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Chapter 18.4 The Hunting Party
The great serpent's track is not hard to follow across the grass. Indeed, the creature's location becomes extremely obvious whilst the re-united party and pet abomination are still scrambling down the slope: an eyeball-searing explosion becomes a blue-white wave of flame down on the plain.

Although it soon burns down to a bright yellow, the serpent remains on fire as he speeds up, tacking west and vanishing in a flaming arc into the tumble of coarse rock formations, leaving little flecks of fire in his wake.

[[19:38, Today: Alouette, for the NPC Maria, rolled 4 using 1d4-2, rerolling max with rolls of (4+2)6. holy hand grenade! Good grief, she hit him.

19:42, Today: Alouette, for the NPC Maria, rolled 5 using 3d6, rerolling max with rolls of 1,2,2. damage. ...
19:42, Today: Ixquahuacoatl rolled 15 using 1d6, rerolling max with rolls of (6+6+3)15. on fire? He's really on fire!

19:47, Today: Alouette rolled 5 using 1d6, rerolling max with rolls of 5. grass on fire?
Grass isn't, though.

19:50, Today: Ixquahuacoatl rolled 8 using 2d6, rerolling max with rolls of 1,(6+1)7. plus ouch. Ixi takes more damage, but it doesn't inconvienience him, despite the being on fire thing. He takes himself out of sight, still on fire.
19:50, Today: Ixquahuacoatl rolled 2 using 1d6, rerolling max with rolls of 2. plus fire? Somehow the grass still isn't set alight.]]

Adrian is in the lead, and is thus the first person to be greeted by the clank upon reaching the general area the holy hand grenade was thrown from: "Howdy, Deputy Vega!"

Unfortunately, the second thing to be greeted by the clank is the mould-streaked animate pile of bones bounding along beside him. "Howdy, Jumping Undead Mass!"

the dark woman in dark, ragged clothing screams, and starts legging it in the opposite direction.

A growling at knee height brings Adrian's attention down to the even-spikier-than-usual chupacabra at the clank's feet as Jake and Harry catch up with him.

Jaquinta bares her teeth but stands her ground, seeing as the bone fiend doesn't seem to be eating anybody next to it. Evans, Hank, William and the priest are not far behind by now, though the healed Hardin is lagging. If the Mayor has decided to come, he's not in view yet.

[[ Fear checks for the NPCs who haven't met/been forewarned about Rattles there (handwaving that Evans/O'Rourke, much as they disapprove, would probably have informed William/Hank of their unholy ally)

20:01, Today: Alouette, for the NPC Maria, rolled 3 using 1d6, rerolling max with rolls of 3. fear! She should have a -3 on that for FL, so..Fail. She's Panicked!

Jaquinta rolled 5,2 using d6,d6, rerolling max with rolls of 5,2. fear! Pass.

...aaand for fairness: Alouette rolled 6,6 using d8+1,d6+1, rerolling max with rolls of 5,5. fear! Clank is unconcerned.]]

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Re: Chapter 18.4 The Hunting Party
"Howdy, Alouette," he said, thinking about how to bring the clank up to speed.

"Alright, I'm going to tell you what's happened. I saved Father O'Rourke from being sacrificed by a giant snake demon that was going to kill him. We read in Dr. Ward's book that the only way to kill a snake demon is with its own venom or venom of its kin. So I busted open its venom sac with my weapon here and I killed the snake demon, but before I was able to do that, he opened a magical portal and and two more big snake demons came out of there. They were his brother and sister. I used the venom from the first snake demon to kill one more of the big snake demons. Now there's one snake demon left, and he ran away. We're following him."

He scratched his head, trying to figure out if he missed anything. The sight of the bone glom reminded him. "Oh yeah, when I killed the snake demon it gave me a kinda power. It had made this Jumping Undead Mass, and now I can control it somehow. It listens to orders I give it. I'm gonna have it help us fight the last snake demon."

"Any questions?"