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Chapter 17.4  And The Crows Will Dig Your Grave

Marina's form slumps against William's staking fist. She whimpers softly, blood pooling beneath them. Adrian's wound oozes, and a sudden mad skittering starts up in his chest.

Partway up the stairs, Jake hears a tremendous {{*CRASH*}} and looks back to see a cow shaking the last splintered remnants of the door from its forehead. It's followed by another, and another, lowing in panic. The occasional flicker of foxfire arcs over their horns and backs.

The crowlets are divebombing the herd out on the porch, but it only seems to increase the animals' panic. The now-audible cries of cowboys and a rattling of actual hail outside suggest the original source. The clank stands firm as cattle force their way into the house, static surging somewhere within.

"Aw, Hell," Hardin says, back in the kitchen, and takes off his coat, his odd hunched back resolving itself into two extra arms which draw pistols as they unfurl. The priest and Dust Adders stare at him.

Hank's already crouched at the doorframe. "Anyone got spare ammunition? I'm almost out of bullets," he mentions, sighting.

Jake Lawrence - 7C - go!
Adrian Vega - 3D

Downstairs peeps - that's Sarah, Evans, and most of the NPCs, can act at will (within reason) regardless of what upstairs folk are doing this round. Please draw cards for the next one.]]