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  • It contains adult content.

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 member, 90 posts
Tue 27 Oct 2009
at 12:57
Re: WtA - 2E
 member, 94 posts
Wed 4 Nov 2009
at 03:28
Re: WtA - 2E
Still going, almost 25,000 posts.  Finishing out first major storyline and preparing for the next one.

Homid Garou needed, lost a few and pack is lupus heavy.
 member, 98 posts
Thu 12 Nov 2009
at 12:25
Re: WtA - 2E
Good time for people to join as we are getting ready to move into the next storyline.
 member, 101 posts
Fri 20 Nov 2009
at 00:48
Re: WtA - 2E
 member, 102 posts
Sun 29 Nov 2009
at 02:40
Re: WtA - 2E
 member, 104 posts
Wed 9 Dec 2009
at 21:28
Re: WtA - 2E

Still running strong, almost 30,000 posts!
 member, 107 posts
Wed 16 Dec 2009
at 22:51
Re: WtA - 2E

Just coming off of a huge fight, well, it is still going on, and getting ready to launch into a new storyline.

Large game, dedicated player base, and multiple storylines!
 member, 109 posts
Sun 27 Dec 2009
at 06:15
Re: WtA - 2E

Now over 31,000 posts and still going strong.

Could use some more Garou, and the mage numbers have dwindled.
 member, 111 posts
Mon 4 Jan 2010
at 22:33
Re: WtA - 2E
Bump!  Bump!

I have no idea how many posts we have now, 33,000 maybe?  Anyway, taking everything, could actually use a few mages now.
 member, 115 posts
Thu 14 Jan 2010
at 20:08
Re: WtA - 2E
Bump!  Still running strong and accepting all oWoD character types!
 member, 118 posts
Thu 28 Jan 2010
at 11:42
Re: WtA - 2E

40,000 posts and growing....
 member, 120 posts
Fri 12 Feb 2010
at 16:48
Re: WtA - 2E
Had to change the name of the game due to some changes....

we are still running the Old World of Darkness game and accepting all types of oWoD characters..


with such a large player base we are able to run other types of games and my players have talked me into running a Changeling the Lost game..

so, there are basically two games running now...
the oWoD crossover and the Changeling the Lost (which we are in the process of organizing now)
 member, 2 posts
Tue 13 Apr 2010
at 04:38
Re: WtA - 2E
Bump = Still going strong and post count is at 53,000+

We are still running both the oWod crossover game and a Changeling: The Lost game as well.
 member, 121 posts
Wed 21 Apr 2010
at 23:39
Re: WtA - 2E
Bump, bump, bump.
 member, 122 posts
Thu 29 Apr 2010
at 15:45
Re: WtA - 2E
 member, 123 posts
Fri 7 May 2010
at 03:36
Re: WtA - 2E

Still going strong!
 member, 124 posts
Fri 21 May 2010
at 05:40
Re: WtA - 2E
Still running!
almost 56,000 posts....
 member, 125 posts
Fri 28 May 2010
at 20:21
Re: WtA - 2E
So, what started out as an old World of Darkness game has grown into quite a few games now.  We have a large player base and almost 60,000 posts.

The main game is still the Old World of Darkness game, which is accepting characters from all oWoD genres.
We also have a Mutants and Masterminds game going that we just got off of the ground.
And finally, we are starting up a 4th Edition DnD game set in ancient rome (think 300 type setting mixing fantasy with history).  I am somewhat new to 4.0 so this will be a beginner friendly game!
 member, 128 posts
Sun 6 Jun 2010
at 19:39
Re: WtA - 2E
Huge game, still going strong.

We currently have two Mutants and Masterminds games going, one Dungeons and Dragons, and an enormous old world of darkness game.

I am also working on starting a d20 modern game, or maybe cyberpunk, we have not decided yet.
 member, 131 posts
Mon 14 Jun 2010
at 22:36
Re: WtA - 2E
Looking for everything.

The oWoD game is still the main focus but the Mutants and Masterminds community is growing, also have a fledgling DnD 4.0 game.  There has been some talk of starting a cyberpunk game as well if we can round up enough players!
 member, 132 posts
Thu 24 Jun 2010
at 22:50
Re: WtA - 2E

Looking for MnM players, 4.0 DnD players, and all old World of Darkness characters.......
 member, 134 posts
Mon 5 Jul 2010
at 02:11
Re: WtA - 2E

Looking for oWoD Players and Mutants and Masterminds!
 member, 139 posts
Fri 16 Jul 2010
at 04:05
Re: WtA - 2E
Still running strong!  Look for Mutants and Masterminds as well as Old World of Darkness players.

We are also kicking around the idea of a cyberpunk or d20 star wars game if anyone is interested in that.....
 member, 140 posts
Tue 14 Sep 2010
at 02:16
Re: WtA - 2E
Wow, cannot believe it has been two months since I bumped this game!

Still running, both oWoD and Mutants and Masterminds...

nearing 70,000 posts...could use some more Garou, running low after a few major battles.
 member, 141 posts
Mon 4 Oct 2010
at 02:35
Re: WtA - 2E
Bump, bump.

Mostly just an oWoD game now as the Mutants and Masterminds game kind of slowed and the Star Wars one flopped...

still looking for all oWoD types.
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