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Wed 22 Apr 2015
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Chapter 18.1.2 - Guns of the Prairie
William Pierce:
The Amazing Evans:
"The girl doesn't think so." Evans says, pulling the wagon to a stop. He grabbed his makeshift flamethrower and his gyro-mounted pistol. "I still have two of those sunlight bombs left. The vampires need to see the dawn."

11:55, Today: William Pierce rolled 2 using 1d6, rerolling max with rolls of 2. running.

11:55, Today: William Pierce drew the single card: 6D using the Deadlands system. Initiative

Down on the plains...

"Cease!" the clank calls, loping awkwardly through the high grass.

The dash out onto the plains to where the struggle was took mere minutes, though it felt like weeks. One of the eerily thin frames seems to heed the clank's cry and starts lurching towards it, at least until Wiliam's movement gets its attention.

The more distant shape hoves nearer, no longer lurching for the downed woman but in Evans' direction, heedless of the flamethrower pointed at it. It flails a briefcase beside it as it walks, awkwardly stiff.

With sufficient space to breathe, the downed woman starts screaming, bashing at the dead man still gnawing on her arm.

[[This "combat" probably won't last very long, but...

Two deadders start moving towards the new alive things - one is now 8 squares from William, one 11 from Evans. The other keeps chewing on our poor damsel here.

Pit bodies rolled 1 using 1d6, rerolling max with rolls of 1. fightin'. Reckon that's how she's survived this long, then.

Neighbourhood deadders AD
Ambrose Evans 10C
Alouette & Maria 7H
William Pierce 6D ]]

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Wed 22 Apr 2015
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Re: Chapter 18.1.2 - Guns of the Prairie
((OOC: Can I blast the dude headed my way with the flamethrower without catching friendlies in the blast?))
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Wed 22 Apr 2015
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Re: Chapter 18.1.2 - Guns of the Prairie
"Avaunt! Shoo!" the clank tries.

Hank doesn't respond to the increased screams, just pounds onward, attention on the periphery. Keeping an eye out for ambush.

[[yep. Alouette's over by William.
edit: I just realised I forgot to draw Hank in (sorry Hank). He's some way behind William, though, so I'll rule he's in next round.]]

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