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Wanted-Players Required Reading [16 August 2012]
Wanted - Players is a moderated forum, and all posts here are subject to RPoL's Public Forum Rules, as well as the rules outlined in this post.

These rules have been implemented to give every user a fair shot on this very busy board and to make moderating the board a bit less time consuming.  Anyone posting on this board is obliged to follow these rules.

  1. Ensure your ad is suitable to all ages.  Do not post anything in this forum that our younger users should not read: keep all content here clean.

  2. Only advertise the game which was used to create the ad.  A game's ad slot cannot be used to advertise other games, and users should never, under any circumstances, post an ad for a game as a reply to someone else's game ad.  Games may only be advertised in their own thread.

  3. Make criticism privately; deal with game issues in the game.  This forum should never be used to criticize a GM's ad or their game.  If you have issues with a GM, deal with it privately and not here.  There are no exceptions.

  4. Do not post or bump advertisements for a banned user.  If any GM of a game is banned from this forum, the game may not be advertised here until that GM has their posting privileges restored.  Be sure to check with your co-GMs before posting an ad and getting yourself in trouble: it's your responsibility to know if they are banned from this forum.

  5. Post only one ad for each game.  Note that games which operate over more than one board may have only one ad in this forum.

  6. Advertise only three games per day.  Do not advertise more than three games per day, and this includes bumping ads for others.  A GM who owns more than three games may not, in any way, have more than three advertised per day.  We will consider any 24 hour period to be one day.

  7. Do not advertise if you are not accepting players.  Never bump your ad to announce that your game is full, or that you are no longer accepting applications.  (You should edit earlier posts, or delete them, instead.)

In addition to these rules, note that this board is a specially-coded advertising board.  In order to begin a thread here, the board will require that:
  1. you be the Game Owner of the game you intend to advertise;
  2. the game has its "Requesting Players" flag set to "on";
  3. the game has a Game Introduction written for it;
  4. the game has at least one thread in it; and
  5. the game does not have an existing ad in the forum.
If all five requirements are not met, you will not be able to create an ad for it.

Replies are permitted to posts here.  However, it is worthwhile to note that threads will be "bumped" to the top of the forum only once per week, maximum, and that is the only time their New Message Indicator (NMI) will show new messages.  Be sure to check back on threads you're interested in rather than relying upon the NMI to inform you of when there are new posts.

Finally, GMs should understand that if they delete the first post of their game ad, no one but the game GM and Site Moderators will be able to see the ad.  If you want other site users to see it, always leave the first post in place (you can edit it as necessary to reflect changes in your game's needs).

    Latest update: 16 August 2012: Added a rule to stop ad bumping when GMs are no longer accepting players.
    Update: 02 June 2012: Clarified wording of rule four to remove an extra "the".
    Update: 07 June 2010: Edited to reflect the addition of RPoL's Public Forum Rules.
    Update: 08 October 2009: Added "Finally" section due to increased incidents of the deletion of the first posts in game ads.
    Update: 17 December 07: Added rules about how many games may be advertised per thread, and how many games may be advertised per day.
    Update: 05 May 07: Updated rules and removed any which are unnecessary after upgrade to v1.5.
    Update: 19 August 06: Adjusted rule seven and added rule eight, dealing with moderator contact.
    Update: 15 Feb 06: changed list type to facilitate references to specific rules.
    Update: 01 October 05: repost after forum clean-up.
    Update: 04 July 05: fixed a formatting error.
    Update: 23 June 05:  Updated language about maximum bumps per day, and added rule about GMs who are banned.
    Update: 14 June 05: Included a maximum posts a day limit.
    Update: 01 May 05: Repost due to accidental deletion.
    Update: 15 March 05: Updated general forum names to reflect changes.  Also moved one footnote into the main body of the rules for clarity.
    Update: 14 January 05: Added parentheses to one rule to clarify.
    Update: 10 January 05: changed from bulleted to numbered list; clarified deletion "loophole".
    Update: 31 December 04: Added new site rules for adult games, below.

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