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Tue 19 Feb 2019
at 23:12
Wicked Spheres (Pathfinder campaign): players needed

Wicked Spheres is intended to be a game where a group of villains play through the Way of the Wicked adventure path for the Pathfinder game, using the Spheres of Power ruleset to replace normal Vancian Magic, and the Spheres of Might ruleset to make the martial characters just as interesting and awesome as the casters.

If you ever wanted to play an evil character quite literally hell bent on bringing an entire kingdom to destruction, or if you ever wanted to try out the Spheres of Might & Power alternate ruleset, than this is your chance to do both. I'm not currently the game, I have a co-GM for that; I'm just a fellow player here, I just own the game. Still, we all (GM and players) agreed that we needed more people to make the game work.

Also, the game is expected to have everybody keep up a posting speed of one post every one-to-two days, so if you can't manage that, this is probably not the game for you. But if you can, and are interested, then bring the best character concept you have, and I wish you the best of luck!

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Mon 8 Apr 2019
at 22:25
Wicked Spheres (Pathfinder campaign): players needed

So, my co-GM and a number of players had to leave this game due to personal problems. As a result, I decided to actually run the game myself, and am restarting it from the beginning. Thus, this is a chance to get in the game fresh, with original character starting from scratch - the game is havinv a completely new start.

As said above, the game will be following the Way of the Wicked adventure path for Pathfinder, wich is a campaign where the players have the chance to play the villains in a story that will allow them to bring an entire kingdom to its knees... if they're good enough to face the challenge, that is.

Due to my personal preference, this game will be running with the Spheres of Power and E6 subset of rules modifying the core Pathfinder experience; I honestly thinks this is for the best. That said, outside of an outright ban of vancian magic (but not vancian-based casting classes: Spheres of Power has archetypes to allow the casters to replace their vancian spells with spheremagic), I will be willing to accept any suggestion and race/class combo that players might want to try - I reserve the right to veto any combination that I feel is inappropriate, but I promise I will give any idea I'm presented with at least a fair consideration, wether it be 3rd party, core or whatever else.

I'm in need of between three and six players, and will be accepting request to join for a whole week, from today until April 15 (included); on April 16, I will evaluate the requests and invite players in. I will note that - as can be seen from the other game I'm running here on RPOL - I'm not the type to quit on my players, so long as they don't quit on me; so if you are looking for a long lasting, epic Pathfinder game, that's what I'm offering here. All I want from my players is a willingness to invest in the story and the ability to keep a consistent posting speed (one post every two days works well for me); if you feel you can make that, you're welcome to request to join.

So, anybody who wants to play, bring your weirdest villains to the team - I'm really looking forward to what sort of story that will create! ^_^

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Mon 15 Apr 2019
at 23:07
Wicked Spheres (Pathfinder campaign): players needed

Ok, just making a final clarification. While I've received a good number of interesting pitches, I know that many people like to wait until the last minute to make sure their RTJ is good. And I don't want people getting confused over the deadline due to time zone differential.

So, to make it clear, I'm giving it 10 more hours from the timestamp of this post, and then I'm closing the window for submitting requests. So, if you're interested, get yours in before then! It doesn't need to be perfect to get you in - if I think a request shows enough interest in the game and potential for an intriguing character, I'll work with you to make the character fit better once you're admitted to the game. Commitment and a willingness to put something out in time even if imperfect will always work better with me than continuous delays in an endless hunt for perfection would.

Thus, anybody interested, seize your chance now! ^_^

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