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Sat 28 Apr 2018
at 00:23
Where Have All The People Gone?
Bird flu? swine flu? some other disease?  Rumors that they are pandemics strike fear in human hearts today.  They haven’t been pandemics, however…

Pioneers: Repopulating Earth is looking for more players.  Can you help build a new society?

In 2020, terrorists release a virus that causes a pandemic which decimates Earth's population.  Those still alive who hope to survive seek others for protection and companionship. Their failures and successes are chronicled as they struggle to build a better world.  People are needed and so are skills.  This game is centered around a small farm and a nearly empty small town.  A side effect of the pandemic virus is that corpses fade away into powder that scatters with the breezes.  Contact with the powder has side effects.  Two are raising sexuality and lowering inhibitions.  Another two are disease resistance and reduced aging.  Survival doesn’t have to be all work and no play and the play can be fun.  The shy, retiring, librarian who sews most of her own clothes can survive as well as the popular head cheerleader from the suburbs and the star football quarterback from an athletic family can still score, but, now, so can the introverted computer geek whose knows how to care for a garden.  The gene pool is small.  Contributors are needed.  Come help us survive, prosper, and form a new society.

The game is free form guided by the GMs.

Jannie sits back at her computer and transfers the contents of her selfie folder.  She gets busy on another project.  “I need more storage and a faster computer."  She logs into her favorite MMO and the chat rooms are empty.  She does a quick check and the game shows her some statistics including, “Users online: 1.”  She begins to cry softly, unacknowledged by any others.

The world is nearly empty.  Jannie needs friends and lovers.  Sign up and enjoy the fun.

Looking for modern day characters of either gender who can bond with others to survive and prosper in an empty Earth.  We have enough military/law enforcement types and medical personnel for the most part.   We have people with varying skills skill levels from many walks of life including a pornstar.  Interesting new players are eagerly welcomed.

This game can be fast paced so if you read and post on a phone, you will probably not enjoy it.  Because of the posting speed we are asking new applicants to lurk a few days to see if they can keep up.

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 member, 2 posts
Sat 28 Apr 2018
at 05:33
Looking For Players
Seems like an interesting and fun idea, never really heard of an apocalyptic RPG. So what game system is it and can I join? :D
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 Knowledge is the key to
 unlock many secrets
Sat 5 May 2018
at 01:13
Pioneers: Repopulating Earth
Go to the game and check the RTJ.
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Sat 5 May 2018
at 22:25
Normal Characters wanted to repopulate a devastated Earth

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