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The secret history of the world
1926- Michael Chandler takes up the mantle of Shadowlord as the first costumed vigilantie he is soon followed by others, The Red Scorpion, The Man Without a Face, The Blind Doctor Etc. they mostly stay out of the public eye reported only in tabloids.
1931 HItler is appraoched by a mysterious figure offering him knowledge needed to make his dreams of an Aryan nation true.
1936 A pair of french Archaeologists discover a magical tome in an ancient tomb. They Join the war effort as Maester and Brain
1938 Charles Mentworth member of THe RAF is shot down by an experimetnal nazi aircraft in the afteramath he gains strange powers and returns to the Allies now calling himself Excel.
1942 The american soldiers James Derring, and Malcolm Worth come in contact with two mysterious artifacts gaining mysterious powers tehy join thier governemtn as Callsign Fortune and the Machinesmith.
1942: The secret Defenders are founded.
1946 The mastermind behind The Nazi Occult FOrces is killed the war is over both officially and unofficioally
1949: The Department of Paranormal Activities is founded
1952:The Man without a face is betrayed by Sarah Bertelli to her family and he is killed fearing similar fates other vigilantes either go to the government or hang up the masks
1964: A former Defender Mr Hurt shows up at James Derrings door witha baby in hand. He hands off the child before dissapearing James names the child Donald.
1969: John Mckeanalso known as Agent Eagle Eye undergoes an experiment to become the ultimate weapon for democracy. HE si driven mad and devestates teh leadership of the DPA including the Mchinesmith. He later dissapears underground
1975: Former Defenders Brain and Maester discover an ancient artifact known as the psionatrix. The artifact drove Brain mad, killing his best friend in front of his grandson, and dissapearing underground
1977: The Parahuman Decline in full swing the Dpa is shut down.
2006: Rumours of strange happenings begin occuring.
2008: In response to the machinations of the megalomaniac known as Brain The Legacy is formed and goes public stopping a bankrobbery on live television. This inspires a new generation of parahumans to step into the limelight. They soon defeat brain and return to Weston.
2010: The Supers Registration Act is Passed.
2010:Strike team ALpha and Dpa Founded
2011: Masks Inc. is Founded
2013: The New Age Defenders are founded, saving Manhattan from a rampaging Parahuman known as Paragon.
2013: Founding member of the Legacy, Peregrine, is killed in a massive explosion following a battle with a ressurected demon.
2015: Hotwire forms the Para Training Camp program.
2015: Anti Para Discrimination laws passed
2016: Hunter publically unmasks and enters politics
2016: Founding Legacy member Mirage is killed. She is given a heroes funeral and buried in the town square under a statue of herself
2018: Knight Errant is killed and Stormwalker Depowered, Legacy officially disbands
2018: The Global Guardians are founded
2023- Current Year

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Paths to power
Parahumans: Though the word Para is often used as a catchall term to describe anyone with powers. The technical definition of a Parahuman is one with superhuman abilities caused by a unique gene that lays dormant until activated.

It is possible to live one's entire life with the gene dormant, and there are also those that carry the gene recessively, who can pass on the gene but it lays permanently dormant.

The gene is usually triggered by either a near death experience or severe emotional trauma. Dangerous or extremely stressful events will force the gene to activate causing the powers to manifest.

Magic: Magic varies greatly from user to user, from traditional spellcasters of myth (who also vary greatly in style and discipline) to those with specific mystical abilities (i.e. regular superpowers with a different source). It is generally defined as the tapping into and manipulation of certain as of yet unclassified energies.
 There are three possible ways to gain magic. The naturals, who are born with the capacity to control mystical energies. The Pactmakers, who make deals with extradimensional entities in exchange for power. And the learned, those who through training and force of will learn to tap into these energies.
 Additionally, one could also posses a magical item which bestows power unto its wielder.

Chi manipulation: There are certain forms of martial arts that unlock the practitioner's hidden potential and allow them to manipulate their own life force. Allowing them to perform physical feats and possess supernatural abilities normally associated with parahumans, and fight much like a kung fu film. These styles are difficult to find and even more difficult to learn and master, but through years of hard work and intense training a 'normal human' can obtain superhuman abilities.

Training and Technology: The combination of combat training and near super tech can allow someone with no paranormal abilities to stand toe to toe with those that have them. Normal humans are also capable of using super tech but the only ones capable of producing it are para-inventors.

Supersoldiers: There have been several cases of normal humans being altered in order to gain superhuman abilities. However the successes of such programs are rare and have produced at most a handful of successful candidates per experiment, with no discernible reason for why it worked on them and not countless others.

The most notable success of creating super-soldiers are Mr. Hurt and his son The Hunter. Mr. Hurt does not posses the parahuman gene, and Don does so recessively, but both posses enhanced abilities beyond what a normal human is capable of.

Immortals: A separate subspecies of humanity from parahumans, immortals are born with accelerated regenerative ability, a 'niche' or 'archetype' making them naturally talented in a particular set of skills, and a nigh infinite lifespan.

"Immortal" is a bit of a misnomer, though they are immune to nearly all poisons and diseases, old age, and extremely difficult to kill, it is possible. There is a method for killing an immortal, but very few people know just what this method is.

Immortals also reproduce very infrequently, many only having one or two in centuries or millennia of life, most never having children at all.
GMs note: Immortals are primarily NPCs, I would need a REALLY good rtj to consider an immortal player

Unique: Sometimes unique circumstances that do not fall into other categories can result in powers, such as Excelsior being chosen and empowered by the earth, or Machinesmith being changed by the Atlantean artifact. These are taken on a case by case basis and are subject to refusal if the GMs feel they do not fit.

Aliens: Aliens are possible PCs at this point but again on a case by case basis as they are still rare on earth. There is an outer space storyline going on currently so please get an update from GMs before you create character. You may use one of our canon races or make up your own.

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The Secret Defenders: Highly classified group of allied parahumans who fought against the Nazi's Occult Science Division during WW2.

The Legacy: The First modern superteam and the first parahumans to go public with their abilities. The legacy has now disbanded with four of their number dead and five retired. Dragon Fist is the only one who remains active.

The New Age Defenders: A group of teen parahumans that banded together while the Legacy was active. It's members have since grown and moved on to other things, though while the team is officially disbanded the members retain a loose affiliation with occasional team ups.

D.P.A.: The Department of Parahuman Affairs is a branch of the justice department that specifically deals with Parahumans on a federal basis. Essentially the FBI for parahumans.

S.C.U.: The Special Cases Unit, Police equivalent of the DPA

Strike Team Alpha: Squad of parahuman soldiers, only can act in situations with other paras involved.

The Brain Bank.: A government research lab made up of the greatest minds in the country, design things for the DPA and Strike team alpha, do 'parahuman forensics' for SCU's across the country, and study parahuman abilities and para-tech. Recruits parahumans with more cerebral abilities.

Masks Inc: Part mercenary squad, part detective agency, and part security company, Masks Inc. provides 'parahuman solutions to parahuman problems' hiring out Paras to solve whatever problems their customers might have.

Global Guardians: A U.N. sanctioned team made up of paras from around the world to deal with global threats.

The Camp: Though the offical name is the rather bland name of "The Camp" It has many unoficial names such as Para Camp, Hotwire's school of Superheroics, and Proffesor Para's Parahuman Power School. The Camp is run by former Legacy member Hotwire who offers training to Parahumans who wish to use their powers for good as well as genetic testing and ways to activate powers safely.

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Aliens are a new thing on earth first contact being only 6 years ago. First contact happened between the crew of the Star Steed (a group of outcasts wanted for crimes they didn't commit) and several of Weston's parahumans including Matt Mathews and Miss Adventure who left with them when they left.

Earth has had limited contact with other planets mainly because of its remote location, even with the use of warp gates it is a journey of several months, and a small delegation of Earth's leaders have gone to meet with other planetary leaders only once. It is also a poor choice for conquest as earth is (as far as anyone knows) the only planet who's dominant species mutates. Humans are the only species to produce paras and while other races may have superior physical abilities or special talents such as telepathy those abilities will be fairly uniform across the species.

Known Species:

Arkalians: A warlike people living on a harsh desert planet. Blue skinned and pointy eared they somewhat resemble dark elves of fantasy lore. Arkalians are especially quick and agile and are known to even block both beam weapons and projectiles using their Sorusite swords. Sorusite is a special mineral that is only found on Arkalia, it is incredibly light and is one of the strongest metals in existence with few things that can withstand a cut from a sorusite blade. It can also reflect most types of energy. It is used for both weapons and armor. The Arkalians are ruled by five houses and the Imperial Family, the head of each house has a space on the council while the King may veto any bill they discuss. There is regular conflict amongst the clans, the Arkalians also often clash with the Derezzi, a lizard like nomad race that regularly clashes with the arkalians over resources.

Lenoids: A nomadic people the Lenoids resemble large anthropomorphic lions. They travel the galaxy in their 'home ships' either conducting raids on small colonies or hiring out as mercenaries.

Cetrec: A hyper intelligent people with light green skin, slits instead of a nose, and small beady eyes. The Cetrec worship "The Grand INtelligence" a sort of machine god, and many of them undergo cybernetic enhancements.  The church has become corrupt in recent decades leading the creation of a rebel faction dedicated to dethroning them.

Ziktar: A cat-like people with razor sharp claws and no spine. Hyper Authoritarian society, strict caste system. Everyone with a supplied position.

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Villainous Organizations
Organized Crime:

 The Lavish Legion, mainly arms dealers led by the former mob hitman turned electric powered parahuman called Shock. Known for being well dressed, mainly deal in high tech weaponry, mercenary work, and occasionally drugs.

The Talons: Street Gang, mostly deals in drugs and the occasional heist. Led by RedWing, Eagle, and Falcon, a trio in their early twenties that came up together on the street. Redwing is the leader, Has short bursts of superspeed and enhanced agility. Expert with knives. Falcon is his right hand man, able to encase his hands in some kind of energy he is deadly  in close quarters. Eagle is the sharpshooter of the three and the balance that keeps the gang together.

The Red Tigers: Asian street gang  born in the streets of chinatown, rivals to the Talons. Deal in Prostitution and drugs.

The Sharks: Biker gang, primarily arms dealers and hired muscle.

The Fallen Angels: Another biker gang, arms dealers and underground fight rings.

The Carbone Family: Formerly a 'sub-family' in service to the Bertellis Leo Carbone survived where Antonio and his son did not and managed to pull what was left of their organization together with his own to create a place for himself in Weston's underworld.

Purity Militia: A militant anti parahuman faction who believe parahumans will make humanity extinct. Has access to advanced tech.

The Order of Midnight: A doomsday cult under control of the charismatic Lord of Night. Has a mix of normal humans acting as cannon fodder, and a collection of parahumans and magic users.

*in progress*

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The Family
The Family are a group of homeless parahumans who through a variety of reasons have lost their place in human society. Many of them cannot pass for human though some are simply the victims of Prejudice. They live in an abandoned cold war era bunker known simply as "The Home". Their numbers have dwindled since parahuman acceptance has become more widespread, but there are many whose looks or abilities make it difficult to integrate into human society or who have simply been there too long to know how to reintegrate.

Notable Members

Nosferatu: The heir to a wealthy family Nosferatu was kicked out and disowned when he changed. He has unnaturally pale skin an emaciated skeletal look, and pointed ears. Nosferatu is adapted to darkness, he can see perfectly in it and can blend into the shadows. He also possesses enhanced strength and agility. As a downside however daylight burns both his skin and his eyes and he cannot venture out in the daylight without being completely covered and special darkened goggles.

Nosferatu acts as the Leader of the home, though they have a sort of 'ruling council' he acts as an arbiter and a calm voice of reason.

Dreamgirl: A teenage runaway, with the ability to telempathically connect to people's dreams. Acts as a sort of therapist to the members of The Family. The only person who can keep Lifeleech's cravings at bay.

LifeLeech: A former CPA with the ability to absorb a person's life force and transfer it to power. The absorbing of life force is almost like a narcotic, causing an extreme change in personality and addiction. Ran away from his wife and child after he almost killed them.
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Power  Classifications
The DPA has broken down powers into classes by the type of power set, and levels by how powerful the power is.

The levels are numbered from 1-10 with one being minor power and ten being extremely powerful. Ten's are very rare with only a handful throughout the world.

The Power Classes are as Follows. An individual can also possess multiple classes.

Bruiser Class: Those with strength and durability based enhancements are Bruiser Class, those that can turn into a steel or rock form, those with personal density or gravity manipulation, or just plain old superhuman strength and durability, fall into this category

Blaster class: are those able to manifest various types of energy or other ranged attack based powers.

 Defender class: posses defense based abilities, force fields and the like.

Thinker class: posses mental based enhancements, those with hyper intelligence, psionic abilities, enhanced senses and/or reflexes, are all Thinker class abilities.

Mobility class: includes speedsters, teleporters, and those with superhuman agility and other movement based abilities.

 Manipulator class: manipulate a particular element or energy field, telekinetics, gravity manipulators and other such abilities.

Champion class: is usually a mix of Bruiser and Mobility class with sometimes additional abilities unique to the individual.

Metamorph Class: Metamorphs have the ability to alter their own physical form, such as shapeshifters and elastics.

Eldritch: Any magic based ability.
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With the help of para inventors technology has increased drastically in the fifteen years since the beginning of the para age. Cheap, efficient electric cars have all but replaced traditional automobiles. Cell phones have been replaced by holographic wristbands, and other leaps have been made in terms of what is available to civilians.

The field of medicine has also made dramatic leaps, and the military has access to technology that would have seemed like science fiction before paras. Armored soldiers, better weapons, cyborgs, futuristic vehicles, and the like are available to the military.
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When paras began to become accepted by the general populace stories about real superheroes  began to take over popular entertainment. Most comics are about real life super teams or heroes though in many cases the stories are exaggerated or downright fiction, especially when creators have to fill in the gaps for information that's not publicly known like secret identities.

There are also movies based on many different real life heroes. There are series' for The Legacy, The New Age Defenders, The Knighthood, and Strike Team Alpha. THe movies also make up details they do not know, for example in the Legacy movies Dragon Fist is asian, and his armor is formed from an amulet given to him by his grandfather, none of which is remotely accurate. However, in those same movies,  Mirage is a rich socialite who was attacked by a gang of men when her powers activated, which is very close to the truth. So their accuracy is rather hit or miss.

The Legacy Movie Castings

Dragon Fist-Jet Li
Hotwire-Keanu Reeves
Peregrine: Charlize Theron
Hunter:Bruce Willis
Mirage: Scarlett Johansson
Enigma: Gary Oldman

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Masks Inc:  A parahuman business that is basically heroes for hire, led  by The Rocket.  Ozzy Gysbourne is currently employed by them.

Apokryphal Services:  Nonprofit organization founded by Megaira Kattakara, what precisely all it does, nobody is currently aware of.