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 The DM...
Fri 29 Sep 2017
at 10:29
Adventurers Wanted! ((CLOSED))
Looking for a few good adventurers! About three to be precise.

I disappeared some time back, the particulars are unimportant, but I've not intention on repeating them any time at all. Needless to say, players left in my absence, but a couple remained and are interested in continuing things, so I figure I'd put out the call.

It's a soft reboot, so be sure to check out the game info, as it bumps the starting point to shortly after the game died.

Permitted characters: Honestly, 1E has such a glut of content, let me know what you're considering and I'll let you know where I stand with it. I'll trust you to avoid being overly zealous re: min-maxing.

I've a few requests.
1. Join only if you feel you make at least a few posts a week.
2. Spell check is your friend. I'm not asking that you be English majors just try to type with reasonable accuracy.
3. Ever read r/RPGHorrorStories ? Please don't do anything that would inspire an entry. That said, if you like reading about train wrecks, you're welcome for the new addiction.

Requesting to Join
Your Age:
Are you an experienced gamer?:
How familiar are you with Pathfinder?:
Can you handle a game that might go from cliche, to dark, to wherever the GM feels like taking it?:
Can you write a good post?:
Show me:
Can you get along with others?:


Character Info
Character Name:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
Forseen Class:
Desrcription and Personality:
Secrets/Plots hooks: Basically what aspects of your background might be pulled in to the game as adventure hooks and the like. Seeing as there's a little more freedom with this game than others I've run I'd like to include some character background stuff. This is by no means a promise that I will but something I might possibly work with.

Just send this to me and I'll evaluate it and see what happens.

(NOTE: Mature rating is simply because I want this game to be for adults, mature subjects might be covered, graphic depictions of violence might be included, but sexually explicit content will be fade to black)

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 The DM...
Thu 17 Oct 2019
at 01:34
Adventurers Wanted!
Soft reboot ahoy! Game info below:

Silas Gribb had hired you on to protect his caravan only to get himself arrested. Turned out your erstwhile employer was smuggling contraband in a secret compartment in his wagon. Once it became clear his employees had been kept in the dark about his shady dealings, the Sheriff of Belhaim took some of his men to haul the smuggler and his caravan south to Cassomir. Unfortunately, this left you stranded in Belhaim with no pay, and nowhere to stay. Fortune seemed to smile upon you, then, as one Talia Orem, the proprietor of the Wise Piper Inn, took pity on your lot and offered a place to stay, free of charge, for at least a few days while you figure out what to do next.

Then the tower fell.

The change in the town skyline was obvious, as where once stood an impressive tower for a settlement of Belhaim's size, there was now a cloud of dust. Further investigation found a number of dead kobolds amidst the rubble, when people were sent to inquire with the town's resident wizard, Hunclay, they found a kobold dead by ward at the front door, and the mage apparently not at home. That was about the time Lady Origena Devy and her son, Arnholde, arrived.

A brief discussion and an offer was made, 100 gold pieces each, plus room and board paid until completion of the task, and you would investigate the collapse of the tower, figure out why there are kobolds in Belhaim, and what they're up to.

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 The DM...
Thu 17 Oct 2019
at 20:39
Adventurers Wanted!
I will be making my decisions Sunday night (10/20/2019) or Monday, either way, I'll mark the Players Wanted thread as closed at that time.
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