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Earthdawn: Barsaive at War (closed)
7 players - GROUP FULL. - thanks

Earthdawn Ė Barsaive at War link to another game
My RTJ thread:  link to a message in another game

Warning, I realize some players may not realize this game is a writing and reading game.  If you don't enjoy writing and reading, this may not be your game.  I don't require page long replies but 1-2 sentence replies as your regular posting rates, aren't what I am looking for.  I need players that ENJOY writing and reading and can put a paragraph together without too many spelling mistakes.  If you have never played Earthdawn, I'm willing to help you learn the game history and game mechanics but you have to be willing to read other player's post and write appropriate based on the context of the group conversation.  1-2 sentences during combat is fine, but should not be the norm.

Game Background

This is a time of magic, a time of legend where things once dreamed of are a reality.  The horrors which once ruled the world are no longer bound to the world we know it and are pulling back to their astral realms.  It is now our time to reclaim the land that was once ours.

The year is 1510 and the Therans land the stone airship behemoth Triumph on top of the Ayodhya Liferock severing traffic along the Serpent River and Lake Ban.  Slavers prowl the area gathering slaves on behalf of Thera to mine the riches of the Ayodhya Liferock, water elements from Lake Ban and elemental wood from the Servos Jungle.

King Varulus III has been assassinated!  His son, Prince Neden has ascended the throne of Throal and begun to rule in his fatherís stead.  His first action, avenge his fatherís death despite his councilors advice. Throal attacks Thera in the Battle of Prajjor's Field near the Triumph and withdraws after suffering heavy casualties.  Retreating to lick its wounds, Throal and Prince Neden rethinks their attack plans.

Krathis Gron, calls to Orks everywhere to join her and unify.  (For the Horde!)  To this end, the Orks have begun to rebuild Cara Fahd.  Krathis declares the Ork nation of Cara Fahd as a sovereign nation neither under Throal or Theran rule.

Tískrang House Kítenshin has renewed their alliances with the Theran Empire and works in unison to further their power and holdings along the Serpent River.  House Henghyoke continues their practice of thievery, banditry and murder along the Serpent River adding to the chaos all ready in play.  House Ishkarat is rumored to be working with the rulers of Iopos, house Denairastas.  Sinister reports of Orks who have not unified with Krathis Gron have begun to stir from the north.  Evil is awake and causing problems in Barsaive and not just the horrors who have not fled to the Astral realm.  The land needs heroes now like no other time.  Are you a hero?  Barsaive needs you, how will you respond?

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