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Wed 9 Nov 2016
at 11:52
Thunderspire Labyrinth(H2) - Faerun revised(4E)
The Blood Lord sat on his throne of bones and blood-oozing skulls, engulfed in darkness and the putrid stench of death and misery.
Cries of pain and anguish played in the background of Orcus’ residence of Undeath. Nothing of this reached the dark lord.
His blood-hazed eyes were lost into the distance, his mind stretching out to listen to the calls and prayers of his dark clergy and followers.
Like buzzing flies, their requests and calls for favors left no impression on the Demon Price of Undeath – his schemes of power were on a level incomprehensible for his mortal followers.

But suddenly his eye twitched, a prayer – no not a prayer – a whispered word that brought back memories of lost causes and unpaid depts. Orcus focused his divine attention towards the source,
spanning his godlike awareness cross planes and dimensions.
“…Master of Undeath, Tear in the shroud of Death, listen to the words of your humble servant, a maggot in your godlike corpse.
I have found out where the followers of Bahamut have hidden the Rod of Ruin! The paladin of Bahamut I defiled and brought back in your name knows of its hiding place, great Master.”

The Rod of Ruin – Found! The Blood Lord clenched his fist around the Wand of Orcus, blood dripping between his fingers.
This opened up new possibilities, the chessboard had suddenly shifted, and things were tilting in his favor again.
As Lord of the Undead, Orcus had the everlasting patience of the dead, a trait seldom seen among his demonic cohorts and enemies.
But Orcus knew that if he waited long enough in the darkness, secrets held in life would resurface in the afterlife.
It was just a matter of time, and that time was now.

With the Rod of Ruin resurfacing he could send his pawns to collect it and complete the task once started but never finished – turning the living world into a realm of undeath and eternal darkness.
His divine mind immediately identified the hundreds of actions needed for setting the plan in motion, but first – he poured a fraction of his essence into the world of the living. His aspect materialized in the crypt of his maggot, pulling darkness and the chill of the grave with it. The priest screamed in terror as his eyes started to bleed at the sight of his true Lord.
There were still questions that needed answers and a dept of a soul to be paid…

Welcome this far!
This game will be run using the full 4th edition bookline of Dungeons and Dragons, all included, and further following the campaign starting with the Keep on the Shadowfell, situated near the Thunderpeaks and East Cormyr initially.

The key difference here is twofold:

- We will be using the Conversion made by a plethora of players, often referred to as the "Alexandrian" conversion. It binds the story and plots better together, removes or reworks encounters and in total offers a more streamlined and logical progress of the story, as the RAW version was at best, filled with holes and repeat encounters offering little joy. And that is the key - the game should be fun, challenging and engaging above all!

- I will also use the Forgotten realms conversion guide to this, which as previously mentioned, places you on the way to Winterhaven, near the thunderpeaks, on the eastern edges of Cormyr.

For the players, this should pan out into a more involving game which binds together more fluidly.

What do I expect?
4E, to use shorthand, is heavy on strategy, planning, and with a more tactical approach to combat.
That said, it relies also on party mechanics if you would and sees a selection of players as a unit or group which in efforts to succeed, need to work together.
I urge that if you apply, consider what is more important for you; your characters story and development or experiencing a great story which offers opportunity.
Both have room, but in the end, everyone should shine, and have a say, but also, the player(he or she) should be willing to adapt and work together with the storyteller and the other players to rise the game to new heights.
Doing so, conflicts and disagreements can often be minimized or avoided, and allows more room for player input and adaptation.

Applications will be open until stated, and all classes are open - do provide more than one concept, just to be safe.

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Tue 13 Jun 2017
at 12:05
Keep on the Shadowfell - Forgotten Realms 4E - Revised.
We sadly had a dropout leaving us in need of a player to take over a character.

The player leaving was an Invoker, and can thus be taken over, however if that is not of interest, any controller or striker with controller flair is sought after by the group whose opinion will be take heavily into inclusion here.

I am looking for the right player, with the right concept and personality whom can bring something great to the game, while maintaining a healthy mix between being team orientated and  focus on evolving their character and personality.

The above post stands and so does the RTJ information within the game.
A key difference is that the players are close to Level 2, but all this will be sorted within the game itself.
The Digger
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Tue 13 Jun 2017
at 18:22
Keep on the Shadowfell - Forgotten Realms 4E - Revised.

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Fri 29 Jun 2018
at 12:55
Keep on the Shadowfell - Forgotten Realms 4E - Revised.
We have reach the end of the initial campaign book, and will progress onwards into a reworked and more lively version of the Thunderspire Labyrinth.

Right now, the stable players are:
- Dwarf Ranger
- Elven Wizard
- Halfling Paladin/warlock.
- Halforc barbarian

I am looking for a single player who can fill  a leader role.
The current space is a Dragonborn Warlord.

You can make a new character instead og overtaking if that fits Better.
I will be accepting applications from here on out.

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Fri 22 Mar 2019
at 08:41
Keep on the Shadowfell - Forgotten Realms 4E - Revised.
Currently partaking in the spelunking that is the Thunderspire Labyrinth, the group is chasing the slavedealing group know as the Bloodreavers, and could use a single or two souls to bolster their quest in doing so.

The roster is so far:
- Githzerai fighter
- Human Cleric/warlord
- Halfling Paladin/warlock.

Taking a break:
- Halforc barbarian

Hence the placements needed are very DPS minded to round out the party as a whole.

The game is adaptive, welcoming player input, and adjusting to the needs, desires and wishes of the players in an effort to make the game better than as per how the books were written to attend to the short comings that the written material has.

If interested, please apply - it is not first come, first serve, quality and effort beats anything in this regard.
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Mon 7 Sep 2020
at 07:31
Keep on the Shadowfell - Forgotten Realms 4E - Revised.
We are in good paces, as the group is currently partaking in the spelunking that is the Thunderspire Labyrinth, still - and currently seeking answers to both who kidnapped, and who is dealing with slaves, along with learning more of a hidden figure of great power.

The group is in need of a striker, any striker, but fitting this setup of players:
- Githzerai fighter
- Half orc Monk
- Human Cleric of Kord.
- Halfling Warlock/Paladin

So any striker that befits this would be most welcome.
The group is currently within the mountains and near a place called the seven pillared halls. A metropolis of its own right.

The Seven-Pillared Hall was once the market square and meeting place of the original minotaur city. It was bedecked with dozens of lanterns that glowed from pillars and walls like soft yellow stars against the eternal dark. Stone facades chiseled in the symmetrical style of ancient minotaur craftsmen cut into the natural cavern walls. Near the city were a series of tunnels that provided an access to the Underdark.
Run by the mages of Saruun, it is a highly ordered city and offers unique trading options.
While also serving as a black market if you know the right people, it also offers great opportunity for those willing to bear some risk.

Keep above in mind for joining the game.
Please check RTJ and character generation thread, and do note that I am more keen to get a good team- and roleplayer than a power character. The chemistry and input is more valuable to the game. If that is you, feel free to send a RTJ when possible. Please do not write here, send me a request instead.
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Tue 8 Dec 2020
at 07:50
Keep on the Shadowfell - Forgotten Realms 4E - Revised.
See above post for information, as it is still relevant.
I need a replacement player for the following character:
- Halfling Warlock/Paladin

That said, any striker would be welcome(or controller), but any leaders or defender are not needed. Strikers can be both ranged and melee.
The group is level 6, on its way to 7.

Please send any questions and requests via the game.
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Thu 27 May 2021
at 10:41
Keep on the Shadowfell - Forgotten Realms 4E - Revised.
Need a striker or two to join into the game. Currently the group is fighting through a temple of baphomet to uncover a dark past and link to the hostages taken from winterfell.
The two strikers  we have which needs new players or a completely new level 6 replacement are:
- Essentials thief
- Chaos sorcerer

You are allowed to play something else.
- The group consists of: Fighter; Cleric/pacifist and a monk.

Please direct questions to pm's.
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Tue 23 Nov 2021
at 11:51
Keep on the Shadowfell - Forgotten Realms 4E - Revised.
The group is closing in on the root of evil in the temple of bathomet and found ties to the shadowfell itself.

The group could really use a key ranged striker - someone focused on striking from a distance and staying out of the way.

The character would be level 7 from the get go and start with some fitting gear for that level and then some - and get to play along side a good established group who are open and accepting to others.

Direct any questions to PM's please.
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Tue 19 Apr 2022
at 09:26
Keep on the Shadowfell - Forgotten Realms 4E - Revised.
Need a replacement for a Dragonborn Barbarian|Warlord hybrid(or replace with a new character) of the 7th level.
The group is closing in on the rogue wizard Paldemar(book two) and there is still ample room to make impact as the Seven pillared hall is a hub of activity and adventures are common stay here.

Please send an RTJ if interested. Or Pm me.
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Mon 2 May 2022
at 12:26
Keep on the Shadowfell - Forgotten Realms 4E - Revised.
Still looking for anyone to take on the mantle of a striker for an active group of players.
Do advise if there are any questions, but also know great care is taken to include players.
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Tue 7 Jun 2022
at 07:23
Keep on the Shadowfell - Forgotten Realms 4E - Revised.
We still have room for any player whom may enjoy to participate in the game as it is.
By all means, send a PM/RTJ and ask away!
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