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Mon 21 Aug 2017
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Re: Imperial Prison Facility
"Now we get out the way we came in," Connus replied.  "Let's go."

But before any of you could move, one of the other prisoners in the cell asked, "What about us?"

"You can come with us too," Talamon offered, earning a glare from Connus, whose look basically said "What are you doing?"

"We would be satisfied if you just let us out," another prisoner said.  "If you let us take the guards' blasters, we'll make our own way out."

OOC: Any thoughts from Jack?
Jack Shepherd
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Sun 8 Apr 2018
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Re: Imperial Prison Facility
"Seems like a good compromise," Jack said.
GM Hammer
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Mon 9 Apr 2018
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Re: Imperial Prison Facility
The prisoners gave a brief acknowledging nod.  Two of them grabbed the guards' blaster pistols, while the other prisoner took one of the guard's batons.  Then they ran out of the detention block door, heading towards the front exit of the prison.

As they left, Talamon muttered "May the Force be with them," quietly under his breath.  Urb'n rolled his eyes slightly, still not wanting to buy in to the Jedi ways, despite having had to use the Force on several occasions during this mission.  Connus said "Don't be naive, they're doomed."  When Talamon wheeled on him, Connus added "But that's not our problem, let's get moving," and he started heading back to the hallway.  Talamon huffed as Connus pushed past him, but didn't bother to instigate any more arguments.

The group made their way carefully back to the ventilation grate in the northwest corner of the facility.  "Alright, Jack you first," Connus suggested, and he and Urb'n gave Jack a boost in.  Next came Admiral Varth, then Talamon and Connus, and Urb'n brought up the rear.  As Jack reached the end of the shaft, he saw a disturbing sight: Just outside the grate, a large number of stormtroopers stood around the crumpled body of their Felucian guide, and an AT-ST stomped around the exterior of the facility.

"What's the matter son?" The admiral asked.  "Why are we stopping?"
Jack Shepherd
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Thu 31 May 2018
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Re: Imperial Prison Facility
"Back, BACK!" Jack hissed, pushing at his nearest companion.  "We just lost our guide and there's a squad of Stormtroopers with an AT-ST; we need to find another way out."
GM Hammer
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Thu 31 May 2018
at 23:49
Re: Imperial Prison Facility
As everyone backed out of the ventilation shaft and into the northwest corner again, Talamon asked worriedly: "What do we do now?  How do we get out?"

Connus' eyes darted back and forth for a moment as he paced in the small space, thinking.  "We're going to have to have Captain Okeefe pick us up from the roof."

"But there's a turret on the roof, remember?  That's why we couldn't just fly in." Urb'n replied.

"I know," Connus retorted.  "We're going to have to take over the command center and disable the roof turret, then comm Captain Okeefe and have her pick us up."

"At least they won't have an AT-ST up there." Talamon said, not very convincingly.

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Jack Shepherd
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Sun 3 Jun 2018
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Re: Imperial Prison Facility
"Enough chatter, let's get going," Jack reprimanded.
GM Hammer
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Tue 5 Jun 2018
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Re: Imperial Prison Facility
The group made their way back to the turbolifts near the center of the facility.  When they arrived, Talamon tried merely pushing the "Up" button, which elicited no response whatsoever.  "Do you think they let just anyone come up?" Connus asked in a snarky tone.  Talamon shrugged sheepishly.  "Most likely it requires a code cylinder to be inserted into that jack." Admiral Varth offered, pointing to a spot next to the turbolift operator buttons.

"Well then, it's a good thing I swiped dear old Lieutenant Aden's code cylinder," Connus said, pulling out the cylinder and inserting it into the jack.  Within moments the turbolift door opened, revealing an empty tube compartment.  Everyone filed in and they headed up to the second floor.  When the turbolift doors opened, the heroes could see that though the four-pod turbolift cluster filled the center of the room, this large chamber--obviously the command center--was alive with activity.  Large banks of computers lined the walls, showing tactical displays of multiple Imperial facilities, including this one. The room seemed to be designed to allow officers to monitor multiple situations at once, with displays and holographic projections showing many locations simultaneously. Two large cargo platforms sat at each side of the room, seemingly providing access to the roof.

In the southwest corner of the room, near a holographic display table, stood a tall, sickly Imperial officer, who appeared to be in dire need of both food and sleep .  Standing next to him was a towering monstrosity that was once a Felucian, but now it more closely resembled a beast than a sentient being. Its right arm had been replaced by a bone blade fused into the elbow joint, and its muscles rippled with unnatural strength. Chitinous plates had been grafted onto the creature’s body .  It seemed to be the successful culmination of the experiments the heroes had stumbled onto in the research lab downstairs.  Another of the creatures stood off towards the east wall .  There were also four stormtroopers spread throughout the command center, two of them close to the turbolift in which the heroes were standing .

OOC: Roll for Initiative.
OOC: Each of you heroes are marked as follows:
C for Connus
J for Jack
T for Talamon
U for Urb'n
A for Admiral Varth
Even though I'm going ahead and showing you the whole map, all the lines in the turbolifts make things out of line of sight for purposes of attacking, feats, talents, etc.  Sorry the people in the turbolift are hard to see.
Jack Shepherd
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Mon 9 Jul 2018
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Re: Imperial Prison Facility
In reply to GM Hammer (msg # 113):

OOC 11+8=19
GM Hammer
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Mon 9 Jul 2018
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Re: Imperial Prison Facility
Gilder Varth spoke just loudly enough for the four other heroes to hear.  "Boys, we need to take out that big fella first."  He put his hand on Jack's shoulder.  "Son, I need you especially to concentrate on that thing."

The monstrosity closest to you let out a inhuman roar before stomping towards Urb'n, who had been the first to step out of the turbolift.  Each lumbering step it took caused the floor to rumble with its weight.  When he was close enough to Urb'n he swung at him with his bone blade.  The blade sliced up the side of the Kel Dor's body.  Urb'n screamed through gritted teeth before trying to return the favor.  Though his blade cut through the monster's armor, he still did not do much damage.

OOC: Jack's turn.  Don't forget your extra action.  Also note the updated map.

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Jack Shepherd
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Mon 16 Jul 2018
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Re: Imperial Prison Facility
Jack pointed his weapon at the mutated Felucian and fired twice.

Attack 1:  16(roll)+5(attack)+1(point blank shot)=22
DMG: 1+7+1 (rerolled via assured attack)+3=11

Attack 2:  3+5+1=9
DMG: 2+2+3+2=7

Jack receives no penalty for shooting into a melee and treats DMG threshold as if it were 5 lower.

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GM Hammer
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Tue 17 Jul 2018
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Re: Imperial Prison Facility

The energy from Jack's first shot seemed to be half-absorbed by the creature's natural armor plating, doing less damage than Urb'n's attack, and it seemed to make the creature more angry than hurt.  Jack had taken his second shot too quickly, and the blast went over the creatures shoulder.

As Captain Vischera turned around to face the turbolift, a dark malevolence flitted across his eyes, and his hands curled into twisted, angry claws. His graying hair would have given him an almost distinguished appearance if it weren’t for the cruelty so plain on his face.  "Hagark, protect me from this pathetic intruders.  Kargrek get over here and help.  Stormtroopers, eliminate these pieces of scum."  The captain drew his own blaster pistol, readying himself to aid the stormtroopers in their attacks.

Talamon stepped forward to stand next to Urb'n and slashed at the mutated Felucian's enormous legs.  His cuts seemed to be doing the most damage so far, causing the monster to scream out in pain.

Jack could hear the clomping of boots that he knew meant the two stormtroopers that were out of sight were moving into position.  Meanwhile, the two stormtroopers close by raised their readied blaster rifles, concentrating their fire on Jack.  Even with Captain Vischera helping them, they only managed to hit the edge of the turbolift.

Seeing how ineffectual blasters were against the mutated Felucian's armor, Connus fired over Talamon's shoulder at the nearest stormtrooper, melting the trooper's plastoid helmet into his skull.

Meanwhile, everyone could feel as well as hear the other Felucian lumbering their way, soon coming into sight around the corner and closing in on Urb'n.

Gilder spoke up again, "C'mon boys we need some breathing room, we've got to get rid of this monster."  Then more quietly to Jack added, "C'mon son, you can do this."

Meanwhile the monster that Captain Vischera was calling Hagark, turned his attention to Talamon, swinging his enormous bone blade, nearly cleaving the young Padawan in two.

Urb'n desparately swung his lightsaber at the beast, hoping to open up enough space to allow them to get away from the other creature, but his resolve was wavering and his blade merely glanced off the creatures armor doing no harm.

OOC: Jack's turn.  Also note updated map.  The white (erased) portion is where S2 used to be, before he died.

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Jack Shepherd
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Mon 23 Jul 2018
at 19:09
Re: Imperial Prison Facility
Jack moved closer to and then took two shots at the captain.

OOC Move one square down, one to the left, then two down.

Attack 1: 4(roll)+5(attack)+1(point blank shot)+1(prime shot)=11
DMG: 6+6+6(rerolled via assured attack)+7+1(point blank shot)=20

Attack 2:  19+5+1+1=26
DMG: 2+4+1+6+1=13
GM Hammer
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Wed 1 Aug 2018
at 23:02
Re: Imperial Prison Facility
As Jack tried to slip by him, Hagark took a side swing at him .  The blow sliced through the first few layers of Jack's skin and broke one of his ribs .  Jack managed to push through the pain and still fire at the captain.  Jack's rib cage made him spasm during his first shot, causing him to miss.  He steadied himself for the second shot, and ended the captain's life. 

Meanwhile, Talamon tried a different tactic, using the Force to slam all their opponents in the vicinity.  The two monsters looked like they had barely been bonked on the nose, but the two stormtroopers north of Kargrek (F2) were both killed by the blow.

The only remaining stormtrooper had a clear shot on Jack, and he took it.  In Jack's injured state, he barely missed dodging the blast, which seared into his left arm

Connus fired at Hagark, hoping to clear a path for the rest of them to escape.  The beast fell over, unconscious.  Connus immediately ran out of the turbolift and around the corner.

Kargrek roared at the defeat of his fellow monstrosity, swinging his fused blade down at Urb'n.  The blow nearly cleaved the Kel Dor in two.  He should have been dead, but the Force was with him, barely sustaining his life.

Gilder moved out of the turbolift as well, moving next to Jack.  "You've done well boys.  Keep it up, we're almost out of here.  We just need to finish that monster."  (OOC: You all get +1d6 dmg vs Kargrek until Gilder's next turn.)

OOC: Jack it's your turn.  Also note updated map.
Jack Shepherd
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Fri 3 Aug 2018
at 19:04
Re: Imperial Prison Facility
Jack leaned against the wall to catch a second wind, then fired upon the monstrosity again.

Attack 1: 18(roll)+5(attack)+1(point blank shot)+1(prime shot)=25
DMG: 8+8+6(rerolled via assured attack)+7+1(point blank shot)=24
GM Hammer
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Wed 8 Aug 2018
at 20:16
Re: Imperial Prison Facility

Jack's shot blew a piece of the monster's physical armor off, causing him to stagger.

Talamon dragged Urb'n away from the mutated Felucian and around the corner towards Connus.  He placed his hand gently on Urb'n's forehead.  Urb'n started to stir, but Talamon was looking even more drained.

The stormtrooper daringly defended his area, firing at Connus.  The shot hit the outer wall of the turbolift to Connus' left.  Connus fired right back, but the shot just missed the stormtrooper.

Kargrek stepped over the body of his fallen comrade as he headed toward Jack.  He bellowed and swung a heavy blow down towards Jack, but Jack easily sidestepped the attack.

"This is going to be it, boys," Gilder said to Jack and Talamon.  "Urb'n is still down, but I think this creature is on it's last leg.  You can finish him."

OOC: You all get +1d6 dmg vs Kargrek until Gilder's next turn again.  Jack, it's your turn.  Note the updated map.
Jack Shepherd
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Tue 20 Nov 2018
at 22:38
Re: Imperial Prison Facility
Attack: 18(roll)+5(attack)+1(point blank shot)+1(prime shot)=25
DMG: 7+8+5(rerolled via assured attack)+5+1(point blank shot)+6(bonus die)=26

Jack pumped out another shot, trying to focus in on a weak point.
GM Hammer
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Fri 30 Nov 2018
at 16:30
Re: Imperial Prison Facility
Jack's shot hit in between the shoulder and head plates right at the neck, nearly taking the creature's head off and killing it instantly.

Seeing that the monster was taken care of, Talamon moved weakly, but determinedly over to the group's only remaining opponent, the last stormtrooper.  The Force was with him as his lightsaber struck a blow against the trooper.  The stormtrooper fired back at Talamon, hitting him right in the chest.  Talamon went down, and seemed to be holding on to life only by the will of the Force.

Connus fired at the stormtrooper over Talamon's crumpled body, but couldn't find his mark.

Gilder tried to continue to encourage Jack and Connus, as Urb'n scrambled to his feet, clearly still groggy.

OOC: It's back to you Jack, and your team is dropping like flies.  Note the updated map.

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Jack Shepherd
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Thu 13 Dec 2018
at 19:05
Re: Imperial Prison Facility
Attack: 7(roll)+5(attack)+1(point blank shot)=13
DMG: 6+5+1(rerolled via assured attack)+7+1(point blank shot)+1(bonus die)=20

Jack turned and fired off a shot at the remaining foe.

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GM Hammer
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Fri 14 Dec 2018
at 17:41
Re: Imperial Prison Facility
Jack's shot missed, but divided the stormtrooper's attention.  However, the trooper still considered Jack as the lesser threat, with Connus the closer opponent.  He fired at the Twi'lek, but Jack's distraction was an advantage to the scoundrel, causing the trooper to miss.

Connus responded in kind, letting loose with his heavy blaster rifle.  However the Twi'lek had no better luck than Jack or the stormtrooper had.

OOC: Right back to your turn, with pretty much no change in the situation.
Jack Shepherd
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Mon 17 Dec 2018
at 16:37
Re: Imperial Prison Facility
Attack: 12(roll)+5(attack)+1(point blank shot)=18
DMG: 5+2+1(rerolled via assured attack)+1+1(point blank shot)+6(bonus die)=14

Jack took a deep breath and then fired off another shot.
GM Hammer
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Mon 7 Jan 2019
at 22:04
Re: Imperial Prison Facility
Jack's shot hit the stormtrooper in the torso, and he slumped over.

"Finally," Connus sighed.  He moved over to the computer console behind the trooper.

Connus soon had Captain Okeefe on the comm.  "What is taking you guys so long?" the pilot asked impatiently.

"We've had a slight change in plans," Connus retorted.  "We need you to come pick us up on the roof of the facility."

"What about the turret?" Sirona asked cautiously.

"It'll be disabled by the time you get here," Connus answered.

"I'm on my way then," she replied.

Connus immediately started busily punching buttons to disable the turret.  "I'm also enabling those cargo platforms," Connus told Jack and Varth.

"Very good," the admiral said.  "Jack, I know we're not in great shape, but I think we're going to have to help Urb'n and Talamon over to those platforms."
Jack Shepherd
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Fri 29 Mar 2019
at 06:19
Re: Imperial Prison Facility
Jack didn't verbalize a response, instead walking over to Talamon and attempting to pick him up.
GM Hammer
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Fri 29 Mar 2019
at 21:06
Re: Imperial Prison Facility
It took some effort, but Jack was able to heft Talamon over to the closest cargo platform.  Varth put his arm under Urb'n's shoulder and helped him over to the platform, though he was barely in a condition to do so himself.

Soon Connus joined them, pressing a button on a pad on the wall next to the platform.  The platform rose slowly up through the ceiling, bringing them to the roof.  Jack could see the turret hanging lifeless towards the ground.

It didn't take long for Captain Okeefe to bring the Banshee swooping in, laser fire from the AT-ST below spattering ineffectually against the ship's shields.  The landing ramp lowered and Connus quickly sprang onto it.  Next Varth and Urb'n hobbled aboard, followed by Jack carrying Talamon.

Connus closed the ramp and called up the hallway that they were all aboard.  Captain Okeefe immediately blasted off.  As they all continued panting in the hallway, Connus said.  "Jack, since Urb'n doesn't look to be in as capable of a position as you, you might want to detonate those explosives before we get out of range of the detonator."
Jack Shepherd
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Mon 1 Apr 2019
at 15:38
Re: Imperial Prison Facility
Jack was still struggling to keep himself standing but managed to get the detonator and press the button.
GM Hammer
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Mon 1 Apr 2019
at 22:57
Re: Imperial Prison Facility
Jack could feel as much as hear the explosions ripping through the Imperial Prison Facility.  As the Banshee shrieked away from the lush fungal world below, Jack looked out the viewport and could barely make out the shape of an Imperial Star Destroyer.  Before the Star Destroyer would even have had a chance to detect them, the stars around the Banshee extended into streaks.

OOC: To see what happens next, move to the Interlude 1 thread.

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