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Wed 8 Apr 2015
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Chapter 18.2 - íViva la Muerte!
4:20am Holy Saturday, April 12th 1879: Omitetlcoatl's lair, cave system extending beyond Wendell Mine, Texas.

After some time, whilst Grandmother Bent Legs tries to chat with Sarah and the native slave curls up to doze beside the fire, it becomes clear that the darker of the captives given to Sarah has used the opportunity of being allowed near an exit unsupervised to escape.

It's a bit vexing, but before Sarah can get entirely fed up with playing charades with the old Comanche woman (Granny seems to be trying to give Sarah motherly advice) there's some scuffling from above and a bit of discussion up in the room with the writing desk.

Shortly thereafter, a man, a couple of women who look like they might be mother and grown daughter, and a scruffy snow-headed child of about ten dressed in rough homespuns climb down into the main room, bunching uncertainly in the doorway to find a fire lit and the place occupied.

[Language unknown:  "Ndica but ur?"] the man asks.