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 member, 1 post
Mon 21 Mar 2016
at 07:00
Island of Adventure
The tourist brochures advertised the Isle of the Three Sisters as the hottest vacation spot of the Year. It was a tropical paradise until Tropical Storm Fiona hit. While initially a normal storm with high winds and torrential rain the storm changed, The Sky was lit up by purple lightning and the ground covered in a green fog. Once the storm Lifted Everything was different.

I'm looking for between Four and Six players for a GURPS game starting on the Isle of the Three Sisters. The Island has been sucked off Earth and transported to another world. Other beings from other times and places have been sprinkled all over the island. Now the Players have to Survive the island and make a new start on a new world.

link to another game

Currently have three players and looking for up to three more.

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 member, 16 posts
Fri 17 Feb 2017
at 23:27
Island of Adventure
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 member, 25 posts
Sat 10 Jun 2017
at 01:09
Island of Adventure
Am Currently looking for more players.
 member, 26 posts
Mon 19 Jun 2017
at 00:13
Island of Adventure
I'm currently at four players and am looking for at least two more.
 member, 27 posts
Sat 22 Jul 2017
at 21:24
Island of Adventure
Ok, Once again I am looking for more players.
Man in Black Agt F
 member, 8 posts
Sun 23 Jul 2017
at 08:58
Island of Adventure
Goodness, yes!  Sounds right up my alley.
 member, 58 posts
Sat 11 May 2019
at 03:03
Island of Adventure
After a great deal of time I am currently down to two active players. I'm looking for more at the moment.
 member, 84 posts
Sun 19 Mar 2023
at 03:34
Island of Adventure
I currently have three active players and am looking for more.

Currently the players are exploring the world they have found themselves on.
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