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 member, 26 posts
Fri 30 Mar 2018
at 22:34
Seeking 4 players
Seeking 4 players for homebrew D&D 5e campaign.  Please see the game introduction and RTJ for additional information.
 member, 27 posts
Wed 25 Jul 2018
at 00:59
Seeking 4 players
The party recently lost its paladin and is seeking a new one to fill in.  Characters are still 1st level, but will be leveling up soon.  As this is a homebrew campaign, folks interested in joining should read the RTJ text and Campaign Information thread to get a sense of the setting.

To preclude future issues, let it be stated up front that dragonborn characters aren't going to work this go around; not for a lack of love for the race, but it unfortunately doesn't work in the current setting.

Also, a quick FYI: the post rate for this campaign has turned out to be fairly high, with some emphasis on roleplaying.  So if neither of those work for you for whatever reason, this campaign, unfortunately, may not be to your liking.
Mr. Perezident
 member, 3 posts
Fri 10 Aug 2018
at 13:35
Seeking 4 players
In reply to UK_FL (msg # 2):

Hey! Super interested in joining! I have 5e experience!!
 member, 28 posts
Wed 12 Sep 2018
at 14:20
Seeking 4 players
Following a brief hiatus to the game, we're seeking 2-3 new players.  The party consists currently of a wizard, barbarian, fighter, and (possibly) a bard.

Currently, races are limited to human (or variant), gnome, halfling, dwarf, half-dwarf, and goliath.  Although I'm open to the idea of an elf or half-elf, the current setting and story make it difficult to fit in.

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 member, 29 posts
Fri 21 Dec 2018
at 01:54
Seeking 4 players
Looking for 2 players to take on existing characters.  The campaign is currently at level 2, with plenty of room for developing the characters to one's interests.

* Hill dwarf cleric
* Mountain dwarf barbarian.

Please review the RTJ.  Thank you.
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