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Thu 16 Sep 2010
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Last Watch (D'aden)
Suddenly D'aden was shaken awake. As he opened his eyes, he saw Olwain.

"It's your turn to stand watch soon," the knight said. "You better get ready."
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Fri 17 Sep 2010
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Re: Last Watch (D'aden)
Hopping to his feet as if he had not been unconscious a moment before, D'aden nodded to Olwain. Packing away his bedding, he opts to be armed with his quarterstaff, with his bow close to hand, "Have you seen anything I should be wary of?"
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Fri 17 Sep 2010
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Re: Last Watch (D'aden)
"The night has past without incident," Owain replied.

As D'aden got ready, Kar and Sarah awoke. And without comment, Kar started to pray. And though no sound past his lips, they were clearly moving with every word.
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Tue 21 Sep 2010
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Re: Last Watch (D'aden)
The first hour of D'aden's first watch past without incident. Kar prayed the entire hour and Sarah watched him and the surroundings, as if she was keeping him safe.

At the beginning of the new hour, Kar brought out a book from his pack and started to read. Sarah continued to watch.
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Wed 22 Sep 2010
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Re: Last Watch (D'aden)
After an hour of study, Kar seemed to be finished and he packed away his book. And at about the same time, the sun rose and it was time to wake the others.

[OOC: Feel free to wake the others in the main thread.]

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