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Thu 27 Jun 2013
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Chapter 17.1: The Second Coming ((Wendell Mine))
Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
--Yeats, The Second Coming

Past Midnight. April 12th, 1879. The Wendell Mine

Charging Bear creeps in the darkness, navigating completely by feel and sound. Itza-chu is quiet...but not quiet enough. Charging Bear creeps closer to the ragged breathing he hears, blades ready.

Then, suddenly, there's a flare of light. Charing Bear's night vision is wiped out in the hiss of sulpher as the match gutters, but he catches sight of a human shape in grey war least, that's what he thinks he sees. Then the match touches on an oil-soaked rag wrapped around a branch, and a torch flares to life.

The torchlight illumines the rock face. Seems of ghost rock peak out of rock formations in the wall. Stalactites shaped like skeletons being crushed in the coils of giant serpents rise from the ground as a pair of grey-skinned COmanche warriors reveal themselves. It's not that they've been painted...their skin is bleached of all color, as if the two warriors had stepped out of a photograph.

Itza-chu lies battered and bloody on the ground, frozen at the sight of the two warriors. He raises a hand to them, as if pleading for help.

The two warriors shrug, then one tosses his brand at the ceiling above the wounded Apache. The air suddenly grows hot as the brand strike a pocket of gas, and the last sight Charging Bear sees before the walls come down is Itza-chu screaming in a sea of blue-orange flames...

((OOC: CB is effectively blind here, so he has a -6 penalty on anything involving vision. That means his 16 notice is downgraded to 10...still quite a nice roll. Itza-chu is trying to be stealthy. He has a +2 bonus for crawling, +4 for the pitch darkness, and -3 for his wounds.

00:24, Today: Itza-Chu rolled 5,8 using d8+3,d6+3, rerolling max with rolls of 2,5. Stealth! CB manages to catch on to Itza-chu's trail.

However, he fails to notice the Comanche Raiders laying in wait here...until they strike matches, light their torches, and toss them up into the collected Ghost Rock fumes in this part of the cavern!

Roll Agility (-2) to get clear of the cave-in they just caused.))

Dr. Ward treats Augustus' wounds. The wounds are slight, and oddly don't hurt that much, but they are bothersome, and it's good to have fully-functioning limbs again.

Heavy Henry knows that the 4 ways are actually 3...the passage to the left is just a short dead end. The passage to the North leads to a maze of tunnels that wind everywhere under the town, and are easy to get lost in, but there was talk of the tunnels breaking through to a cavern shortly before the accident.

The tunnel to the right leads to some tunnels that intersect into a series of natural caverns. It might be the quickest way to the heart of the maze...or it would be if there wasn't a rumbling coming from that direction...
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Fri 28 Jun 2013
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Re: Chapter 17.1: The Second Coming ((Wendell Mine))
Charging Bear covered his eyes as best he could but the flash of light nearly blinds him. The native son didn't really have time to reflect on the situation at hand as there was an explosion going on. Turning quickly, Charging Bear dived back up the tunnel hoping for the best ...

09:32, Today: Charging Bear rolled -1,-1 using 1d8-3,1d6-3, rerolling max with rolls of 2,2. Agility (-2 GM, -1 Fatigue).
Burning a white chip to reroll that mess. Which give me a +2 thanks to Elan
09:32, Today: Charging Bear rolled 5,2 using 1d8-1,1d6-1, rerolling max with rolls of 6,3. White Chip reroll.

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Fri 28 Jun 2013
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Re: Chapter 17.1: The Second Coming ((Wendell Mine))
The rocks fall, but Charging Bear doesn't die. He doesn't know what happened to Itza-chu, though there was no way he could see the villainous Apache surviving that now that his magic protection had been removed.

But the grey-skinned Comanches weren't done with Charging Bear yet. Charging Bear sees torchlight in the dust, headed his way...

((OOC: Draw a card for initiative!))
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Fri 28 Jun 2013
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Re: Chapter 17.1: The Second Coming ((Wendell Mine))
OOC: 1 card as requested
13:36, Today: Charging Bear drew the single card: 10S using a deck of 54 cards. Initiative.

Comanche Raiders
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Fri 28 Jun 2013
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Re: Chapter 17.1: The Second Coming ((Wendell Mine))
The eerie grey Comanche sweep in, tomahawks flashing in the light of the torches they carry. One swings low, and Charging Bear is easily able to block it. The other catches him across the back, but the blade only succeeds in ripping CB's already tattered shirt.

((OOC: The die roller still hates you. The Comanche get KD.

They rush you, but since you're using your Relics, they don't get a Gang-up bonus on you.

10:43, Today: Comanche Raiders rolled 1,10 using d8,d8, rerolling max with rolls of 1,(8+2)10. Fighting!

One misses, so you get your Counterattack against him. The other hits.

10:45, Today: Comanche Raiders rolled 1,2 using d8,d6, rerolling max with rolls of 1,2. Damage. That's 3. That's not even enough to seriously inconvenience the Native Son.

Next round: 10C))

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Fri 28 Jun 2013
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Re: Chapter 17.1: The Second Coming ((Wendell Mine))
This is a dance Charging Bear know's well. He shifts his postion as best he can to put a wall to his back so his two foes can't gang up. His blades lash out at the Apache who's attack he blocked but the native son's own movements make his tomahawk come up short.

Charging Bear slashes at both of the Apache, but only manages to hit one of them. His tomahawks almost hum in his hands, their time in the spirit world seemed to have some sort of affect on them.

Counter attack 13:53, Today: Charging Bear rolled 3,3 using 1d10,1d6, rerolling max with rolls of 3,3. Fighting (+1TMW, +1Flou, -2 Counter). Miss!
I go before them so here's my two attacks
13:55, Today: Charging Bear rolled 7,4,6,1 using 1d10+1,1d6+1,1d10-1,1d6-1, rerolling max with rolls of 6,3,7,2. Fighting (+1TMW+1Flou-2 Offhand,-1Fati).
1 hit, 1 miss
13:57, Today: Charging Bear rolled 6,1 using 1d8+3,1d6, rerolling max with rolls of 3,1. Damage (Str,Tomahawk, +2weapon +1 Grim).
7 damage ... that shakes?

13:58, Today: Charging Bear drew the single card: 4H using a deck of 54 cards. Initiative.
Going late next round

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Fri 28 Jun 2013
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back in the cavern...
The Dust Adders tense at the sound of falling rock; there's an odd moment of utter silence and simultaneous self-crossing. Even Carl, caught in a loop of feeling the same sensation as when a dream is realised to be a dream and the realisation he's awake, over and over, feels a distant spike of terror.

Heavy Henry sticks his shotgun under his arm and takes a quick drink from his canteen, gesturing at the tunnel whence the ominous noises came. "That way...we might could follow the old watercourses straight down to the big cavern that's s'posed to be at the deep-down...where the front was at the time o' the..." he glanced at the ceiling, eyes flicking involuntarily to the piles of bone. "...Yeah."

Carl nods, aware of the likelihood of human action down that way and the equal liklihood of a dead end, gestures to the tunnel he's already left a looping trail of blood around.

"Straight on, reckon we could get there as quick if'n we knew where we were headed."

"Don't look at me," Mike says, raising an eyebrow. "I was a trap boy 'til I started haulin' over on Five."

Heavy Henry shifts uncomfortably. "You got a compass, Doc?"

"-anyone bring a candle? If the Comanch' never set draw fires..."
Mike trailed off, not wanting to remind the boys that every breath counted double for the length of a man's life underground. Still, better to know of 'heavy air' that presaged a gas pocket before walking into it with lights...not only did explosions run the risk of horrendous burns and rockfall, but were quite capable of burning up all the air in an entire passageway depending on position and depth.
Augustus Spotswood
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Wed 17 Jul 2013
at 16:29
Re: back in the cavern...
"A candle?  What would you want such an old fashioned contrivance for?  No, I'm sure it's because they don't know any better.  If you give me a few moments, I'm sure I can whip up something to generate light."
Mike Bennett
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Wed 17 Jul 2013
at 19:21
Re: back in the cavern...
Mike glances at the others. "'Cause a candle'll start burnin' with a real small flame if we're 'bout to run into a pocket of blackdamp," he explains, then realises the greenhorn probably doesn't even know that much.

"- kinda like solid dark, I guess. Puts fire out an'...chokes a man fast as drowning, somethin' to do with the coal soot after an explosion. Candle'll also burn reddish headed for a pocket o' lead fumes, which're bad poison. How 'bout you jes' work on making sure that...hummy weapon thing'll be good against the Comanch', huh? That and aiming it."
He nods over at Murphy, whom the distracted scientist had forgotten to apologise to after blasting the little Irishman across the cavern.
Comanche Raiders
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Fri 6 Sep 2013
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Re: Chapter 17.1: The Second Coming ((Wendell Mine))
In reply to Charging Bear (msg # 6):

The Comanche hit by Charging Bear's blade stagges black, dark black blood oozing from his grey skin, but the cut is shallow and doesn't seem to have injured him much. Still, he seems surprised that the native son can, in fact, hurt him at all.

The other one screams a war cry that echoes down the tunnel as he charges the Native Son. His blade lashes out, but Charging Bear is easily able to deflect it.

((OOC: That will make the Comanche shaken, yes. As the turn starts, he rolls to Unshake.

00:54, Today: Comanche Raiders rolled 2 using 1d8, rerolling max with rolls of 2. unshake. No, he does not unshake.

The one who still can fight leaps at CB and swings his Tomahawk. 00:55, Today: Comanche Raiders rolled 5 using 1d8, rerolling max with rolls of 5. Fighting! That comes nowhere near CB's Parry.))

CB, your turn
Dr. Dexter Ward
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Fri 6 Sep 2013
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Re: Chapter 17.1: The Second Coming ((Wendell Mine))
A piercing, screaming war cry can be heard from the tunnel the collapse had come from.

"Ready yourselves!" Ward says. "We have company!"
Augustus Spotswood
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Fri 6 Sep 2013
at 08:21
Re: Chapter 17.1: The Second Coming ((Wendell Mine))
"If you'll give me a moment.  Yes, just a moment.  This won't take long.  Ah-ha!  Here we go!"  The doctor raised a heavily modified shotgun and pointed it in the general direction of the enemies.  "Now, where are they?"
Mad Irish Murphy
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Fri 6 Sep 2013
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Re: Chapter 17.1: The Second Coming ((Wendell Mine))
"Oy, bloody hell...." Murphy mutters.
"Come on, Carl, you need to take cover!"

He pully his pistol with his right, with his left hand grabbing Carl's arm, gently dragging him to the back.

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