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This is the human version of history. The Dwarven version has significant differences in certain areas.

These are the key historical events and anyone who has studied history would know them.

Nomad human characters don't know much about any of this, as it doesn't interest them.

Pax Tharkas is common knowledge among dwarves and elves, though humans that have studied the subject would know about it too.

What happened to the Towers of High Sorcery is only common knowledge among the Wizards of High Sorcery.

Depending on who you are, and what you have studied, you may know other things about the history of Krynn.

Age of Starbirth
The coming of the gods and the creation of Krynn, dragons, elves, ogres, humans, and the Graygem.

Age of Dreams
The Age of Dreams is divided into three periods. Foundation (9000-5000 PC), The Time of Light (5000-2000 PC), and The Time of Knights.

The Foundation: 9000 - 5000 PC
Ogres, elves, and humans determine where they want to live.
Reorx walks among the humans.
Ogres continue to embrace cruelty and they begin to outwardly reflect their inner ugliness.
The elves create their own civilization, ending an era.

The Time of Light: 5000 - 2000 PC
Reorx creates Gnomes from his proud human followers.
A Gnome released the captured Graygem and the hunt for it begins.
Gnomes that wanted to own the Graygem for its wealth became dwarves, while those that were curious about it became kender.

3900-3550 PC
The First Dragon War

2692-2645 PC
The Second Dragon War

The Orders of High Sorcery are created and the Towers of High Sorcery built.

2192-2140 PC
The Kinslayer War: The Silvanesti elves fight the humans of Ergoth. The western elves declare their independence from Silvanesti under Kith-Kanan.

2073 PC
The Swordsheath Scroll is signed by elves, dwarves, and Ergoth.

The western elves move and become the Qualinesti.

Time of Knights: 2000 PC -
Kith-Kanan makes sure that elves and dwarves build the fortress of Pax Tharkas.

1775 PC
The Knights of Solamnia founded.

The human nations of Solamnia and Istar begin.
Istar grows to the world power in trade and economy
Solamnia grows to the world military power.

1060-1018 PC
The Third Dragon War. The war is ended through the god given power of Solamnic Knight Huma Dragonbane and the dragonlance.

Age of Might
Starts after the end of the Third Dragon War (1000 PC) and ends in the Cataclysm.

Istar begins to spread its economical power.
Istar and Thoradin dwarves sign the Swordsheath Scroll.

460 PC
Istar becomes the dominant power in Ansalon.

280 PC
Istar claims to be the moral center of the world and installs a Kingpriest. Solamnia approves, but Silvanesti doesn't.

Temple of the Kingpriest built in Istar.
Istar represses the independance of anyone who disagrees with the Kingpriest's policies and edicts.

118 PC
Proclamation of Manifest Virtue: The Kingpriest declares that those guilty of Evil Acts will be executed in the gladiatorial arena.

94 PC
Addendum to Proclamation of Manifest Virtue: Certain races are Evil and must either be brought to the light or executed.

Istar is the center of religion and it's clergy must approve all aspectes of life.
Arcane Magic is Evil.

19 PC
The Kingpriest urges the people to lay siege to the Towers of High Sorcery. Instead of losing the Towers in Goodlund and Daltigoth, the wizards destroy them. The Kingpriest grants the wizards exile to the Tower of Wayreth (the most isolated) if they leave the two other Towers intact. They reluctantly agree. The Kingpriest moves into the Tower of Istar and the Lord of Palanthus planned to do the same thing, but the Black Robed wizard Rannoch killed himself and cursed the Tower to be closed until it was opened by the Master of Past and Present.

6 PC
The Kingpriest determines that Evil thoughts is the same as Evil actions.

1 PC
Clerics of the True Gods vanish.

0 PC
On the 13th day of Yule, the 3rd day of the new year, the fiery mountain strikes Istar.

Age of Despair
Begins after the Cataclysm.

Knights of Solamnia are persecuted for failure to prevent the Cataclysm, except in Eastlund.
The Seeker movement begins.

39 AC
The Dwarfgate War: Humans and hill dwarves fight the mountain dwarves to get access to Thorbardin and its food.

351 AC
The city of Kalaman was captured and sacked by the Blue Dragonarmy.

The Godsbringers returned to Solace after their 5 year quest. The quest of the Blue Crystal Staff was begun, which led them to Xak Tsaroth and the return of the gods. They led refugees, explored Skullcap, returned the Hammer of Kharas to the dwarves, and traveled to Tarsis by the sea.

There they split up.

The Eastern group traveled to Silvanesti and then north. They rediscovered the dragon orbs.

The Western group traveled to Icewall, Ergoth, and Sancrist. They rediscover the dragonlances.

352 AC
The Western group defends the High Clerist Tower.

Nathan Evardson became the Master of Past and Present.

The good dragons return.

The groups are reunited and they defeat the forces of evil.

353 AC
The War of the Lance has officially ended.

Nathan Evardson informed the Conclave of High Sorcery that he was in control of the Tower in Palanthus, had one of the Dragon Orbs, and that he wanted an apprentice.

Obsidian Stonewarden returned to the dwarves and began working to end the ill will that existed among the dwarves because of the Dwarf Gate War.

The Knights of Solamnia are in control of Solamnia, Ergoth, and Sancrist.

Abanasinia, Nightlund, Throtyl, and Goodlund are free and the Knights are welcomed there, outside the Elven and Dwarven Nations.

Balifor, Estwilde, Nordmaar, Khur, Taman Busuk, and Blöde are under Dragonarmy control.

The islands east of the Blood Sea of Istar are under Minotaur control.

The Icewall Glacier is free, but there is no Solamnic presence there.

The Ogres control Kern, including Ogrebond.

The campaign begins.

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