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The Grey Mouser
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Tue 5 Jan 2010
at 17:57
Game Maps
Follow this link to a map of the Territories

To get an idea of scale, to travel from Lockhaven to Wildseed takes just under one day of travel and from Lockhaven to Darkwater just over one day, assuming you are using a known trail of course.

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The Grey Mouser
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Sat 31 Dec 2011
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The Dig
m = mouse settlement           *
* = stream                      *
X = edge of drained lake         *
v = waterfall                    *
T = old temple                    *
                        XXXX   TTT TTT   XXX
                      XXX                  XX
                     XX                     XXm
                    XX                      XXmm
                   XX                        XXmm
                   XX                        XXmm
            *********                        XXmmm
                   XX                       XXmmmm
                    XX                      XXmmmmm
                     XXX                   XXmmmmmm
                       XXX                XXmmmmmm
                         XXX            XXXmmmmm
                           XXX       XXXXmmmm
                             XXX   XXXmmmm

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