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The Grey Mouser
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Tue 29 Dec 2009
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Patrol Roster
Name     Rank          W H N R C FP PP Hometown   Traits                                 Signature skill  Conditions
Jasper   Guard Captain 4 4 3 7 4 02 01 Lockhaven  Guard's Honor, Jaded, Oldfur, Scarred  Fighter (5)      Tired, Wounded
Owen     Guardmouse    3 5 4 5 3 02 01 Sprucetuck Inquisitive, Determined                Pathfinder (5)   Tired
Ambrosia Guardmouse    2 6 4 1 2 02 01 Sprucetuck Inquisitive, Clever(2)                 Cartographer (3) Tired

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Sun 13 Jun 2010
at 15:26
Re: Patrol Roster
Name: Jasper
Age: 40
Home: Lockhaven
Fur Color: Red
Guard Rank: Guard Captain
Cloak Color: Red, graying
Gear: Spear, backpack, rope, candle, matches, bottle, pipe and tobacco, lots of cloth (to weave in his spare time).

Belief: Only is death does duty end.

Goal: Protect the group until we reach the dig site.

Instinct: At any sign of danger, draw my sword.

Parents: The Reeds
Senior Artisan: Sara Reed, Mother and Weaver
Mentor: Jin the Swift, Grandfather
Friend: Sven the Scout
Enemy: Knut the Archer

Guard's Honor 1
Jaded 1
Oldfur 1

Nature (Mouse): 3
Will: 4
Health: 4
Resources: 7
Circles: 4

Fighter: 5
Hunter: 3
Intimidate: 1
Scout: 2
Smith: 1
Weaver: 2

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Mon 14 Jun 2010
at 01:50
Re: Patrol Roster
Owen the Guardmouse
Age: 20
Will: 3
Health: 5
Nature: 4 (Mouse) (Fears Weasels, Owls, Wolves)

Resources: 5 (Parent, Pack Carefully)
Circles: 3 (Makes friends easily)

Fur: Light Grey with white patches
Cloak: Forest Green
Belief: Ignorance breeds Fear
Goal: Explore the Dig Site
Instinct: Never be afraid to ask questions
Home: Sprucetuck

Natural Talent: Pathfinder
Parents Trade: Conroy(Father)Cartographer, Maeve(Mother)Apiarist
Convince: Persuader
Senior Artisan: Osric the Clever(Cartographer)
Mentor: Patrol Guard Roland the Forester (Pathfinder and Naturalist)
Friend: Pearl of Sprucetuck, apprentice librarian (Archivist)
Enemy: Maeve of Sprucetuck, Apiarist (Mother)
Specialty: Pathfinder

Cartographer: 3
Healer: 2
Pathfinder: 5
Persuader: 2
Scientist: 2
Scout: 3
Survivalist: 3

Forest-wise: 2
Herb-wise: 2

Inquisitive: 1 (Sprucetuck)
Determined: 1

Fate: 1
Persona: 1

Staff, Knife, Satchel in which is a Journal, Chalk, Map, Herb Pouch, Mortar and Pestle.

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Tue 15 Jun 2010
at 20:49
Re: Patrol Roster
Age: 16

Nature: 4
  Uses what she has when she needs it
  Stands and Fights
  Afraid of Predators
Will: 2
Health: 6
Resources: 1  (Likes to buy gifts (-1), but packs carefully (+1))
Circles: 2 (Sister, Eudora, is well known in the Guard, and her brother, Hyas, was nigh legendary)

Fur: White
Cloak: None
Belief: In Science Lie The Answers
Goal: Prove herself an able Guardmouse
Instinct: There's Always Time to Think
Home: Sprucetuck

Natural Talent: Instructor & Scientist
Parents: Caldwell, Archivist (father) and Melotte, Cartographer (mother, by default)
Convince: Persuader
Senior Artisan: Emory, Cartography
Mentor: Mariel
Specialty: Instructor

Archivist 2
Cartographer 3
Fighter: 2
Healer: 2
Loremouse 2
Instructor 3
Pathfinder 3
Persuader 2
Scientist 2
Weather Watcher 2


Inquisitive: 1 (Sprucetuck)
Clever x2

Fate: 1
Persona: 1


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