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Dramatis Personae
Jack Shepherd: Jack Shepherd was the son of a Mandalorian and a Corellian female commoner, but grew up on the world of Agamar in the town of Tondatha where he joined the local military fighting for the Separatists when the Clone Wars broke out.  A skilled soldier, Jack quickly rose to the rank of Commander, where he proved to be a competent officer.  The Agamar Resistance was shaken by the massacre at Tondatha, and most of the people of Agamar found it hard to believe that they could stop the Empire, and thus the Agamar Resistance withered away to nothingness.  Shepherd is driven and brutal, but not unkind...at least not towards those he deems deserve it.  He is now on his way to Sel Zonn station over Brentaal because he has heard rumors of a stronger resistance movement there.  He has managed to book passage there on a small, run down space transport.

Connus Amersu: 29-year-old ambitious green-skinned male Twiílek who seems to be only out for himself.  Skilled with words and a blaster.

Talamon Vantika: 16-year-old male Human Jedi Padawan.  Talamon had just become a Padawan and was on his first mission when Order 66 was enacted.  Talamon's Master sacrificed his life to get him safely on an escape pod, which landed on Brentaal.  For the next few months he hid, working odd jobs to make enough money to eat.  Talamon felt the Force pulling him elsewhere, and stowed away on a ship to Sel Zonn Station to await guidance from the Force.  Since the incident on Sel Zonn Station he has been actively trying to help Senator Organa.  Talamon is genuinely interested in doing what is right and helping others whenever possible.

Urbíníploon: 20-year-old male Kel Dor former Jedi and then Separatist.  Urbíníploon seems like a disillusioned follower of the Force. For a short while, Urbín volunteered with the Separatists and served in advanced recon units (occasionally getting into combat with clone troopers, but never any Jedi), including a stint on Felucia.

Maya Samaris: Female Human.  Pilot of the space transport Jack took to get to Sel Zonn station.  A member of Alderaanian Security and part of Organa's personal security detail.

Ikis Thanda: 24-year-old male Zygerrian.  Navigator on the space transport Jack took to get to Sel Zonn station.  An agent of Bail Organa, and a Warden of the Sky--a non-Jedi Force tradition.

Switch: A droid information broker.  An administrator droid model.  Held the Alderaanian Security agent traveling from the Core frozen in carbonite on Sel Zonn Station for the heroes.  Connus, Ikis, and Talamon have agreed to provide Switch information from their travels.  You delivered a shipment of Corellian ale bound for Alderaan for him.

Sirona Okeefe:  Female Human, white-haired.  Pilot of the Banshee, a Baudo-class Star Yacht.  She took the heroes from Sel Zonn Station to Alderaan, from Alderaan to Felucia, and from Felucia to the Nebulon-B Frigate.

RX-13 "Crash": RX-13 pilot droid.  Sirona Okeefe's copilot.  Curmudgeonly and prefers to gripe about nearly everything rather than go about his duties.

Bail Organa: Senator from Alderaan.  Hopefully you don't need more than this to know who he is.

Gilder Varth: Former Imperial admiral.  Bail Organa's informant.  Slightly overweight man with close-cropped gray hair and a bushy mustache.  The heroes rescued him from an Imperial prison on Felucia.

Adrian Verana: Captain of the Nebulon-B Frigate Resurgence.  A tall and slender man with dark eyes, jet-black hair and a finely trimmed beard that hugs his square jaw.

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