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  • It contains mature content.
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rowan b
 member, 4 posts
Fri 21 Jun 2013
at 09:22
The Last Flight
Wanted new players
Can you survive
The Setting  to start is At Millau-Larzac Airport Aveyron.
A Zombie virus simler to the one in 28 days has swept the world. Staff Sgt J Hunter thinks the Channel Islands are clear ,
He can fly 9 people out in a Piper Navajo.
Want to live and rebuild? Then lets play

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rowan b
 member, 5 posts
Mon 1 Jul 2013
at 20:48
Re: The Last Flight
Well I still have room for more players if people are interested
rowan b
 member, 7 posts
Tue 9 Jul 2013
at 22:01
Re: The Last Flight
Still looking for players wanting a free flowing game.
Groups is presently air born across France in two helicopters
1 Puma and 1 gazelle. Want to escape and see where they are going?
rowan b
 member, 8 posts
Fri 19 Jul 2013
at 19:04
Re: The Last Flight
At Poitier they found survivors.
And in the best example, are helping them, in return for fuel
Were you one of them?


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rowan b
 member, 9 posts
Sat 27 Jul 2013
at 18:22
Re: The Last Flight
The flight for survival continues
The group are presently dealing with some events they found at Poiter.
No one has died yet
though one man came close.
I have room for two or three players, they need to be none French. Preferably female
rowan b
 member, 10 posts
Fri 2 Aug 2013
at 19:05
Re: The Last Flight
Well events at Poiter are drawing to a close with two of the three on going events now done, and one on going.
The team lives.
I still have openings for a few players.
Are you it
Do you think you can survive in a world where friends enemies and the infected live around you

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