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Fri 11 Oct 2019
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For scenes the heroes are not privy to or involved in, to add some background and eliminate confusion among the players as to what exactly the villains plans are and so forth without resorting to monologues.
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Sat 12 Oct 2019
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In Space
  The dim lighting on the deck didn't bother the two aliens looking through the one way wall into the cell.  They still spoke softly, since their prisoner was no ordinary prisoner.  The wickedly short chains kept the prisoner from moving more than a couple feet in any direction from the bed he lay on, one arm thrown over his face.  The healing scars where they'd put his eyes out with the laser-irons hidden beneath his elbow, his black hair long and shaggy, unkempt from his time as a prisoner.  His dark blue skin sleek and smooth, most of their other tortures having left no physical marks on him.  The older scars from his former life were smooth, nothing aside from the burned pits left of his eyesockets.

  "I think your interrogator broke him a little too well.  He hasn't spoken a word since we eradicated the last signs of life on his homeworld before his eyes, then blinded him."

  The other one watching the prisoner shrugged, and said "We still need more information about that little planet on the backside of the ass end of nowhere that repelled our scouts."

  The first one shook his head, and said "They will  be a challenge, but we are determined.  We will conquer them, and add their remarkable abilities to our arsenal as we conquer every living thing."

"And when do we arrive?"

"One standard year, nine months Earth-time"

   While they spoke, Halkor gave no indication he even knew they were there, but his heart felt a pang of pain for his earthly friends, knowing these psychos were determined to conquer the planet where he had left so many friends.  He prayed the warning had given them some time to prepare for these . . . people.

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