Chapter 18.1 - It Can Be Done, Amigos!   Posted by Alouette.Group: 0
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Wed 25 Mar 2015
at 22:11
Chapter 18.1 - It Can Be Done, Amigos!
4:23am Holy Saturday, April 12th 1879: somewhere on Circle W territory

"Howdy trees! Howdy crow-spirits! Howdy Very Hairy Person and/or Thing!"

Finally loaded up and ready to go, Sarah's steam wagon rolls, bumps and hurtles across the plains in hot pursuit of her captor. The rain has eased off to a persistent drizzle, though lighting still occasionally stabs groundward with no predictable pattern, the sky growling as though the next cloudbreak might tear open to reveal teeth about to devour the Earth.

Given the space taken up by the Mayor, it had been expedient to tie the clank to the roof.

[[feel free to scene-set here: I'm going to ask for a few rolls to determine some things as per the OOC thread.]]

Adrian Vega
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Mon 30 Mar 2015
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Re: Chapter 18.1 - It Can Be Done, Amigos!

Dealing with the Devil a few times to help improve our little road trip. I got a Full House (Queens over 10s), a pair of Jacks, and a pair of Kings.

Adrian boosts his own Smarts for a 7, with the +2 for crowlets Navigational help makes that a 9.

And he will boost Pierce's Notice and Evans's Mad Science with the others, increasing them each by a step.

Also...I see a couple of Jokers!

12:28, Today: Adrian Vega rolled 7,4 using d12,d6, rerolling max with rolls of 7,4. Smarts.
12:31, Today: Adrian Vega drew the 11 cards: KC, 4H, 10S, JH, KH, 3S, 9S, AS, 2C, 8D, QD using the Deadlands system.
12:23, Today: Adrian Vega drew the 11 cards: 10C, KS, RJ!, 10S, 8S, 7D, QD, 6D, QH, QS, 8C using the Deadlands system. Deal with the Devil Boost Trait (2PP).
12:23, Today: Adrian Vega drew the 11 cards: 2D, JH, KD, 8C, 7H, JS, 9S, 5S, BJ!, AS, QD using the Deadlands system. Deal with the Devil Boost Trait (2PP).

The Amazing Evans
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Mon 30 Mar 2015
at 17:45
Re: Chapter 18.1 - It Can Be Done, Amigos!
Evans manhandles the steam wagon across the stormy plain, lamenting the loss of his own steam wagon to himself as he tries to keep the damn thing pointed where he wanted it.

((OOC: rollin', rollin', rollin'...

10:38, Today: The Amazing Evans drew the single card: 8H using the Deadlands system.

Yay for no complications!

With the boost, that makes Evans' Mad Science a d10.

10:40, Today: The Amazing Evans rolled 6,3 using d10,d6, rerolling max with rolls of 6,3. Mad Science.

Also, can we say that Evans took the time to retrieve his Sunlight Bomb from the laundry chute?))

William Pierce
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Mon 30 Mar 2015
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Re: Chapter 18.1 - It Can Be Done, Amigos!
20:41, Today: William Pierce rolled 33,8 using d6+4,d6+4, rerolling max with rolls of (6+6+6+6+5)29,4. Super-Notice, ignoring dim lighting, too..

Oh, crap... Didn't see you Raise Notice there, buddy! :-)

20:43, Today: William Pierce rolled 9,8 using d8+4,d6+4, rerolling max with rolls of 5,4. Super-Notice, now raised.

Not quite as super. But still. ;-)

William rides shotgun, quite literally, gun at the ready.
As Evans mutters and curses about the road and the darkness, William replies, in a detached, monotone voice: "I see everything."

He nods into the darkness ahead. "Keep right, there's fallen tree blocking the left side of the road up ahead. Not that far. That's good."

The steam wagon putters and clanks onward.

We won't be sneaking up on anyone, that's for sure...
Adrian Vega
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Wed 1 Apr 2015
at 18:30
Re: Chapter 18.1 - It Can Be Done, Amigos!
"C'mon, Alouette. Keep the mood light. Tell us a happy story," he said, curious as to what kind of tale the clank might tell.

Deal with the Devil: 5D, JH, QC, 8C, 8D,2C, 8S, KH, KC, QS, 2S Full House!

Automatic success to boost Alouette's Persuasion by two steps.

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Thu 2 Apr 2015
at 20:38
Re: Chapter 18.1 - It Can Be Done, Amigos!
"Refine definition: story?" the clank queries from the roof.
Adrian Vega
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Thu 2 Apr 2015
at 21:13
Re: Chapter 18.1 - It Can Be Done, Amigos!
"A...narrative recounting of events...preferably one that ends in a positive manner, with the victory of people that are doing good things, and the defeat of people doing bad things." He wasn't sure that would help, but it was a start.
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Fri 3 Apr 2015
at 21:12
Re: Chapter 18.1 - It Can Be Done, Amigos!
The clank ticks intensely for a bit. "Self can tell y'all about Jesus," it volunteers.

The chorus of groans seem only to encourage it. "When God had bones in He was called Jesus and He told bad people to repent and did good things, example: healing the sick; throwing devil pigs off cliffs; telling people to be exellent to each other and how to make the Romans annoyed by being plus helpful and minus clothing, because the Romans were being bad and making people live in stacks with lions and taxes."

"Eventally the Romans done got plus plus angry because the people liked Jesus' laws better than theirs and the priests were also annoyed because Jesus kept flipping their tables over and telling them not to be rich and doing miracles without paying taxes. Then Jesus said to Most Praised Follows The Goat to get him arrested so that He knew when it would happen, and He told his other friends they should think about Him when they ate bagels and that eating people was wrong, and that they should drink wine and water but still not blood but they could eat bacon if they wanted to."

"Then He went to a garden on a Mountain of Olives and whooped the ass of a fig tree and talked to Himself a lot, and all his friends went there too but they didn't see so they got bored and fell asleep. Then the Romans came to arrest Him and the Rock jumped up and cut off a Roman's ear but Jesus said that was Resisting Arrest and not beng excellent to people so He made the Roman grow more ears and got arrested. Rock wanted to get arrested, too, but Jesus said not to."

"Rock went to the jail anyway, but then he got distracted by a woman with a jug and then the cock woke up and he decided to go home to rethink his life instead of be arrested so he went. Then the Romans tried to make Jesus a cake and posted whips to him in jail and the Governor who was the Ponciest Pirate said he would let Jesus go if the people wanted it but there was a murderer with a better beard so they let him go instead. That was all right though, because it was a trick like when Archangel Sky Coyote made the Bad Wind Beast go boom."

"The Romans told Jesus to smite them but He didn't because they knew not what they did, so they hammered railroad spikes into His bones and made him cross and poked Him with a spear until He died...only because He had a mother then he was sort of like a mortal and could fit all of Himself mostly in Hell so He went there and said 'Howdy, demons!' and the demons said 'Howdy, Jesus!' but most of them didn't want to be angels or were busy reading books, so He went to talk to the dead people and said anyone who was plus plus sorry didn't have to be there any more."

"He also said that people who were there because of the old laws, example: people who looked at mildew and ate grasshoppers or loved people with the same kind of body or wore stripy clothes; those people could go to Heaven then. That made them happy and Jesus asked the demons if they wanted to be angels again, then He tried to ask Satan but Satan said Bad Words and told Him to go away, so He put his skin on again and was alive the same way He was before, not differently, and He threw a boulder out of the way because they put Him in a tomb whilst he was dead."

"Then He hugged his mother and His wife and told them He was going Home soon but things would be all right because nobody would have to go to Hell any more unless they wanted to and did plus plus bad things minus repentance when they knew better."

"The Jesus went and hugged His friends by being in another place, and told them to tell everyone else in the world that they didn't have to kill people or make sacrifices or follow bad laws; they could eat bagels and believe in Him instead. Then the bird angels done gave his friends shiny powers so they could talk to all the people and Jesus went Home, and even though the Romans didn't listen for a long time and tried to put Christians on reservations they did listen after all and then they stopped sacrificing men, women, children and pets and ate bagels instead."

The steam wagon clunks over a bump. "Was that a good story?" it asks.

[[Alouette rolled 8,4 using d10,d6. morale. Even given the local Fear level, that's a Sucess. Since it's Easter both here and there, I finally thought of a story the clank could parse as a True Thing that met Adrian's criteria, thus you get The Gospel According To Alouette.

Alouette drew the single card: 8D using the Deadlands system. card. No complication.]]