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Owen E Oulton
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 Age 59, from Canada
 RPGer since 1980
Sat 2 Jul 2016
at 22:55
Players needed for Star Trek: Relic
Players are invited to join Starfleet and explore the Dyson Sphere from Star Trek, the Next Generation. Up to 12 players may apply. There will be up to 3 ships of 4 characters each. Initially, members may propose one character, but as things go on I may allow multiple characters. See the intro message for character options. I will be able to help with character generation, or you may used a pre-generated character if you have one. I can also convert characters from FASA, CODA or Prime Directive if required, or point you at conversion guidelines and examples. Characters will be Lieutenant or lower in rank. Game setup will proceed once there are two or more players signed up.

I have changed how the game is stuctured. I'm still going for a maximum of 12 players, but in four runabouts with three players and one NPC in each. Two of the runabouts are filled, so there are six more positions left in the game.

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