with her powers, her transformation into some kind of amazon. She looked up as she heard the sounds of the chaos, before she could realize what was happening she was running towards the danger.

In the backroom of his bookstore Marcus Morris studied the mysterious tome his grandfather left him, learning it's ancient secrets. Suddenly he looked up sensing the death and chaos taking place, with a word and a gesture he was clad in flowing dark green robes with a hood that shadowed his face, and disappeared in a puff of smoke, reappearing on the scene.

Dragon Fist moved through the skies of Weston, patrolling as he pondered his new responsibility as the champion of light. He kept a watchful eye on the streets below for trouble, passing above the battle Dragon Fist's eyes widened beneath his helmet at the carnage below him and prepared to dive.

Laying on a rooftop with a pair of binoculars the man known as Hunter watched Leo Carbone, Capo in the Bertelli mob, learning as much as he could about his prey before he struck. He looked up as he heard the explosion, the sound almost making him feel like he was back in Afghanistand. Looking between his target and the chaos in the distance, he lowered himself down on his line and mounted his motorcycle, speeding off towards danger once again.

Mirage, the mysterious femme fatale, was meting out her own brand of justice on a group of thugs that had cornered a young woman. As her high heeled boot struck the head of the last of them she heard the explosion, with a dramatic sigh she dissapeared in a puff of crimson smoke.

Traveling along the electrical grid Hotwire materialized inside the same laboratory. His purpose twofold, unearth the corporations dirty secrets to release to the public, and 'liberate' an interesting piece of technology. His plans were disrupted when he saw the chaos outside.

The Heroes banded together and defeated Flamethrower as the rest of the policeman fled. In the aftermath of the battle Peregrine suggested a meeting place to take their prisoner back to, find out what was going on, and what this package he stole from the lab was, Above and Beyond Investigations.
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Mon 7 Oct 2019
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Back Issues: Birth of the Legacy Pt 2
The prisoner was on his knees hands manacled behind his back Peregrine's powers keeping him pacified. The rest of the group stood around in the detective's office. Peregrine knelt in front of Flamethrower her eyes screwed up in concentration. Dragon Fist stood slightly behind her, arms crossed as he stared at the prisoner. Hunter leaned against the wall in a corner of the room where he could see every entrance and exit. Mirage lounged languorously atop the desk. Hotwire sat in the office chair and Enigma and Valkyrie both sat in the two visitors chairs.

"I'm not getting much" Said Peregrine, the effort clear in her voice. "He's got some kind of shielding, and I don't think he put it there. I know he's working for someone and he was looking for something in that place, but I don't know if he got it."

"So we need to know who sent him and what exactly their up to" Enigma added from his seat, sipping a cup of tea he had conjured from thin air.

"What we?" Said Valkyrie, looking a bit uncomfortable, at least from as much of her expression that could be seen around her mask. She had kept it on, they all had. "We all just happened to show up to the same attack, we're not a team."

"That just means we are one created by fate rather than design" The wizard replied smugly.

"I don't know anything about Destiny." Replied Hunter from his corner. "But this doesn't sound like something I want going on in my city, and I don't think it's something I can handle alone. I know my  limits. But the most immediate question isn't who sent him or what their goals are, the question is, if we learned all we can from him, what do we do with him?"

"That's a good question, could an ordinary prison hold him?" Dragon Fist asked.

"If they could make some kind of fireproof cell." Hotwire added. "The materials are available, it's just a matter of building it and making it secure, he could be drugged until it was built. His powers seem to be mental in nature, so maybe something that disrupts his concentration? Or a device that emitted a frequency that disrupted mental type concentration based powers?"

"Maybe, but that'll take time. Can we keep him docile until then? And can the cops keep his buddies from getting him out?" Hunter asked the group.

"What are you getting at?" Said Dragon Fist.

"We could kill him. He's dangerous."

"What?" Said Dragon Fist, surprised and offended. "We can't kill people."

"While I'm not opposed to taking out an immediate threat if there's no other option" Mirage cooed from atop the desk. "I'm not exactly a fan of killing a man in  cold blood.

Suddenly there was a crackle of electricity and what seemed like sentient lightning emerged from the light socket and formed into a man. "Unfortunately, that decision is taken out of you guys' hands. The boss needs this guy." The man had a shaved head and wore a long leather coat and wore dark round sunglasses.

"You" Said Hotwire dumbfounded as he, and everyone else, stood to their feet. "You're like me."

"Not quite" said the man as he smiled and extended his hand, a bolt of lightning launching from his palm. Hotwire crackled as he disappeared into the electrical grid appearing in another section of the room. "I Guess not." He said as an arrow went flying into the intruders shoulder, causing him to cry out in pain. The man extended his other hand, sending another bolt at Hunter who rolled out of the way.

"Wait" Peregrine called to the others. "There's someone else here." A figure appeared out of nowhere, dressed like a ninja with wolf motif and carrying a pair of blades. He slashed at Flamethrower's manacles.

Now free Flamethrower threw flam at the rest of the heroes and the three ran out the door. The fledgling team gave chase, doing battle on the roof top as a helicopter came to retrieve the villains. Peregrine grappled with the helicopter, trying to keep them from escaping when everything stopped.

A man appeared in a dark purple suit with tunic and long flowing cape. He wore a golden band around his head. He looked at Peregrine and her arms let go of the helicopter of their own accord, and the vehicle remained suspended in air. The group was frozen, none of them able to move. "I tire of this chicanery." The figure said, and the villains, the mysterious figure, and the helicopter disappeared in an instant.

Inside, Enigma explained he recognized the figure as Brain. A powerful psychic who was a member of a secret team of powered people in world war two, along with his grandfather who was a wizard wielding the same magic tome he now used. Brain had found an ancient artifact called the psionatrix that had made him insanely powerful and drove him mad. The team decided to band together to stop him, and then, the phone rang.

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Sat 12 Oct 2019
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Back Issues: Meeting the MachineSmith
Everyone stared at the office phone as it played the Mighty Mouse theme song.

"That is NOT the normal ringtone for that phone!" Peregrine insisted.

"I was more concerned if you were going to answer it." Hunter remarked dryly.

Peregrine picked up the phone and held it to her ear. "Put me on speakerphone please, everyone needs to hear what I have to say."  Said a digital sounding voice on the other line.

Peregrine put the phone down switching over to speaker. "Hello heroes, I see you've met Brain. I can help you beat him, but I need you to come to me."

"That doesn't exactly inspire confidence darling." Replied Mirage. "After what we just saw, and the story we just heard, what reason do we have to believe it's not a trap?"

"Desperation I suppose, Brain is powerful, but there is someone who was prepared for his attempted takeover. If you take the sewers to the corner of West Ave and Front St you'll find a door, code is 6395."

After a short debate and time to draw up contingency plans if it was a trap the group headed to the location which led to a secret underground base. They found their mysterious caller who called himself the MachineSmith, a man who's broken body had been attached to a computer so his mind may survive.

He revealed he was part of a secret team of superhumans during world war 2, and so was Brain. He also told them about Doctor Destiny, a combat medic who could see the future, among other things. He had written his predictions and the secret for beating Brain inside a series of coded diaries which he had hidden in various locations and the team needed to find them before Brain's minions did.
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Tue 12 May 2020
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Back Issues: The Power of Paragon.
The diaries now found the team waited for Hotwire and Machinesmith to finish decoding them, but while the team waits and prepares, a new threat rears it's head. A group calling itself the Killer Krew has taken control of the city's gangs and thrown the city into chaos. They demand ten million dollars for a return to peace, and demand the Legacy bring it to them.

The Krew waits in the town square. Their Leader, a speedster known as Quik, Darts around the area. Fang, a shapeshifter that takes a human wolf-hybrid form sits atop a lightpole, ears perked. Swiss, who's arms could shift into shapeable metal, lounged on a nearby bench, and Heavyweight, who controlled gravity, floated nearby.

Hunter was crouched on a nearby rooftop his bow pointed at the scene, armed with a variety of specialized weapons and gadgets given to him by Hotwire and MachineSmith. Mirage lounged elegantly against the chimney, inspecting one perfectly manicured hand. Dragon Fist and Peregrine floated above, Peregrine holding a suitcase.

"Are we sure this will work?" Mirage asks, sounding impatient.

"The plan is sound." Hunter replied. "DF and Per head down with the suitcase. When Quik takes it, the Cryo-bomb goes off, trapping him in place temporarily. You port down and incapacitate him. Peregrine simultaneously hits the gravity wielder with a mind-blast. Df takes out the man with the knife arms, and I shoot down the wolf-boy. SImple in theory, but you know what they say about plans and enemy contact."

"We're ready to move." Peregrine said over the mind-link she maintained with the group "You two in position?"

"We're..Wait. Hold position, we have bogey incoming."

A man dressed in a blue and gold unitard  floated down in front of the super powered gang-bangers. "You disrupt our plans. You will cease. Now."

In a blink of an eye Quik stood before the new man. "Who the hell do you think you are?"

"I am Paragon. There are two options for you, cease your infantile plans and join with us, or die."

"Oh shit" Hunter said over the radio.

"Talk to me Hunter, you know this guy?" Peregrine replied, all business.

"He was in Malcolms files. An experiment gone awry. Started as a DPA agent with enhanced senses. Malcolm did something that basically turned him into Superman. Zeke we need you here, and I need a new loadout, flash and noise weapons."

"Is he one of Brain's flunkies?" Mirage asked as she stood up, standing at the ready."

"Sounds like he's at least aligned with him."

As the heroes realized their predicament, Quik sneered at Paragon's offer. "You can take your ultimatum and-" Faster than any could see Paragons hand flew in a backhand strike sending Quik flying into a building front smashing a hole through it's entrance.

With a snarl Fang went flying at Paragon, who caught him by the neck. He squeezed and the wolf-man's head popped off.

Paragon dropped slightly and he turned to regard Heavyweight who held both hands out, sweat beading on his brow. Slowly Paragon held up a hand and a beam of green energy burst out, turning Heavyweight to ash. Swiss turned to run, but was caught by another blast.

"I'm going in." Peregrine sent to others as she began to dive down. "DF Back me up. Hunter, Mirage on my signal, maneuver K. Zeke, once you've got Hunter his gear I need you on search and rescue I think this guy's gonna cause a lot of damage."

As the last of her orders are sent out Peregrine dives at the new threat like the bird that is her namesake, fist outstretched. He fist connects and Paragon's head turns from the blow. He slowly turns, unmarked, a smile on his face. "Ah, The Legacy." And with that counters with his own strike, a powerful haymaker at lightning speed. Peregrine has barely enough time to bring her arms up before the blow connects, sending her flying.

DF dives down with a chi-enhanced kick, striking Paragon in the chest. Paragon grabs at the Champion of light but Dragon Fist leaps away before he can be grabbed. He stands at the ready waving his hand in a 'come on' gesture. Paragon roars and charges Dragon Fist but the martial artist ducks at the last second, grabbing paragon and using his momentum against him and sending him skipping across the pavement.

Paragon recovers quickly and speeds at Dragon Fist but is intercepted by Peregrine, who grabs him in mid air and slams him to the ground. "Now!"

Mirage appears on his back, psychic dagger in hand, plunging it down as Hunter looses his arrow. But before either attack can connect he grabs mirage with one hand, tossing her aside, catching the arrow with the other hand.

The arrow went off, the unstoppable man letting out a hiss as the bright light flashed. Peregrine caught MIrage, gently placing her down while DF kept him off guard with a flurry of blows. "This isn't working, we need something new." Peregrine sent.

"I have an idea but it's dangerous,a long shot and DF won't like it. Permission to do something crazy boss?" Hunter asked.

"We'll deal with whatever the fallout is later, permission granted."

"Zeke I need you in every speaker in the area. Ready to go on my signal. Everyone else. Keep him off guard."

The rest of the team rushed Paragon, working together to keep him off balance, but just barely avoiding the fate that had befallen the Killer Krew. Suddenly, Hunter sent, "NOW" and a loud blare went across the whole area drowning out Paragon's screams as he grabbed his ears. An arrow with grappling line piereced the ground next to him and Hunter slid down the zipline and landed on Paragon's back, what looked like a cattle prod in one hand, and a smooth black ball in the other.

He placed both against Paragons head and he bucked as he screamed louder, till he collapsed, blood pouring from his nose and ears. Dragon Fist stared at his teammate as he slowly stood up off of the body of one of the most powerful beings in existence."What have you done?" The worlds greatest Marksman looked at the corpse, the at the carnage around him before turing to his teammate. "What I had to." Hunter replied

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