The Supers Registration Act.   Posted by Justice.Group: 0
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Tue 22 Dec 2009
at 19:11
The Supers Registration Act
If anyone were to look They would find that a website for the registration act has already been created
The FBI would be handling the registration.
THe registrations would not be public record though they may need to carry a registration card with them

PArahumans will still have the same rights as normal citizens
THe governemtn is offering  a sponsored crimefighter position to anyone willing which would give them funding and special rights (similar to a police officers) when  fighting crime
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 Justice isn't blind
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Mon 28 Dec 2009
at 04:48
Re: The Supers Registration Act
Prahumans will have to be subject to an interview and test to seed out wackos and thos eiwth uncontrolled powers, also those hwo have passed the test and have been given a card will be allowed to act if a crime happens in thier vicinity. IF anything should go wrong while the parahuman is taking control of the situation the state and not the person are liable for damages. If someone is not registered and performs vigilantiism they are liaable for all damages caused by their actions.