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 member, 26 posts
Sat 15 Dec 2018
at 02:12
2e D&D Forgotten Realms - Myth Drannor!
My long-running Second Edition D&D game has had a bunch of players leave. I and the remainder are looking to recruit and relaunch. The game is set in the Forgotten Realms, in 1360 DR.

Instead of rebuilding in a tavern, we're going to jump to one of the more dangerous places in the Realms: the ruined elven city of Myth Drannor. It's filled with ancient gates, many of them not particularly stable. One of them has been reaching out around the Realms and grabbing random adventurers. You just happen to be the lucky ones. :)

This is an open-world sand box game, driven to a large extent by the players. While we do have combat, it is not the game's focus. Please do not Request to Join if you're not willing to join in the role playing, and can post fairly frequently. Knowledge of the Forgotten Realms is required; knowledge of Second Edition ruleset is nice, but I can talk you through things if needed.

The continuing players are an elven mage/thief and a dwarven priest of Gorm. I'm looking for three or perhaps four additional players. The game's Character Generation thread hasn't been updated yet, so here are the bare details: 125K experience. Psionics are allowed (and I have the Dark Sun material as well). Kits are allowed, and encouraged. I have pretty much all the 2e books, and am willing to be flexible.

If you're interested, send me an RTJ, and let's talk!

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 member, 4 posts
Sat 15 Dec 2018
at 02:51
2e D&D Forgotten Realms - Myth Drannor!
Iíve been playing since early 2E and this is easily one of the best and most organized DMs Iíve had. This is worth your time!
 member, 22 posts
Sat 15 Dec 2018
at 10:24
2e D&D Forgotten Realms - Myth Drannor!

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 member, 27 posts
Tue 16 Jul 2019
at 22:47
2e D&D Forgotten Realms - Myth Drannor!
We just lost one of our players, and I'm looking to recruit a replacement player to take on Sirenya, a female gnome illusionist/thief of level 7/7. The group is on its way to Myth Drannor, and I'd like to have a full party before we get there. Sirenya is relatively new to the game, so her spells and equipment are all fairly negotiable. RTJ if you're interested.
 member, 28 posts
Wed 17 Jul 2019
at 03:44
2e D&D Forgotten Realms - Myth Drannor!
The position has been filled. Thanks for applying, folks.
 member, 30 posts
Wed 20 Nov 2019
at 19:58
2e D&D Forgotten Realms - Myth Drannor!
We've just lost another player. I'm looking for a replacement for Dorian, an elven ranger/bard, level 6/7. Dorian is one of the newer characters, so there's room to tweak spells and equipment. The party is currently in Myth Drannor, exploring the ruins of a wizard's mansion. Please RTJ if you're interested.
 member, 31 posts
Fri 22 Nov 2019
at 01:06
2e D&D Forgotten Realms - Myth Drannor!
The position has been filled. Thanks, everyone.
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