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Arrival at Felucia
As everyone arrived at their stations, the proximity alert sounded and the ship dropped out of hyperspace.  As the blue tunnel of hyperspace faded away, you all got a brief glimpse of the planet Felucia hanging just below your ship.  Crash informed you all that your trajectory was perfect and that you were approaching on a vector that would take you to the planned landing sight.

The Banshee descended through Felucia's outer atmosphere, punching through the clouds.  It was soon easy to see the canyon that would mask your approach.  Sirona started diving toward the canyon quickly.  On the approach you got a good look at the fungal swamps and jungles of Felucia, where towering mushrooms reached up into the air like skyscrapers.  It would probably have been more beautiful if it weren't rushing up at you so quickly.  Sirona dipped the ship beneath the walls of the canyon, and started racing along it.

"Hang on!" she said, "This could get tight really fast."

The walls of the canyon were lined with giant flowers and bloated fungi, which made the canyon much tighter than it had appeared on the map.  Before the ship got very far, it barely bumped one of the mushrooms clinging to the canyon wall.  However that tiny bump, turned into a big problem, when the fungus exploded.

"What the...?" Sirona exclaimed.  The ship was buffeted by the explosion and splattered with biomatter.  You felt a lurch and a sickening dip as the repulsors began to give out.  "Brace!" Sirona yelled.

Sirona pulled hard on the control stick to try and pull the ship out of the dive.  The ship lurched forward, shedding much of the biomatter.  Sirona pointed the nose of the ship clumsily at a soft and large shelf mushroom near the lip of the canyon.  The Banshee arched slightly upward and slid to a screeching halt on top of the mushroom cap.  Everyone's viewscreens were still obscured by a translucent film left by the biomatter from the exploding fungus.

"Crash, status report!" Sirona called out.

"Oh dear, I'm not sure," Crash said.  "I knew something like this would happen.  We should have just flown in open atmosphere."

"Yes, and have the Empire detect us and shoot us down, that would have been so much better," Sirona snapped back.  "Now get me a status report."

"Give me a moment to assess the damage," Crash said, wobbling from his copilot station to move around the ship.

"Everyone report," Captain Okeefe said.  "Any injuries?"

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Re: Arrival at Felucia
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"No injuries to report here.  Could have been worse, by the way.  We could have landed in a Hutt sewer."  Looking out the viewport, Urb'n said, "I would have chosen a better place to crash though."

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